Sunday, July 16, 2006

Collin Raye's "Hurricane Jane" Video Shoot

A couple weeks ago we all headed down to Lower Greenville
Avenue here in Dallas to take part in the new Collin Raye video shoot for his single "Hurricane Jane". It was the day the Arcadia Theater burned to the ground just 4 blocks away. The daytime shooting took place at Hurricane Grill - naturally enough!

Most of the taping was completed on the exterior shots before the fire erupted, but as the nightclub where the bar room scenes take place, Suede, was located across the street from the Arcadia, a lot of the people that were scheduled to make cameo's didn't get to show up. The Dallas Police & Fire Depts had Greenville blocked off from Belmont to Ross Avenue (about 5 blocks) and when we left at 3:00am they were still hosing down the fire 12 hours after it started!

The video is amusing but since it hasn't debuted yet on CMT, I can't show it yet. But, here are some photos of the shoot. The Illustrious One, JB, Jaie with her new puppy and Coach Joe of the Dallas Desperados can all be spotted. While I was offered a spot in the video, I told them they could use my bike but I would not be one of the "bikers oogling the girl" since I don't bat for that team! You can see a sneak peek of me briefly in the video - I'm sitting next to Jaie who is dressed in a pink shirt and holding her puppy.

Naturally a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader was used as "Hurricane Jane"!

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