Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yet More Reasons For Texas To Go Independent

When BO isn't running from Jesse Jackson wanting to cut his nuts off and "forgetting" to ask his supporters to help bail Hillary out, he's continuously shocked and awed by what he sees in America.


We've got a guy running for president that is amazed by what he's seeing in America.

He's surprised that Montana is so big.

He was shocked that gumbo in N'awlins tastes better than it does in Chicago. WTF?!

He's proclaimed that he was surprised he really liked Texas - by saying that he's going to endear himself to Texas voters? Obviously the campaign bus didn't stop by the Koffee Kup Kafe in Hico.

He has trouble in public remembering if he's in Sioux City or Sioux Falls. Only rock stars on tour can get away with that BS - not some character who thinks he has the balls it takes to run the country....yeah, the very balls that Jesse Jackson wants to whack off!

It's just comedy. It's absurd. THIS is what our country has come to with this election?

TEXAS PLEASE SECEDE! We were our own country once and this is a really good time for us to be our own country again. Think about the possibilities of Texas being it's own country:
  • We own the half of NASA that controls everything.
  • Need launch pads? We have a really long coast line and tons of open space in the west.
  • Think of how many corporations are either based in Texas or have their US headquarters here (ExxonMobil, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines (might need to change that name), Continental Airlines, EDS, Texas Instruments, JC Penney, Blockbuster, AT&T, Kimberly-Clark, BurlingtonNorthernSantaFe, etc...
  • If Texas were an independent nation, it would rank 5th in the world in petroleum production and 5th in cotton production, with a gross national product greater than Australia or Brazil.
  • Texas contains over one third of the nation's dwindling oil reserves.
  • We have the 2nd larges port.
It's time for us to get away from the political insanity that is enveloping the US.