Saturday, July 08, 2006

Southern Rock Sunday

I realised today that it's been several days since I've updated -- to say things have been hectic would be an understatement.

Tomorrow will be a day of Southern Rock when I and assorted other acquaintances go to see Shooter Jennings, Three Doors Down and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Personally, I'm going for Shooter because I just saw him Tuesday when we crashed the Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic in Fort Worth. The kid is excellent live -- would make his daddy Waylon very proud.

I must say that the Picnic was visually interesting. There wasn't a huge crowd when we were there due to torrential downpours - and naturally we were on the bikes. I think we stood in the same place for a solid 45 minutes with our jaws dropped taking in the sights -- all I can say is that White Trash is alive and well. Some of the sights included:
  • Impromptu female mud wrestling -- or maybe I should say "wrassling". You know it was going to get serious when the floosies kicked off their flip flops.
  • A girl going for the "I'm Sissy from Urban Cowboy" look -- and she sported a headband that said, "Let's Get Physical". I have no idea if that was memorabilia from Olivia Newton-John's heyday or if the girl was just clueless as to how outdated that phrase is.
  • One lovely female creature walked by with a wad of tobacco bulging out of her cheek the size of a plum.
  • Another female was being arrested and as Magoo was surveying the apprehension, he turned to the surrounding bystanders and said, "Damn -- I had my eye on that one!"

The guys weren't much better but for the most part they were just pissed drunk.

I wondered where these people live and socialize when they aren't at Willie's Picnic...somehow I doubt I'll be seeing them at the new Ghost Bar sipping Hpnotiq anytime soon.

To wrap this post, if you don't know who Shooter is, crank up the volume and check out his "Steady At The Wheel" video below....and if you get a chance, definitely make it a point to check him out his show live -- excellent!

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