Monday, July 14, 2008

The New Yorker Cover of Barak & Michelle Obama

Take a good look at the most recent edition of The New Yorker magazine. It seems that the golden child rag of Conde Nast Publishing thought this cover was just too droll as it played up all the stereotypical ravings that are being blasted around the Internet about BO.

They fancy that everybody will understand this tongue in cheek illustration.

It goes to show just how far New York City is from the South. Don't those Yankees know that there are some good ol' boys down in Alabama with their guns and hunting dogs who are going to use this image for target practice?

Don't they know there are Bible thumping church ladies in the Midwest that are in total shock & awe.

How could this be happening to America?! A femi-nazi-camo-wearing-assault-rifle-fro-haired woman bumping fists with a turban-and-sandal-wearing man as the American flag burns with Osama looking down from the portrait?

And the people at New Yorker think that this image won't be used to the fullest by the firestorm that's already brewing on the web?

I always thought the New Yorker was liberal. What redneck took over the job as editor there recently?

BO's camp said it is not amused by this image -- of course not. It's a PR nightmare!

McCain's camp said it is not amused by this image -- of course they did. Even though it is a PR windfall for them!

Meanwhile, Hillary with her hundreds of delegates that she's still technically holding on to is keeping quiet in the shadows.

It's not August in Denver yet and BO does not have that nomination tied up.

Could this be the image that turns the tide?