Tuesday, January 09, 2007

U.S. - Mexican War .... Part II

So in 1846 - 1848, the U.S. and Mexico battled it out. Don't ask me how I know the dates - that's a long story in itself. Suffice to say the U.S. won because that name comes first in the name of the war.

Anyway, so speaking as a Texan, it just seems as though even if the U.S. government doesn't go to war with Mexico - or as we in Texans pronounce it, "Messyco" -- it seems like we are primed for a war between the civilians.

When U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair was asked last week why he still supported the U.S., his reply was, "You can tell a lot about a country by the number of people trying to get in versus the number trying to get out."

Let's be realistic, when was the last time you heard about someone yelping to leave the U.S.? It's usually from Barbra Streisand whenever there's an election -- she keeps swearing she's going to leave if Republicans win, people keep sending her boxes, but damn if she's not still here.

So back to the issue at hand. Illegal aliens / immigrants that are mostly from Messyco - they break the federal law to get into the U.S. illegally. And now some yahoo by the name of Jesse Diaz from LULAC is responding to a federal study that revealed that 100 illegal immigrants previously arrested and released for breaking state or local law had on an average been arrested six times.

Senor Diaz claims that it is the FAULT of America that these poor, criminal, breaking the law border crossers are being sabotaged by the American way of life. They are delving into crime, alcohol and drugs and turning away from their fine, "law abiding" Catholic ways.

Well how about this Senor Diaz -- tell them to get the hell back to Messyco and break the laws down there. Embrace the Virgin Guadalupe and Bimbo Bakeries. Or better yet, your happy ass should take them in, employ them, spend the money on getting them legally registered in the country.

How dare you blame the U.S. for these issues. Haul yourself to Mexico and fix the issues there on the streets before these people try to cross a border.

Before you liberals start going ballistic, keep in mind that I know most of the illegals are just trying for a "better life". I blame the Mexican government for not doing more for their own people and I blame U.S. companies for willingly hiring them because if the companies didn't hire, there wouldn't be any demand that needed to be supplied.

Why is it that people from all over the world are capable of applying to become US citizens and follow the due process yet we're expected to just open up the borders to Mexicans and say, "Ya'll get your asses on in here and belly up to the bar!" Are there not countries in Africa and south east Asia that are in just as bad, if not worse shape than Mexico? Why aren't we giving carte blanche to all of them?

In a recent Dallas Observer article on the Minutemen observing the various street corners where illegals congregate to be hired as day laborers, they were talking about how they were targeting the businesses hiring the illegals by getting photos of the license plates of the cars / trucks picking them up.

One guy being interviewed recalled how he was talking to an acquaintance that owns a huge West Texas ranch. One day the owner is making his rounds and finds the decaying body of a young woman in the middle of that barren land. It was obvious she had suffered a broken ankle but there was no ID on her. She died, probably abandonded by the group she was with since she couldn't keep up with them, miles and miles away from anywhere and without her family ever knowing what became of her.

That is a human tragedy. That is what should be prevented by U.S. companies shutting their doors to illegals employees and that is what Senor Diaz should be focusing his efforts on -- make Mexico better so these people don't wind up dead in a desert or cooked from the heat in the back of a semi truck they are being smuggled in.



Gerry said...

I am so surprised that this hasn't gained more comments :)

Its all in "supply and demand" It is becuase businesses want to cut corners and hire cheap labor that they are able to stay in this country and still eat.

But then again, there is enough governmental support for those that don't want to work.

I think this is a growing concern for many folks here in this country, but mostly for those that are on the border.

Thats why there doesn't seem to be anyone in "public service" (I use that term very loosely) that can fix the issue.

Maddog said...

Congrats on achieving the #1 spot on the Most Bangable Blog Babe List. You should be honored, as I'm sure you are.