Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Last night I attended a Dallas Producers Association meeting and it was an interesting study in perceptions. The theme was "Member Showcase" and, to me, that signifies that if you are going to show off a sample of your work it should be top-notch stellar as you are trying to impress your peers.

One presenter gave everyone a tip on how to bring something into focus when shooting. Oddly though, it was a tip that even a non-shooter like myself already knew.

Another presenter showed an approximate 4 minute long piece that just went on and on about some sort of new phone technology. Curiously enough, he kept apologizing for the piece. It made me wonder why someone would show a sample of their work if they were going to continually apologize for it.

There was one presenter, who is a DP, that had some really funny clips. Unfortunately, I tried to find my 2 favs from his reel but they aren't on YouTube.

Another presenter showed us a clip that was shot at The Lodge. Now let me preface that Dallas and Honolulu are the two US cities known for having the best strip clubs. The Lodge is at the top of the food chain. So we were forewarned that the clip would be racy and edgy. We watched it. The lights came on. Everyone was wondering what the cautions were about since we see things FAR more edgier on a basic Tuesday night episode of Sons of Anarchy.

Seriously. A comedian on stage at The Lodge peforming before an audience. Everyone is clothed. Nothing racy is being said. Compare that to Sons of Anarchy where you can see shots of bottomless porn stars sexually riding a biker boy. Granted there aren't any money shots, but it does make wonder about the people and their various perceptions as to what is racy to one person is yawnsville to a group of others.


Today is a spectacular day in Dallas. It's in the mid-70's, skies are blue and it makes me reliaze why I like autumn so much better than spring. Spring, as great is it can be, always makes me thing that the heat of summer is just right around the corner. Autumn, however, is like a great big sigh of relief because the heat of summer is over!