Saturday, October 28, 2006

Last Week To Vote Early!

I have a feeling that the turnout will be heavy on Election Day. I went to vote early today -- gosh I wonder who I voted for governor?! - and there were about 40 people in line at any given time. For you lazy twits, like myself, that usually go straight party -- keep this in mind:

YES - you can vote straight party AND still vote for Kinky. Just hit your straight party option and on the field for Governor you click on Kinky's name. Everything else remains the same.


I heard about this funny book today -- "Everything Texans Need To Know About The Other 49 States". It's nice sized book with a vibrant cover. All the pages are blank. Stupid and juvenille -- but funny none the less.

Have you ever noticed that you could be working on a really stellar idea and some naysayers will be around you and then all of a sudden this idea starts gelling and then those naysayers are all of a sudden so interested in what you are doing and how can they be a part of it?

I have determined that that is the catalyst for me going into, what The Illustrious One would call, my "WIIFM" mode (pronounced "Whiff-him"). It stands for "What's In It For Me".


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