Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Americans: Successfully Offending the World Population, One Conference Call At a Time!

So since Teri is up in yankee land now, I suggested she could start writing her column again for Her reply? "But this is more work!" I replied with sending her a screen capture showing the stats of the site visitors in the past few hours and let her know that she will be able to successfully offend, entertain and tantalize people in New Zealand, Canada, Asia and Europe in addition to everyone she already offends stateside and in Finland.

I also let her know that yesterday our friend Jimbo managed to offend a bunch of Koreans during a conference call. Granted, he didn't eloquently tell the guy his idea "was fucked" as Teri has been known to do at a conference table full of Finns, but needless to say there is yet another batch of foreigners out there who are ranting about the "rude Americans".

Given the stories I hear from some of the people I know, I find it odd that The Illustrious One thinks I can be abrasive at times. I've been known the throw phones against walls due to being very "exhasperated" but I've never managed to offend an entire group of people from another nationality -- at least, not to their face.

But, I am a girl from the South, so give me time. I'm sure under the right circumstances I could stir up quite the international incident and knowing my luck it will all be on tape so it can be shown for time immortal on YouTube.

And now we have a film that is coming out in early March that I personally am looking forward to seeing:

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