Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Much Needed Fun Day

Ok so for some people "fun day" means no work. Not me...everything seems to be connected to work but if I can squeeze in some fun time, then rock on!

I called up my buddy Magoo to see if he wanted to join me for a ride to my meeting that was in Bonham, which is about 60 miles NE of Dallas. His response: "Hell yeah baby, let's go!" So we met up this morning and headed off to Bonham. We found the place pretty easily, spent about 90 minutes there and met some kewl people.

Magoo was former MP in Vietnam and that boy has some wild stories about Saigon. One of the guys we were talking to today was in the Air Force stationed in Fairbanks. They started comparing notes about the televised lottery and how they found out they were drafted, some of their experiences, etc.

I now know that some excellent weed by the name of Cambodian Red could be scored for $15 a kilo and the guys would pitch in every pay day, buy a few keys and then have a drinking/cleaning/rolling party. Ahh yes...the American military hard at work for you!

I also listened to war stories about people insisting upon buying hardtail motorcycles and the sheer physical pain they were in from riding them. I have a stellar hardtail story myself but the boys were on a roll and it was just more fun to watch and listen to them.

After Magoo and I left the shop, we were like, "Let's head in that direction..." and off we went. We probably went 80 miles out of our way but damn it felt good. Sometimes you just need to be on the bike on some twisty back country road to just chill.

When I got home it was 75 degrees and it's 58 and about to rain...I love Texas weather!


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