Sunday, August 31, 2008

Elephants v. Jackasses

I freely admit to being a bit of a rebel - maybe it's the Texan in me. When it comes to politics, I think
of myself as an Independent simply because the Republicans have a less than stellar environmental record and I am pro-choice. So, I am the type to vote for a Kinky Friedman or John McCain but no way, no how would I vote for a Barack Hussein Obama.

First off, I'm a Dallas girl and I can do pretentious snob as well as the next Neiman-Marcus girl so when I'm watching this yahoo with his cheshire cat grin and smug look, I'm thinking to myself, "Now how the hell is that going to win anyone over?" But, somehow, several million people believe his rhetoric that he's going to fly into the White House and start making, in the immortal words of David Bowie, Ch-ch-ch-changes.

Here's one fallacy about that - he can't do jack in the White House because Congress has to vote on things. See, BHO is ranting and raving about the war in Iraq and how many military personnel are over there. YET - there were FEWER military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan when then Republicans had control of the house and since the Democrats won control 2 years ago the military presence has INCREASED. Yet, they would blame it all on Bush.

One should also note that the economy was better with the Republicans in control - we started free falling once the Democrats got in there.

That broad Nancy Pelosi won her election and is now Speaker of the House based upon a platform of getting the troops out of Iraq. She promised change (Is it even possible for any Democrat to campaign on any other issue but the empty, shallow promises of "change"?). Pelosi vowed to
her constituents that she would make change happen. She did just the opposite of her promises. But, of course, somehow, someway it must be Bush's fault that she did a bait & switch on her voters.

Now the Democrats are pontificating about hockey mom Sarah Palin that McCain chose as his VP. Joe Biden is up a creek because he can't help but put his foot in his mouth in a public setting so God help him when he has to debate Sarah Palin.

BHO is huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf about her lack of experience. Let's see - BHO was elected a Senator 2 years ago and has spent 2 years campaigning for President and giving his Illinois constituents precious little value for their votes. Oh, he does make his token appearances on occasion to yelp out "Present" but he rarely votes Yes or No to anything. God forbid the American public might find out what his real opinions might be.

And now BHO and his 300 advisers are ranting about Sarah's lack of experience. Let's see, Sarah has been a Mayor and is the current Governor of the largest U.S. state that also produces 20% of the energy American's use. Granted, she did start her political career in the PTA 16 years ago at a time when BHO was pondering what community action project he could get into but the girl does have several years on BHO in terms of experience - not bad considering she's younger than he is.

Sarah visited the Alaskan military troops overseas before she was ever a bleep on the VP radar screen. BHO does a Globus Gateway tour of the mideast and yelps to a crowd of Germans in Berlin like
he was thinking that the citizens of Germany could vote in a US election.

Where does BHO stand on the 2nd Amendment? Who the hell knows. Sarah, on the other hand, knows her way around a firearm.

Where does BHO stand on the the Pro-Choice debate? Who the hell knows. Sarah, has made her feelings clear on this issue and even opted to bring her youngest child to term even though she was informed the baby would have Down's Syndrome.

BHO's approval rating? Hovers around 45%. Sarah's hovers around 87%.

BHO's experience in an executive capacity? Squat. Sarah has several years experience.

I, for one, am delighted that McCain opted to shake things up by pulling in Sarah. She's a rebel,
she's an independent thinker, she can work well with both sides of the aisle and she doesn't put up with any BS.

And that is EXACTLY the type of person that should be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

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