Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Moment of Silence...

Bill "Gonzo" Gonzales who wasn't a famous motorcycle builder but he was passionate about bikes and never met a stranger. Last Friday he left Dallas with a group to ride to Alaska. The first night they stopped in Childress and within moments of getting off his bike, Gonzo collapsed. Childress Hospital sent him to Wichita Falls who said he had a massive brain aneurysm with no hope of survival. His wife Lois made the compassionate decision to donate all his organs and Gonzo passed away on Sunday -- Father's Day.

Gonzo -- thank you for being so adamant that I have the fastest stock Harley you've ever seen in action. I'm sorry I never gave you the chance you wanted to bet on a race. You were a lot of fun and your Taco Runs rocked!

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