Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cheap Fun....Comments....Bob Marley

Every now and again it's fun to just chill out with a cheap fix. And it doesn't get much cheaper than Big Fish Games. Give it a shot - certain games like Mystery Case Files or Titanic Hidden Expedition are quite fun.


So the boys in my life are like "Fuck it -- it's your blog, post whatever you want and to hell with everyone else." Ok...fine. So here is my feedback:

It's my blog -- if you don't like it - don't read it. Start your blog and pontificate your own rants.

If you tell me you aren't visiting this blog or you think I don't know you are visiting -- you're wrong. I have mapping software and not only do I know how many visitors per day come to my blog, but I also know your location, time of visit and the search criteria you used to find it.

For that female that thinks she's oh so sly by Instant Messaging someone from my world -- take a good look in the mirror and maybe, if the Gods are smiling, you will see how ridiculous you look. You can't con us -- all we do is roll our eyes or giggle at your rididculous actions.


Teri finally got her bike delivered last week and she damn near caused wrecks everywhere she went. I guess those damn Yankees aren't accustomed to seeing a girl on a big ass Road King with Texas plates.


An acquaintance of mine is in ICU at a local hospital battling West Nile Virus -- it dosen't look good for his prognosis.


So the Muslims are pissed at the Pope. They are yelping about being a "peaceful" religion while they burn the Pope in effigy.

What the hell is the translation for "oxymoron" in some Farsi like language?


I found out a few days ago I am in a Bob Marley video.

Many years ago I was hanging out on the Kings Road in London with some punk friends of mine. Guys like Dave whose claim to fame is that Simon Le Bon's (Duran Duran) face was superimposed on his body for some big pictorial of Simon and his punk days and there was also Eric who was from Paris and had the most stunning cobalt blue hair I've ever seen.

We were hanging out watching punk friends chase down Japanese tourists. Seems the Japanese wanted to take photos of the punks but since it takes a pretty penny to maintain that image the punks felt they should be financially tipped. Needless to say the punks got their money every time.

So on this day, Eddy Grant - whose big single was Electric Avenue - showed up with Musical Youth and they started taping.

All of these years and I thought I was background eye candy for some Musical Youth video when in fact it was for Bob Marley's single One Love. This video also has Sir Paul McCartney, Tracey Ullman, Madness and Herbie Hancock.

Sometimes I'm mystified by my own life.....

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