Sunday, May 11, 2008

BaBa WaWa

Today's rant is on Barbara Walters.
So she felt the need to be like her many interview subjects and write a tell all book. However, the highlights of this book in the press junket have not been about her yelping about what amazing people she has interviewed, but about her many sexual liasions.

The woman is 78 years old and dosen't have history of being a sex symbol. Ava Gardner, she was a sex symbol and so her tell all book made sense. Not so much with BaBa.

Seems like she needs to reconsider her publicist and editors because this might have a way of backfiring.


Johnny Wadd said...

Who the hell wants to hear about Barbara Walters fucking sex life? Certianly not i.

Wally Banners said...

Am with Johnny bigtime. This lady looks like she screw a tree if it stayed put long enuff.

Jason said...

Howard Stern had her on about 6 months ago and was asking her those questions which of course she did not answer. If I were to have to hear about her sex life, I'd prefer to hear it on Howard than Oprah! And as far as I know, she's never addressed the rumors about an affair with Richard Pryor.