Thursday, June 05, 2008

What's The Truth to BO?

So BO "theoretically" has the nomination? And there are people that think he can win?

I find it interesting how the American press is saying the world is rejoicing with BO's apparent win of the Democratic nomination, yet if you actually read what the discussions are in other countries, people aren't overwhelmingly impressed with BO.

Here are some examples of comments from persons across The Pond:

"....what Mr. Obama must do in order to win the election is let down his guard and tell us who he is. Americans do not know him. He has allowed others to define him. He gives flowery speeches, but little substance. And he has dubious associations (Reverend Wright, ex-terrorist William Ayers, etc.) He tells us not to fear -- not to question. Listen to his wife. She says, "Don't listen to that voice in the back of your head." What? Don't question? Don't listen to your own instincts?

Mr. Obama scares us while he sweeps the rest of the world off its feet."


not an issue obama is just not up for the job end of story!


He has allready proved hes moraly bankrupt, By ecepting an endorsement from an equaly bankrupt Kennedy


again, the approval rating doesnt mean much now....and now is when it counts.....but i do agree that hillary was the best bet.....oh well...........


why because shes "conservative" but a democrat which appeals to voters who may vote republican or may vote democrat.... shes got experince she isnt likely to do something drastic and rash with the country all of these things cant be said for obarma Hence why she was front runner as she was the most realistic candidate to beat McCain Obama may have "just" got the democrat candidate but he hasnt a chance of winning the main election.


Last night I listened as a scooter guy I know pontificated on how he would love to kick BO's ass if he ever saw him walking down the street -- is the the appropriate time to mention that the man speaking is black?

He had about a 10 minute monologue on how jacked up this nomination was, what he perceives will really happen, what's being said in the US press, how it's being worded, etc. Amazingly insightful comments that I don't dare paraphrase but do wish I had on tape!

It'll be amusing to watch how this plays out.

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