Monday, April 14, 2008

An acquaintance of mine went on 2 retreats in the past week. The first retreat was an overnighter to work on a client's book. The second, to someone's ranch for what purpose I have no idea.

When I heard about the first retreat, I didn't think that much about it; the second one made me pause for consideration.

I could see something along the lines of, "Hey, we're going to a lake cabin to work on Michele's book," or "I'm off to Donna's ranch for some R&R".

When did any adventure outside the city limits start being classified as a "retreat"?

I suppose what struck a chord with me is that I've never heard of a biker going on a retreat. We have motorcycles...we don't need retreats! We get on the bike and embrace the aromas of spring wildflowers, we feel the temperature cool as the road takes us into a lower section, we strike up camaraderie in the most unusual of places like when a couple in their 80's approaches you at a country gas station to tell you about their biking days back in the 1950's!

Ditch the retreats...get a motorcycle!

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