Monday, May 05, 2008

As someone that handles the Dallas blogs for a number of national & international sites, I always walk a fine line about posting things of interest and keeping my opinionated Texas mouth shut. That's why I have this personal blog where I can spout off such wisdoms as "American by birth, Texan by the grace of God."

Today's featured rant is: Barak Obama.

Would somebody please explain to me why the national media has got such a fixation with this character?! I've had a weird vibe about that guy since he first got in front of the cameras....and I've learned from experience to always go with my vibes.

Before his big pep rally at Dallas' Reunion Arena this past February, a girl I know canceled a networking event so that she could attend. I asked her, "Would you please explain to me the appeal of Obama?"

Her reply, "Ohhhhhh, I just loooooove Obahhhhmahhh."


Well...ummmm...he would be our first black president.

His mama's white.

Well his wife is black.

She isn't running plus she's already let the world know she doesn't think highly of the U.S.

Oh, I don't know...I just love him.

Oh well fiddle dee dee, ain't that just a stellar reason to vote someone into one of the most powerful positions in the world.

People liken Obama to Kennedy. Kennedy was a president with a dismal success record and low approval ratings....until he visited Dallas and we all know from history how that played out.

So then a couple months ago, the ever enlightening Dallas Observer did a lovely article on Obama infroming us that when he was a state senator in Illinois, all his amazing legislation was actually tossed onto his desk for him to present by some grandaddy senator that wanted to see Obama run on the national stage. Obama didn't author jack and all these bills were submitted in the last year of his term.

So now we have him as a real bona fide senator in big ol Washington DC. He shows up - on occasion - but he doesn't seem to vote often.

You know, one of the big boy jobs a president needs to do is to make a decision and stick with it. Obama can't handle that task as he's proven by his voting record.

And now, he's all in a huff about his former Bible thumping minister. Seems this minister was good enough to marry him to his anti-American wife, to baptize their kids and to preach his sermons to Obama's willing ears for 20 years. But God have mercy when the text of these sermons start making the rounds of the media that is not sucker punched and starry eyed over Obama.

Now all of a sudden Obama is back pedaling faster than Lance Armstrong downhill the Pyrenees with a bunch of French drug testers after him.

It's nice to know I'm now the only one with this mindset -- read what CNN's Glenn Beck has to say about it:

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Jason said...

The appeal to me is that he's fresh blood in a system that has been festering with the same old crap for so long. That is incredibly enticing to many Americans right now. As the jaded cynical bastard that I am, I don't fawn over any politician. But for those who haven't had their idealism crushed by watching this broken system of ours keep doing the same old thing for decades, the Obamamania is easy to understand.