Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Take Responsibility

Today I was in Bonham checking on the progress for one of the bikes being used in 2 Wheel Passport. During my visit I received a call from someone who worked the North Texas Rock Rally with me wanting to know what I knew about Earth Day Jam and GL's invovlement.

I replied that I knew nothing as I hadn't spoken to GL since at least August of last year.

This person went on to tell me that the Earth Day Jam has supposedly been moved from Dallas to Los Angeles because Texas Stadium was double booked with another event. This person took the initiative to call Texas Stadium and it turns out it's not booked for anything the day in question for April (next month).

So then they call the LA Forum and was informed a tentative hold has been placed but nothing has been secured.

This person also went on to say how GL has been bashing me for months as one of the reasons the North Texas Rock Rally failed and also how I was responsible for the failure of some "bike event benefiting kids."

I had to think on that second one for a moment and asked if he was referring to the Million Dollar Ride that happened last autumn? He didn't know the name of the event in question - he just restated that I was being blamed by GL for it's failure.

My reply to all of this -- "Well, D******, all I have to say is that I haven't spoken to GL since August, I received the same notice that probably everyone else did from the attorneys saying that North Texas Rock Rally couldn't pay it's bills and that my outstanding invoice wouldn't be paid and as so far as Million Dollar Ride - the only thing I did for that was offer feedback when it was asked."

We then went on to chat about an event I helped out with the weekend before last called the North Texas Irish Festival -- 3 day event with 46,000 attendees. I told him how impressed I was with the management of the event, how well the staff and volunteers were treated, the amazing hospitality area for the staff & volunteers, etc. etc.

Now the kicker to all of this is that Marsha Singer is the event director for almost every major event in Dallas and GL had been trying like the dickens to secure her involvement for Earth Day Jam to no avail. Marsha is the person that called me at the last minute to help with the Irish Festival because one of her key people was dealing with a death in the immediate family.

Kind of odd that the premiere event director in town calls me in but yet one of the less than stellar event directors is going out of his way to bash me?

To top this off, on a certain networking site I am a member of, the following comments were left for me in relation to the Rock Rally:

Sponsors / Media / Builders at North Texas Rock Rally

2 recommendations for this position:

“She admirably and diplomatically resolved MANY problems with sponsors and builders that could havve been VERY volatile. She thinks fast on her feet and isn't afraid to take control. I'll bring her in whenever I can.” July 27, 2006

Tigger Liddell, Man. Partner, ThunderKitty Productions LLC
managed Raine indirectly at North Texas Rock Rally

“Working with Raine was a breath of fresh air... she was highly efficient as well as highly effective in her role... a professional through and through as she handled anything that was thrown at her with tolerant grace. I highly recommend her services!” July 26, 2006

Andie Jones, Entertainment Director, North Texas Rock Rally
worked with Raine at North Texas Rock Rally

Joel Osteen said recently that whenever someone is talking poorly about you, you should look at it as a blessing. God knows what's being said and will doubly bless you as a way of making up for the trash talking by others. I like the thought of that -- so keep trash talking me and I'll keep reaping the blessings.


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