Saturday, December 30, 2006

Odd Ways of Finding Me ...and... "It's a Nasty World After All...."

During my stay in the tech world, I became interested with web site statistics because they always showed something you weren't logically expecting. So because of that, I do have a way of watching who visits my blog. Yes, that means if you think you are visiting incognito or that I'm unaware of your presence, you're wrong. I know where you are coming from, what search criteria you used to find me and the time of your visit.

I've meant to mention this in past postings, but neglected to do so. The stats for today though are particularly varied and that has prompted me into action. So without further ado, here is just a small sampling of today's visitors and my feedback on them:
  • "$160,000 fountain pen" -- Virginia. I don't recall writing about an item like this; however, I think due to me being a Capricorn I do have an unusual fascination with silly, ridiculous and impractical luxury items so I might have mentioned something like this over the past 18 months of this blog.
  • "Montezuma County + Rally in the Rockies injunction" -- Missouri. I do recall this posting - yet another half-baked biker rally where people didn't get paid.
  • "Banned Rainbow episode" -- Norfolk, UK. This is popular search query from the UK to my blog. I included the script and video clip of this naughty bit from a children's show.
  • "Sexy doll breeding machine" -- Vienna, Austria. I would have to say that in the past 18 months I have indeed used each of those 4 words; however, never have I seen those 4 words used together....until now.
  • "Banned breed list" -- North Dakota. Probably someone looking for a list of dogs that are "banned breeds".
  • "KKK - Hico, TX" - Oklahoma. Yes, I have mentioned this. Hico is the home of Billy the Kid and also, according to talk, has been a popular place for the KKK. There is the Koffee Kup Kafe there which is a popular stopping place en route to the Texas Hill Country from Dallas.
  • "Nicky Bootz" -- Budapest, Hungary. This would be in regards to the 10-episode series, "Wright Across America" where Arsenal football legend Ian Wright rode cross country from Florida to San Diego with Nicky.
  • "Johnny Chop death" -- California, Canada, UK. Must be a news article or one of the biker shows repeating. Yes, Johnny died in late March 2006. He was 34 and received a heart transplant a few years ago. His heart simply gave out.
  • "Tiny condoms" - California. This was mentioned in the post about the less than well endowed men of India having wee willy winkies that didn't measure up to the international standard for penis sizes. I guess the boys at Trojan need to find a way to make tiny condoms so the boys in India can stop spreading AIDS at such a high rate.

...It's a Nasty World After All...

Anyone that reads this often, has probably seen some of my postings about swearing by anti-bacterial wips and hand sanitizer gels / lotions.

So there's this guy named Charles Gerba who is microbiologist at the University of Arizona and he's always running around testing to see how nasty things are. About a year ago he released a report informing the world that accountants and teachers were by far the owners of the nastiest, most germ laden desks, keyboards, etc.

Those of us in the television production sector, doctors and lawyers had the most germ free desks.

Now, Dr. Gerba has come out with yet more fascinating tidbits from the world of filth.

It seems that people are not cleaning their cell phones. I have a tendency to wipe mine down alot but I'll probably be doing it even more now. He tested 25 phones from cast and crew at Good Morning America and half of them carried staph infection bacteria! The sound guy had between 10-50 million bacteria on his phone!

Why are cell phones so popular with bacteria? Because they are nice and warm. The batteries heat them up, your hand is warm, your face is warm and the pocket of your jeans you slide the phone into is warm.

Another recent study showed that women have filthy purses. Some of the women who had their purses tested just blew off the findings because they said they don't ever touch the bottom of their purses....they don't? They don't set them on tables or counters when they walk in somewhere or their home? Their clothes don't brush up against them? The strap isn't hanging off the back of a chair where dozens of people have laid their hands to push that chair in and out from the table?

People thought Howard Hughes was an eccentric for being anti-germs -- I think that man was just ahead of his time.


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