Thursday, October 23, 2008

A couple weeks ago I received a call from the Dallas County Republican Party asking if I would be a judge at my local precinct. My first thoughts were, "Me? Are you serious?" Seems the lady was quite serious because I was the only Republican they could find in my precinct and they legally have to have someone representing each party at the polls on election day. I asked, "I'm the ONLY Republican in Deep Ellum? There's tattoo parlors and biker bars within blocks of me; I know there are other Republicans around here!" Yes...but they aren't in the volunteer database for them to easily call upon. I said that I suppose I could be a judge and thought to myself that it might be something to add to the list of activities I've experienced in life.

So yesterday I received the paperwork from the county with the details on what I was to do, training class to take, how much I would get paid, etc.

I was at a shoot today and shared the info that I had been asked to be a judge in my local precinct for the upcoming election and those around me said, "You? Are you serious? Have they met you? Oh dear God!" I wasn't quite sure how to take those responses but it essentially boils down to the fact that I can be stubborn and opinionated and I like Uzi's so I'm going to support the party that isn't interested in jacking with the Second Amendment.

To be working in the entertainment industry, I'm quite surprised by the number of people that have already voted and voted for McCain/Palin - these people include straight, gay, men, women, white and black. Actually, one of the most outspoken critics I've ever heard go off on Obama is a black man that is disturbingly good with spouting off facts and statistics (he's also a biker).

This election might be quite interesting indeed.


On another note that is anti-Obama, FoxNews has an amusing breakdown of gaffes that the liberal media has chosen to overlook:

As Mrs. Gump used to say, “stupid is as stupid does”. So let’s level the playing field and list some of the stupidest things said by Barack Obama that are underreported in the media.

Obama said he campaigned in 57 states. America only has 50 states.

Obama said Kentucky is closer to Arkansas than his home state of Illinois. Kentucky borders Illinois, but not Arkansas.

Obama asked the UN Security Council to condemn Russia. Russia has veto power over the UN Security Council.

Obama said we have too few interpreters in Afghanistan, because they are all in Iraq. In Iraq and Afghanistan the citizens speak different languages.

Obama said Kennedy talked to Khrushchev to get missiles out of Cuba. They talked in 1961. The missiles went there in 1962.

Obama said his uncle in the American military liberated Auschwitz. The Russians liberated Auschwitz.

Obama blamed Bush for the rise of Hugo Chavez. Chavez was elected 2 years before Bush.

Obama said the treatment for child asthma is: Give them a Breathalyzer.

Obama claimed 10,000 people died in a Kansas hurricane. The real number was 12.

Obama said our nation honors “fallen heroes, and I see many of them standing here today.” Fallen heroes are dead so he must have seen ghosts.

Obama referred to the town of “Sunrise” as “Sunshine” and Sioux Falls as “Sioux City.”

Get the picture?