Sunday, August 31, 2008

Elephants v. Jackasses

I freely admit to being a bit of a rebel - maybe it's the Texan in me. When it comes to politics, I think
of myself as an Independent simply because the Republicans have a less than stellar environmental record and I am pro-choice. So, I am the type to vote for a Kinky Friedman or John McCain but no way, no how would I vote for a Barack Hussein Obama.

First off, I'm a Dallas girl and I can do pretentious snob as well as the next Neiman-Marcus girl so when I'm watching this yahoo with his cheshire cat grin and smug look, I'm thinking to myself, "Now how the hell is that going to win anyone over?" But, somehow, several million people believe his rhetoric that he's going to fly into the White House and start making, in the immortal words of David Bowie, Ch-ch-ch-changes.

Here's one fallacy about that - he can't do jack in the White House because Congress has to vote on things. See, BHO is ranting and raving about the war in Iraq and how many military personnel are over there. YET - there were FEWER military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan when then Republicans had control of the house and since the Democrats won control 2 years ago the military presence has INCREASED. Yet, they would blame it all on Bush.

One should also note that the economy was better with the Republicans in control - we started free falling once the Democrats got in there.

That broad Nancy Pelosi won her election and is now Speaker of the House based upon a platform of getting the troops out of Iraq. She promised change (Is it even possible for any Democrat to campaign on any other issue but the empty, shallow promises of "change"?). Pelosi vowed to
her constituents that she would make change happen. She did just the opposite of her promises. But, of course, somehow, someway it must be Bush's fault that she did a bait & switch on her voters.

Now the Democrats are pontificating about hockey mom Sarah Palin that McCain chose as his VP. Joe Biden is up a creek because he can't help but put his foot in his mouth in a public setting so God help him when he has to debate Sarah Palin.

BHO is huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf about her lack of experience. Let's see - BHO was elected a Senator 2 years ago and has spent 2 years campaigning for President and giving his Illinois constituents precious little value for their votes. Oh, he does make his token appearances on occasion to yelp out "Present" but he rarely votes Yes or No to anything. God forbid the American public might find out what his real opinions might be.

And now BHO and his 300 advisers are ranting about Sarah's lack of experience. Let's see, Sarah has been a Mayor and is the current Governor of the largest U.S. state that also produces 20% of the energy American's use. Granted, she did start her political career in the PTA 16 years ago at a time when BHO was pondering what community action project he could get into but the girl does have several years on BHO in terms of experience - not bad considering she's younger than he is.

Sarah visited the Alaskan military troops overseas before she was ever a bleep on the VP radar screen. BHO does a Globus Gateway tour of the mideast and yelps to a crowd of Germans in Berlin like
he was thinking that the citizens of Germany could vote in a US election.

Where does BHO stand on the 2nd Amendment? Who the hell knows. Sarah, on the other hand, knows her way around a firearm.

Where does BHO stand on the the Pro-Choice debate? Who the hell knows. Sarah, has made her feelings clear on this issue and even opted to bring her youngest child to term even though she was informed the baby would have Down's Syndrome.

BHO's approval rating? Hovers around 45%. Sarah's hovers around 87%.

BHO's experience in an executive capacity? Squat. Sarah has several years experience.

I, for one, am delighted that McCain opted to shake things up by pulling in Sarah. She's a rebel,
she's an independent thinker, she can work well with both sides of the aisle and she doesn't put up with any BS.

And that is EXACTLY the type of person that should be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

And This Is Who The Democrats Want On Their Election Ticket?!

Obama Misspeaks, Calls Biden 'The Next President'; Biden Calls Obama 'Barack America'

August 23, 2008 4:52 PM

ABC News' Sara Just reports: Journalists who were awake until the wee hours waiting for confirmation that Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., was indeed Barack Obama's running mate, cannot be blamed if their hearing is a little fuzzy today.

But after today's Obama-Biden speeches to a massive crowd in Springfield, Ill., many reporters are rolling back the tape and asking each other, "Did he really say that?"

When introducing his running mate, Obama said, "So let me introduce to you the next president - the next vice president of the US of America, Joe Biden."

And then when it was Biden's turn to speak, the Delaware senator called the presumptive Democratic nominee "Barack America" instead of Barack Obama.

"My friends, I don't have to tell you, this election year the choice is clear. One man stands ready to deliver change we desperately need. A man I’m proud to call my friend. A man who will be the next president of the United States, Barack America,” Biden said, per ABC News' Sunlen Miller.

However the official Obama campaign transcript of Biden's remarks sent to reporters omitted part of the misspeak, reading: "A man who will be the next president of the United States, Barack Amer – You know, you learn a lot of things being up close with a guy."

Then, later in his speech, Biden jokingly referred to his wife's PhD as a "problem." Biden was clearly having a playful moment with his wife, who he also referred to as "drop dead gorgeous."

"Ladies and gentlemen, my wife Jill, who you’ll meet soon, is drop dead gorgeous. My wife Jill, who you’ll meet soon, she also has her doctorate degree, which is a problem," Biden said, "But all kidding aside, my Jill, my Jill, my wife Jill and I are honored to join Barack and Michelle on this journey, because that's what it is. it's a journey."

The Republican war machine jumped on the first misstatement, with the McCain campaign releasing the following statement within minutes of the Springfield event's close: “Barack Obama sounded as though he turned over the top spot on the ticket today to his new mentor, when he introduced Joe Biden as the next president. The reality is that nothing has changed since Joe Biden first made his assessment that Barack Obama is not ready to lead. He wasn’t ready then and he isn’t ready now,” McCain spokesman Ben Porrit said.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Food Supply Under Threat

Starting today, your fresh vegetables may now be irradiated without your knowledge. The FDA has unleashed a new rule allowing food companies to secretly irradiate lettuce and spinach, and there is NO requirement that these foods be labeled with a warning label! The FDA is also looking to expand this to other vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and onions. Soon, ALL vegetables may be irradiated.

Why does this matter? Because irradiation destroys phytonutrients, including anti-cancer nutrients that are protecting your health right now. With this rule, the FDA is literally killing the food supply!

This is a crucial issue for the survival of America. No nation can survive the destruction of its food supply. The FDA is determined to do what all the terrorists in the world could not: Use weapons of mass destruction against the food.

The media is focusing on the angle of "this protects us from e. coli", they are NOT focusing on the issue of this is destroying our food supplies.

Contact the FDA today to let them know your feedback on this vital issue to the health of us all:

Also, wherever you see a report on this issue whether it's a mainstream site like CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc., leave comments in relation to this story. Also email the reporters of your local broadcast and print media that are covering this story.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Praises Jesus…and Mick! Rolling Stones classic wakes grandfather from coma.

Rolling Stones classic wakes grandfather from coma

Sam Carter lost consciousness after contracting severe anaemia but was brought back to life when "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" was blared into his ears.

The anthem was the first single the retired baker from Stoke in Staffordshire ever bought, released in 1965 when he was just 17.

Despite only being given a 30 per cent chance of survival, he woke from his coma after his wife Eva, 65, took the doctor's advice and played him his favourite tunes through a set of earphones.

After three days of listening to the local Stoke station Signal 2, his eyes opened as soon as he heard the sound of Mick Jagger's vocals and Keith Richards' guitar riff.

Sam said: "I can't remember much from being in a coma, but I do remember that when that song came on it took me right back to when I was a youngster.

"I could remember how excited I was to get it down at the record shop.

"I suddenly had a burst of energy and knew I had a lot more life left in me and that's when I woke up - to the sound of the first song I ever bought."

Same, who has three children and six grandchildren, added: "I would love to thank Mick and the rest of the Stones personally - I feel they really did help wake me from my coma."

Wife Eva said she had switched on the radio at Stoke's City General Hospital in a last-ditch attempt to bring him back a fortnight ago, after growing increasingly frustrated with his lack of progress.

She said: "I didn't really think it would work.

"I couldn't believe it when he started opening his eyes and looked at me. It was like we had been given another chance."

Friday, August 15, 2008

Let's Save Ross Avenue

Kudos to the group that has put together the initiative to save Ross Avenue.

A group of Hispanic activists demanded that Industrial Boulevard be renamed for Cesar Chavez - an activist that did good for California farm laborers; however, Chavez was NOT from Dallas let alone Texas.

The Dallas City Council opted to not rename Industrial for Chavez so now the activists are demanding that Ross Avenue be renamed. You know Ross Avenue? That major street between Live Oak, crosses Greenville Avenue, DISD headquarters, major high rises, the entire Arts District down to the West End. Yeah, that little no name street is the one that the activists fancy that the time has come to rename. To hell with Dallas history. To hell with the Ross Brothers who the street was named after. Let’s name it after some guy that isn’t even from here.

For far too long, those of that are natives of this city have stood by while newcomers, politicians, activists, etc., have tried to rewrite our history. Well, we’ve had enough.

Let’s support the group that is working to ensure that Ross Avenue will remain Ross Avenue for a very long time.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

American Airlines announces new partnership with Komen Foundation but declines to help long term customer with request

This week American Airlines (AA) made the announcement that they are partnering with Dallas based Susan G. Komen foundation on a mission to promote breast cancer research.

The partnership represents a newly created fundraising category for Komen called Promise Grants, which are collaborative, inter-disciplinary research projects with the strong potential to discover and deliver the cures for breast cancer more quickly.

AA has pledged to raise a minimum of $1 million annually for eight years, to fund Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s first Promise Grant — a $7.5 million, five-year study of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.

The remainder will be used to fund health and community programs.

The specially co-branded aircraft — an American Airlines Boeing 757, and an American Eagle Embraer 145 — will raise money for a breast cancer cure.

Distinctive pink streamers extend the full length of the fuselage of the two airplanes.

As this story was about to be posted to the Dallas.IsMyHome blog, we were contacted by a woman that works at a high-level position with an internationally known technology company. (She requested that her personal details be kept private.)

After several years of utilizing AA as a primary transportation means for her business trips to Europe and South America, she contacted AA yesterday via email to find out if they would please extend her Elite privilege for another year as she has been dealing with a diagnosis for breast cancer, surgeries, chemo and recovery since February of this year and wasn’t going to be able to make the 50,000 mile minimum.

Now keep in mind that the Elite privilege that she is requesting are perks that she has already earned on an annual basis and doesn’t cost AA any money. These perks include:

  • Allows her to board with the first group so she can get situated without people jostling into her.
  • Allows her access to the lounge on her international trips
  • As you can see, these are trivial perks but can make a world of difference for a woman that is still in recovery.

    AA’s customer service replied that no, they would not extend her elite status but that she was welcome to PURCHASE her status when she began traveling again.

    We contacted AA’s media department today via email requesting an official response as we strive to report a balanced view; however, at the time of this posting, AA has not replied.

    The email from the woman to AA and AA’s response are posted here in their entirety:

    Original Message Follows:
    >E-mail received from:
    >(Home)XX4-XXXXXX,4 Date Generated: 08/12/08 08:50
    >—Message Comments—
    >So Far this year I have not been able to travel due to breast
    >cancer and chemotherapy. I will loose my platinum status but
    >will be resuming travel in November. I am hoping that my
    >platinum status can be extended through next year where I will
    >then be earning it again. Thank you for your compassion and

    American Airlines Reply:
    >From: ext AAdvantage Customer Service
    >Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 11:29 AM
    >To: XXXXXXX Teri (XXXXX-D/Miami)
    >Subject: Re: Other (KMM6745123V54191L0KM)
    >Dear Ms. MXXXXXX,
    >We’re glad you contacted AAdvantage(r) Customer Service. I’m
    >happy to help.
    >Under the circumstances, we certainly understand your concerns
    >about your AAdvantage(r) elite membership. We sympathize with
    >what you are going through, and extend our best wishes for a
    >rapid recovery.
    >Please contact us than and at that time we will afford you the
    >opportunity to regain your elite Platinum membership by buying
    >your Platinum status back
    . In the interim, please accept our
    >apologies that we are unable to suspend your AAdvantage
    >Platinum(r) membership until your health improves. The elite
    >Membership Year extends from March 1 to the last day of
    >February of the following year, at which time all memberships
    >are downgraded one elite level unless members requalify for
    >the same or higher status.
    >We wish you all the best and encourage you to let us know as
    >soon as you’re back on your feet — and back up in the air! It
    >would be our pleasure to assist you in once again qualifying
    >for AAdvantage Platinum membership.
    >Thank you for participating in the AAdvantage program. We
    >appreciate your business.
    >Carmen N.
    >AAdvantage Customer Service
    >American Airlines

    Monday, August 11, 2008


    I think it's interesting that so many people are moving towards using their debit cards for everything; however, sometimes it's kewl to have personal checks that represent who you are, your goals, beliefs and/or hobbies.

    I like the concept of writing a New Moon Check within 24 hours of the new moon. This concept helps you to visualize financial abundance coming into your life. Do a Google search on writing a new moon check and you'll see what I'm talking about.

    To that regard, having customized checks allows you to put even more visual emphasis on what you are trying to draw more of into your life whether that is cash, adventures like a photo safari or taking up a new sport like motorcycling.

    A website called Carousel Checks will also give you the option of uploading your favorite photo - perhaps you and a loved one, your pet or just an amazing landscape setting so you have your own photo checks.

    Carousel offers inexpensive options for getting started and when you have to crack open the check book to pay bills, it will make it a bit more interesting by allowing you to focus on something that brings you pleasure.

    Friday, August 08, 2008

    First Time For Everything....

    For the first time, a major policital candidate is catering to the biker crowd. You know the bikers? Ride those big ass obnoxious 2 wheeled contraptions, wear too much black, drink too much, tatted up and hard core blue collar?

    Oh, wait, what am I saying? Those were the demographics for bikers in 1983. Today, bikers represent the opposite end of the spectrum + we have so many more joining our ranks as the fuel costs keep jacking us around.

    So kudos to McCain for recognizing what a powerful segment of the population we bikers represent. And if you want to get involved with the Bikers for McCain movement, click here.


    Tuesday, August 05, 2008

    Paris Hilton for President

    Compared to what I've seen by either camp so far, after seeing this video clip, I wholeheartedly support Paris Hilton and her inadvertent entry as an Independent in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election!

    See more funny videos at Funny or Die

    Friday, August 01, 2008

    Animals - Wild and Domestic

    In just the past couple days, I have seen 3 stories that defy logic to me:

    A woman bitch slaps her boyfriends child and the pet pit bull bites the woman. I've never owned a pit bull but I am experienced with Dobermans and I can state that if they feel a loved one is being hurt, they are going to after the attacker. It's part of their nature. And don't go off on how pit bulls and Dobies are dangerous because a recent British study showed that smaller yappy dogs are far more aggressive than larger dogs - people just don't report the ankle biters like they do the larger dogs and therefore the stats about larger breeds being more aggressive are very skewed. Larger dogs, are in fact, calmer and more docile than small dogs.

    A bear foraging for food got
    it's head stuck in a plastic jar - police shoot and kill bear. What the f*** is this about? You've got a bear that hasn't been able to eat or drink for at least 5 days just trying to get the damn plastic jug off it's head and the police shoot and kill it because it's a threat to humans? They couldn't find a tranquilizer dart? This was horrifically unnecessary.

    Saudi Arabia and the Koran thumping buffoons known as the religious police have banned the sale and ownership of dogs and cats.
    They fancy that pet ownership is one of those nasty "Western traits" that they are too good for. Forget the fact that it's well documented that people are emotionally healthier by owning a pet, they are concerned that humans might be lured into vice like activities because they met one another while Fido was on a stroll.