Friday, August 01, 2008

Animals - Wild and Domestic

In just the past couple days, I have seen 3 stories that defy logic to me:

A woman bitch slaps her boyfriends child and the pet pit bull bites the woman. I've never owned a pit bull but I am experienced with Dobermans and I can state that if they feel a loved one is being hurt, they are going to after the attacker. It's part of their nature. And don't go off on how pit bulls and Dobies are dangerous because a recent British study showed that smaller yappy dogs are far more aggressive than larger dogs - people just don't report the ankle biters like they do the larger dogs and therefore the stats about larger breeds being more aggressive are very skewed. Larger dogs, are in fact, calmer and more docile than small dogs.

A bear foraging for food got
it's head stuck in a plastic jar - police shoot and kill bear. What the f*** is this about? You've got a bear that hasn't been able to eat or drink for at least 5 days just trying to get the damn plastic jug off it's head and the police shoot and kill it because it's a threat to humans? They couldn't find a tranquilizer dart? This was horrifically unnecessary.

Saudi Arabia and the Koran thumping buffoons known as the religious police have banned the sale and ownership of dogs and cats.
They fancy that pet ownership is one of those nasty "Western traits" that they are too good for. Forget the fact that it's well documented that people are emotionally healthier by owning a pet, they are concerned that humans might be lured into vice like activities because they met one another while Fido was on a stroll.