Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dominatrix Raine & Gay Brad Pitt?

Have you ever wondered what your South Park character might look like? There is a kewl site that let's you design your own so your enquiring mind will be at ease.

Check out South Park Studio 2.


According to that ever reliable British tabloid, The Sun, after all the hoopla for Brokeback Mountain (which I've yet to see), it seems that Brad Pitt has instructed his lackeys to find him the ultimate gay male film that will appeal to both genders -- what is the title to be you ask?

"Mr & Mr Smith" of course!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Art Can't Hurt You...

The Chauffeur is an artistic and thought provoking video by Duran Duran that came out almost 25 years ago yet Tipper Gore has called this video obscene and pornographic.

When I was about 14 I got hold of a copy of all of Duran's videos and I didn't think that much about Girls On Film or The Chauffeur as being pure smut - to me they were artistic. But then I didn't focus on the nudity but on the lighting, camera angles and such.

Friends of mine used to come by to watch videos because I was fortunate to have parents that were gone for extended periods of time. It was always the same when people first saw The Chauffeur - the first viewing they are absolutely quiet; the second viewing amusing comments start to be made, but after that the conversation turns towards the artistic and symbolic imagry in the video.

"....the balls rolling around on the floorboard - those are the balls of all her conquests!.....one is dark and sultry and the other is cool blonde and languid.....the chauffeur - what happened - trans? Was it a woman all along?...."

And just on and on we went...we knew every nuance, every facial movement -- all of it.

Maybe we all read Lord of the Flies and analyzed the ego, super ego and id of Jack, Ralph and Piggy with Simon as the Christ figure too much. Or maybe it was because we were so enthralled with The Hunger which starred our idols, Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie and this video reminded us of that film. But I still watch The Chauffeur looking for the meanings and symbolism.

Last year I was lucky enough see Duran Duran when they were in town for their show. It was a brilliant concert and the second to the last song when the hall was almost totally dark we all heard that familiar opening to the song -- that song.

As it was happening I noticed something - about 60% of the audience didn't know that opening bar to the song and then of those that did, only about 10% instantly recognized the first frames of the video - that video....and we all went nuts. Absolute adults were acting like teeny boppers screaming our approval, love and thanks for showing that video in all it's glory on a huge screen.

Granted they had enhanced it a bit with some eye candy but it was still glorious. And without further ado for those that have never seen the original - turn up your volume and judge for yourself -- The Chauffeur.

American by Birth -- Texan by the Grace of God

I was invited to do a walk thru for the new North Texas Rock Rally grounds. For an urban girl, I was surprised - at least for today it appeared much better than the facility they were at last year - you know it's bad when it's referred to as the Dust Bowl. The location for this year is north of Dallas - last year it was north of Fort Worth. You may not think that 40 miles east would make much of a difference, but it does.

If you ever look at a map of Texas that shows the variations, you'll notice that the green tapers off between Dallas & Fort Worth. There's a reason for that -- because FW sucks - it's dusty and has bad roads and with the exception of Sundance Square, everything is just old. Not historic old -- just old & run down.

Now I know that Texans are known for being pompous and thinking we're better than anyone else - but let's be realistic - where else could pull off a t-shirt with a slogan like "Fuck You We're From Texas".

There's this person in my life that was raised in Oklahoma and it was kind of sad that he didn't have that edge - he was born here and spent the first couple years of his life here but for about 27 years he was in Oklahoma. When we first met, at times I actually left his speechless or truly shocked at some of my comments & thoughts. He seemed very stoic at times and so serious. You kind of knew that if you just scratched the surface at bit, you'd find someone different beneath.

In true Texan form I persevered and held out. Now, God love him, he is almost as politically incorrect as someone raised here their entire life. I am so proud of him. It makes conversation between us much easier.

So how did he get off this notorious path? Oklahoma. I mean honestly, the state has "Oklahoma is OK" as the motto on their license plate. All day long for years, Okies drove around being reminded that they are "ok" which is truly nothing more than being synonomous with "adequate" and/or "mediocre" at best.

Texas - wow, the difference a letter can make - started off life as Tejas (tay-hos) which was a word used by one of the Native American tribes for "friendship". Somewhere along the way, the J was replaced with X and things were just never the same.

I remember when it was announced that the state motto, "The Friendship State" was going to be placed on the license plates. The powers that be in Austin said they had more feedback over that one thing than anything else they had ever done. In a nutshell, Texans said the hell with the state motto. Driving around with "The Friendship State" on their license plates would make us look like sissies. No self respecting Texan with a big ass pick up truck, huge tires and a gun rack in the back window could drive around like that. Suffice to say that the plates say "The Lone Star State" on them.

There is a mentality to being Texan - it can't be explained or learned quickly. It just seeps into your pores and becomes part of you. It has it's pros and cons. The positive thing is that no matter where you go in the world, people have something to talk to you about immediately. This really holds true if you are from Dallas which, thankfully, I am. The down side is that you have a different thought process which can sometimes make people look at you weird. But that is easily rectified - I just say, "I'm a Texan - we are known for being half a bubble off." I've yet to meet anyone that didn't instantly accept that reasoning.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Oh This is Just WRONG on So Many Levels...

David Hassellhoff of Knight Rider & Baywatch fame -- I know he's incredibly popular as a singer in Germany - but I just don't get it - especially after watching this clip.

Judge for your self....

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Disturbing - New Moon - Grey Biker - Frustrations

This image is disturbing. I first saw it a few years ago and myself and another friend tried to find it again for ages. Luckily I stumbled upon the private detective site, Sherlocks Envy and they had it posted on there.

It shows the progression of a girl in New York City as she begins her decline. Initially, she was kind of cute - but 20 years on she's giving a whole new meaning to "rode hard and put up wet".


Tonite is the New Moon - a great time to let the powers that be know of your longings and desires.

Thank you Grey Biker for your flattering comment!


Now for my frustration!!

I have been trying to customize this blog so that it is more reflective of who I am. I figured out how to change the background and it shows up pefectly on the Preview page but it doesn't show up at all on the real page.

Why is it always the easiest stuff that totally throws me off track?

I have the graphic hosted so it just needs to pull in - like I said, it works on the Preview page. If anyone has suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them!

Your Seduction Style: Siren / Rake

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You Should Learn French

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You Are Phish Food Ice Cream

You've been described as gooey and fudgey.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Lines Drawn in the Sand with Mozart & Tequila

When you are in a relationship and everything is going well, at some point emotional walls start to come down and you confide things to your partner in moments of closeness. This can be a double edged sword because on one side it's good that you feel safe enough to voice these things but on the other side it's possible ammunition for your own emotional downfall in a relationship.

Without fail, there will come days when the two of you, with your strong egos and prideful nature clash. It's a temporary lapse that may last a few hours or a few days but inevitably you find your way back to one another. And even though that's a good thing, during that lapse is when the opportunity arises for one of you to cross that emotional boundary on your partner.

For example, if you know that sleeping around on your partner is a strong catalyst for them ending the relationship, you hold the power to act upon it or keep yourself in check until you are past the rebound stage.

I remember my parents using their various sexual escapades as weapons against one another. As a result, intimacy is a very sacred thing to me because I know first hand the damage promiscuity can cause. An ex of mine chose to mess around on me while we lived together. I finally pulled the truth out of him one day and even though I knew what the answer was, I wanted to hear it from him. I'm a bit of a masochist that way -- I want it bad and emotionally raw so that there is no "what if" afterwards.

He told me weeks later that the pain he saw in my eyes as a result of his actions, he prayed he never caused again to someone. We separated and he tried it with the other girl for a few weeks - about 3 weeks. He came back - or at least tried to - he put up with my anger towards him, allowed himself to be my emotional punching bag and was docile through it all.

Finally one night at a place called Strictly Tabu I asked him, "Why are you still here? What do you want from me?"

He looked down for a moment and then said, "I want your love back because what I had with you was pure and real. You're someone for the long run and I totally fucked up."

In retrospect it's mind boggling everything you can forget over the course of your life and the amazing details you can remember from certain key moments.

Granted we tried to rebuild the relationship but the damage was done. I could just never forget and most importantly I could never truly trust him again.

Trust is a vital thing in love.

You take a massive emotional risk by disclosing your boundaries to someone. And hopefully, they aren't the type to push those boundaries to test you. Some people have the need to push to see if they can push you away or will you love them unconditionally.

But when love is such a valuable commodity, why would you want to push someone and test them? Doing that is not love -- it's selfish and self-destructive and there will be no winners in the end.


Happy Birthday -- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would have been 250 today! Mozart was the original rock star.


Do you have feelings of inadequacy?

Do you suffer from shyness?

Do you sometimes wish you were more assertive?

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Shyness and awkwardness will be a thing of the past, and you will discover many talents you never knew you had.

Stop hiding and start living, with Tequila®.

Tequila® may not be right for everyone. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use Tequila®. However, women who wouldn't mind nursing or becoming pregnant are encouraged to try it. Side effects may include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, incarceration, erotic lustfulness, loss of motor control, loss of clothing, loss of money, loss of virginity, delusions of grandeur, table dancing, headache, dehydration, dry mouth, and a desire to sing Karaoke and play all-night rounds of Strip Poker, Truth Or Dare, and Naked Twister.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Relevant Info & Idle Ramblings

Talked to Starr at Von Dutch today. He just returned from Sturgis where the mayor told him they were setting aside a primo location right in the middle of Main Street to display the 2006 Sturgis bike that Von Dutch is building. Supposedly this has never been done before so if you happen to be one of the 700,000 attendees this year and happen to cruise down Main Street - you will definitely see the bike.


On the topic of Sturgis - but from one of my anonymous sources - the powers that be in the city of Sturgis are supposedly talking to the powers that be within that county to find out what their options are for annexing as much as they can. Evidentally the city is a bit miffed that some of the big boys are setting up shop just outside the city limits so they don't have to mess with the taxes, etc. We shall see if this is fact or fiction.


In strange news - the Malaysian government is setting up an official committee to try to track down "Bigfoot". Logic would say they could probably use money towards rebuilding the destroyed coast from the tsunami's -- but I guess not.


The famous 2nd Avenue Deli in New York City closed down due to the rent jumping up to $36,000 per month. I'm mentioning this because I had one of those lasting childhood experiences in that place.

My grandfather liked to take me to NYC in late July every year to go shopping for school clothes. He would also hire a limo so I could leave my purchases in the car without having to lug everything around.....yes, it was nice being the only grandchild!

We stopped in the Deli one day for lunch and nothing on the menu appealed to me. So I asked for a Ham & Cheese sandwich - oh dear God the waiter reacted like I was part of the SS - what the hell does some kid from Dallas with questionable religious influences know about kosher Jewish food?!

Why do people bitch so much about Simon Cowell's judging on American Idol? I've yet to see him NOT be dead on correct. Music is a vicious industry - all this love & kisses & rainbows that Paula & Randy would have you believe is false. Doesn't happen -- not true.

Paula & Randy are primarily enteratiners - Simon is from the business side with one hellua track record - more than 20 years in the industry including 10 years as an exec with BMG, achieved sales of over 25 million with the artists he's signed, over 70 top 30 records and 17 number 1 singles -- to all the naysayers - suck it up - he knows what he's talking about better than anyone else on that show.

Every major label is owned by some mammoth corporate entity that answers to stockholders. Some bands - after they've been put into the studio with true professional & placed in the loving hands of the most ruthless of stylists & chosen their name from the pre-approved list in Big Brother's office - actually make it to the light of day and their videos or CD are released. About half of them don't and they go back to their former lives bemoaning about "woulda, coulda, shoulda" had that label just not busted their balls.

So yes - Simon is right. If you have any interest in the music industry and you don't agree with him - you have no business being in the music biz.

There are times when I am thankful for being a very fast reader. Like when I get my fix of The Sun,
Page Six & Cindy Adams.

The Sun rocks because they call it like they see it - to hell with political correctness. In the States you get this ridiculous "....alleged child molester John Doe...." whereas with the Brits you get "....pervert John Doe...." Hell yes, thank you. Call it like you see it.

Then there's the New York Post with Page Six & Cindy Adams. Six is good because it's short & sweet. Cindy is just one ballsy broad whose bravado is much appreciated by yours truly. In today's article she states:

".....A prenup pre-settles disputes in the allocation of marital property. Arguing over pots and pans and who gets grandma's silverware is expensive. With every argument the lawyer's cash register goes ka-ching, even if yours does not. George Clooney seems to have the only antidote to a divorce wrangle. Stay single.

And of course there is the all-time, old-time serpent in the person of a third party snaking between the two. Statistics state 72 percent of the men cheat in America. The rest cheat in Europe. Trust me, there's only two husbands civilization can ever be certain never had a bimbo on the sly. One's Adam. The other's Noah. For some reason this - and I apologize in advance - brings up an old joke. This wife found her cheating husband in bed with yet another lady. This time, a midget. "Don't be angry," he exclaimed. "I'm tapering off."

Now, in legal fact: Prenups must be in writing, signed, officially recorded in the manner of a deed. Parties require full financial disclosure and advice from independent counsel. Each must have reviewed the agreement, which need be entered into voluntarily. New York's Court of Appeals holds that the one contesting has the burden of proving that the other had undue influence or advantage. Smarties solidify that one by videotaping the pleasantries as each signs the document.

Whatever, prenup or no prenup, when a couple breaks up, it usually engenders bitterness - as in the woman who told her lawyer, "I'd divorce him if I could find a way to do it without making him happy."

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bikes & Motorcycles & Choppers & Bobbers &.........

Johnny Chop emailed me to announce that he is having the Johnny Chop Invitational & The 3rd Annual Long Beach Tattoo Festival this June 23 - 25. Johnny promises there will be great bands, hot rods, tattoos and of course - motorcycles. Details should be available soon at www.JohnnyChop.com.


Exile Cycles is planning their 10th anniversary party this spring - yes I have the date but I am waiting for them to make the formal announcement. Should be quite the soiree as they are having a full block party and with beautiful LA spring weather it should be a who's who list of attendees. www.ExileCycles.com.


That too kewl for words Alex Mardikian and his crew at Von Dutch Kustom Cycles have been chosen to build the official bike for the 2006 Sturgis Motorcycle Week.


And for those of you keeping up, Sturgis is where Real Original Biker Build-Off is scheduled to tape the finale at the new 600 acre Broken Spoke Saloon. Builders involved with ROBBO include:


Yes, ROBBO is the project I work on when I don't update this lovely little blog. Another project is 2 Wheel Passport which has already aired in Europe and we are working on the American version. More details on that to come.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bikers - Last Meals - Attention

For the bikers - there is new info at www.2WheelPassport.com - including info on a new air suspension system and the lates press releases from Harley-Davidson.


I saw an article mentioning how pissed off Keith Richards is that he is no longer on the Top 100 for Death List. I was intrigued in a disturbing way on what this site is. Turns out they list the top 100 famous people they think will die in a given year.

The only thing that tops that was when the Texas Department of Corrections listed what the last meals were for the executed. For some reason they decided that was in bad taste so dropped that section. I always found it odd that it seemed to be primarily "inner child" food that was requested -- lots of sweets, comfort foods and fried stuff. You can check it out for yourself at www.DeadManEating.com.


Have you ever had a situation where you wish someone would pay attention to you but they don't -- yet for some reason people you never considered were interested in you suddenly seem to be very interested in you?

I had 2 phone calls tonite from guys I never thought twice about -- things that make you go Hmmmmm....and it does make me wonder about this sudden spurt of attention.

Monday, January 23, 2006

I Love A Good Cock Shot - Part II

Now that I have your attention, here is an overview of my myriad of thoughts on various topics - at least for this moment -- read carefully -- I do venture back to the cock issue within this post.

Why do you blog?
Someone I know sometimes gets frustrated by my little blog area. Comments ensue like, "Why do you feel the need to share - who are you talking to - trying to impress?!"

In an attempt to address those questions - I have no idea who reads this blog -- I know of a few people because they leave comments or send emails either agreeing with my thoughts, asking for more info, etc. But most people are window shopping -- they pop in and you might see them again, you might not.

Who am I trying to impress? No one.

Why do I feel the need to share? Ahhhh - now that is the challenging one to address and I don't know quite how to answer it. Maybe in this world of 6 billion people, you would like to know there is someone that empathizes with your plight or appreciates your warped way of thinking.

It also helps me to know that I am not alone as fellow bloggers like Javier Marti who made a posting yesterday about some issues he's dealing with regarding a relationship and Grey Biker who has postings ranging from fluff to serious.

If anyone has an answer as to why this blogging thing appeals to some of us - I'd like to hear your theory. Hopefully you can put it into words better than I.

The other night I caught part of an episode of the Late, Late Show with Colin Ferguson. Not a show I typically watch but he was in the process of holding up the logos for the football teams competing this weekend to see who was Super Bowl bound. Now that the games are over I know that he nailed both with his predictions!

When it came to Carolina Panthers v. Seattle Seahawks he compared it as a yawning kitty with no arms v. an angry bird with a serious overbite. He chose the angry bird.

Regarding Pittsburg Steelers v. Denver Broncos he said a horse on sterioids with a bad mullet v. what has to be the team with the worst logo in the NFL which looks like a bunch of tacky 1970's Christmas ornaments. But given the fact that the 70's are chic right now, he chose the Steelers which meant we would have a Super Bowl of angry birds v. bad christmas ornaments.

He was right on both predictions.


Andy Rooney had a brilliant vent last night on 60 Minutes. It had to do with traffic congestion and how you have these massive rush hours twice a day and hectic lunch hours, etc. He suggested that we need to start having staggered work hours to help balance the load. I think that would be fantastic because we are evolving into a virtual workplace anyway.

People that had to go into offices could go in at staggered times - possibly 2 hours so 6, 8 & 10 am start times. It would be fantastic if that would start taking place.


Now for the part you have been waiting for -- cock shots.

While reading the ever enlightning blog, Ah Yes, Medical School, the resident doctor shared this lovely image with us - which of course set my mind off on a variety of thoughts -- primarily the issue of shrinkage.

For any of you that have watched repeats of Seinfeld, you will know the episode I am referencing. According to the Seinfeld Dictionary, Shrinkage is described as:

Shrinkage - 1) what happens to a man's genitalia after being in contact with water (especially cold water) 2) what to tell a woman who mistakenly sees a man's genitalia in the shrunken stage, and finds it humorous

Penises can be amusing. I mean honestly, you just have to wonder about a portion of the anatomy that can go from a robust, plump 7" or so to resting comfortably yet almost hidden between two balls.

And in closing, this is probably a classic example of why we blog. I can't exactly stop into the neighborhood Starbuck's and strike up a conversation on shrinkage with a stranger....

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Is God In Show Business Too?

I love that line. It's from the song Lucifer's Flowers by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. If you ever get a chance, you should listen to that song -- perfectly sums things up.

I would like to get a big, rocking, plasma screen with a killer surround sound and the first video to be played to break it in would be Marilyn Manson's version of Personal Jesus. While Depeche Mode did a great job on the original, something about MM's version is just more raw and to the core -- I like that video.

I've officially made the decision - I absolutely want to move. Now the catch is to find the perfect place - I have it narrowed down to the building but I want a great view. The best thing is that I would literally be able to walk out the front door on to McKinney Avenue.

There's something very alluring to just being right in the midst of things, jumping on the trolley to get to the big book store down the street or West Village & the Magnolia Theater. Or the lovely Nikita where my favourite toast is painted on the wall behind the bar -- "To the beauty of our horses and the strength of our women."

Where I live now there is just too much time to think - and that's driving me round the bend. Every night I have to pop Tylenol PM to get my mind to chill - and even then I only get a few hours sleep.

I find myself slowly sliding towards my former ways - that's not necessarily a bad thing though. I was a bit more reckless, more private yet more outgoing -- a contradiction I know. But it is easily pulled off by keeping people talking about themselves and saying little about yourself.

I'm finally listening to rain on the windows for the first time in weeks -- I love the rain.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Crazy, Busy Today

I met with Marsha who is the head honcho making the North Texas Irish Festival, CityArts, Chili Pepperama, etc., all successful events. She's been tagged to handle the logistics for the Million Dollar Ride For Children that will be held in the Dallas West End on September 8 & 9.

Personally, I am quite pleased that Marsha is involved. She is very dynamic and business oriented when it comes to events. I think a lot of the bike rallies have lost a grasp on what makes a good, profitable rally. There are just far too many tales of woe regarding people not being paid that were involved or empty promises.

She cracks me up - when she was first contacted about the event she said she took it because she knew I would know a thing or two about bikes! Ha! Ha! Truth is I don't know jack about bikes -- I know how to start mine and ride it. What I do know is some of the personalities and the media side of it all. I learn more every single day.


Nicky Bootz & Russell Mitchell are going to be at the New Jersey MC Spectacular this weekend.

Nicky is so kewl -- he's sending some shirts for Brice Judy's memorial ride which is tentatively being planned for Sunday, January 29. Details are still being finalized though but everything will be online at www.2WheelPassport.com. All the proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society.

Still trying to figure out a way around the whole poker run situation since the Texas Attorney General has ruled that it's illegal -- game of chance rather than game of skill. Somewhere someone gave the example of a fishing tournament being a skill.

Now it's probably just me but I understand how bowling can be a skill or archery -- but fishing? Is fishing really a skill? Sit on one's ass, guzzling beer and draping overpriced lures into murky water is a skill?


On another note, stayed busy with the product placement today. I kind of find it odd that the people whom I have started dubbing "old school advertising" are having a hard time grasping the concept of product placement.

It kind of reminds me of 1998 when I was working in the tech world. People did not understand why an internet site was important. It was just a gadget, new fangled thing. But the ones that jumped on the bandwagon first and did their site correctly in way of design and marketing really kicked ass.

It took about a year but then their counterparts were seeing that the web was not a luxury but a necessity.

The same thing is going on with advertising and marketing now -- producing a program and broadcasting it for periodic interruptions of commercials is no longer going to be the norm. With the advent of TiVo, Ipods, etc., people aren't watching ccommercials so the only way to get a product before the buying public is to have it included in the show -- whether that be a product that is used, apparel with a logo, etc., that's becoming the norm.


Meeting some new people -- it's always good to introduce new personalities into one's life provided they don't have too much of a flake factor. The timing is good because some funky things are going on in my personal life. Typical relationship boy/girl stuff -- does anyone ever get relationships right? Things that make you go Hmmmm.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's All A Conspiracy...

I found out the most disturbing thing today. As I was researching coconut oil (strange but true), I came upon a posting discussing the hazards of Splenda. So I visited The Truth About Splenda site and was horrified by what I was reading! Especially when I saw that Splenda is used in more than 3,500 processed foods and they don't all mention that Splenda or "sucralose" which is the true chemical name for it.

A friend of mine religiously uses Splenda and since I rarely drink soft drinks, at her house I always have tea - but she doesn't know how to make a proper "cuppa" so it needs to be sweetened a bit. She only has Spelnda and I always found it odd that as soon as it's added to the tea it fizzes -- it always reminds me of adding chemicals to a hot tub. Well it turns out there's a damn good reason for that -- it's made of chlorine! UGGGHHH!!

Whole Foods Grocery also made a posting as to why they won't carry Splenda related products.

My sweetner of choice is always Stevia Plus - I'm absolutely religious about it. Second choice is Sugar in the Raw. Then straight sugar -- never never never do I use anything fake. The boyfriend uses the pink stuff and every time he cracks a package open and pours it I get this whiff at the back of my throat and it just tastes "chemically".


So on a symbiotic topic, I was looking for a homeopathic solution for hypotheroidism because I am concerned about my thyroid slowing down and I will avoid pharmaceutial solutions whenever possible. It turns out that coconut oil is supposed to be an excellent, natural solution. The general concensus is that 2-4 tablespoons per day should increase the metabolism, assist the thyroid, increase energy levels, help with weight loss, improve skin condition, etc. It's definitely interesting reading.


Monday, January 16, 2006

Getting Back to Normal -- Whatever That Is....

After spending the past couple days in a funk - I'm feeling back to normal. The funeral for Brice Judy went well. A long time friend of his gave a great eulogy - or in the immortal words of Zoolander a "yougaloogey".

It was nice to see Jimmie Lee & John Coen of Three Two Choppers. Rick Fairless made it as well -- it's so rare to see him outside of Strokers or a bike show. Some cops we know from the Dallas Police Department were there - in civilian clothes no less so I didn't recognize them at first!

This morning at 7am I was on the phone with Nicky Bootz. We chatted for almost an hour. He's heading up to the big show in New Jersey this weekend. Russell Mitchell will be there also so I imagine at some point discussions on the television series will come up.

I should finally be able to send out the press release soon regarding the finale for Real Original Biker Build-Off. Been waiting to do that for two weeks - and I'm not good at waiting but the i's have to be dotted and t's crossed.

I also spoke to my co-producer this morning who is based in London. David told me that he was surprised at how the Wright Across America series had been portraying Ian Wright. Like he said, Ian is a major star in the UK. Some of the fan emails coming in from the UK to Nicky just crack us up -- the excellent thing is that those writing think that Nicky is just the bomb.

Also I am toying with the idea of doing a gossip blog on www.2WheelPassport.com because I hear such damning gossip sometimes but I can't repeat it here because people would get so mad. But, I was thinking that if it were veiled in such a way where names were not provided, it might work.

Today for example, we heard someone that was in the know (non-employee) just absolutely trash a "master" builder -- NO, it is not anyone already mentioned in this post -- honestly, I'm not that dense! They were just going on about "How did they get so far in business?!" essentially alluding to the fact that this one builder is just a collossal buffoon.

Ahh well - so many projects - everything has to be scoped out and addressed. Right now there are so many irons in the fire I need to seriously prioritize and get some things wrapped. What makes it challenging is that you get so far into a project and then you have to stop because you don't have the necessary materials from a third paty to wrap....other than that, all is well.

Now I think I can write about what was haunting me earlier. Brice's son - who is also named Brice. He about 13 years old and just an absolute rock. So mature, so sweet -- so hauntingly calm. God, I could just identify with that eerie calm.

I think kids that are thrown into adult situations early in life with no other kids around, grow up really fast. And tonite, I think I was watching a 13 year old going on 45.

I had already heard that on Wednesday evening around 8pm, the air was turned off on Brice Sr., but he managed to keep breathing on his own until 1am Thursday morning. The whole time, Brice Jr., stood calmly by the bed holding his father's hand.

Tonite I watched Brice Jr., as he made his way around the room where the viewing was held. No one acknowledged him that I saw - he simply looked at the various people and walked to the various pictureboards of his father. At one point he was by himself in the hall looking at the book where all the visitors had been signing. For the first time since I had been there, the hall was empty. At that point I approached him and asked if he was Brice. He said he was and I told him how fantastic his dad was and I was so sorry for his loss. He had such a serene look on his face and said, "It's ok" so politely.

I know on some level he resolved himself to his father's approaching death, and I know some won't agree with me, but it was good he had every possible moment with his father to the very end. Speaking from experience, that will be best. You never remember even what classes you were taking in school but you always remember in vivid detail every moment of those last days with the person you love so much.

It's weird because it seems like as a kid you are emotionally stronger -- or maybe just better at keeping the facade up. As you grow up, you find the oddest things can set you off emotionally. People around you always try to give helpful advice like, "You need to find a way to deal with that. It's been years since they died."

I know in their own way they are meaning well, but unless you've been a kid confronted with the enormity of the impending death of a parental figure, watching the ups and downs of each day, taking on more responsibility than anyone at that age should have to bear, and the ensuing visitation, funeral, etc., no one can truly understand what it does to you.

In the eyes of the law you may be a kid, but the childhood is left far behind. For that reason alone, I wish so much that there was one particular little boy tonite that could have stayed a kid a while longer.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Birthdays & Death...

The birthday get together Friday night went well. 13 people showed up - the irony was not lost on me and the people that I have spoken to since then have all raved about what a good time they had and how they enjoyed meeting other people.

I am toying with the idea of having a biker networking / get together every Friday the 13th -- there's only 2 a year I think.


Tonite I attended the viewing for Brice. His dad was just heartbroken. Upon walking into the room, everyone was face to face with this poster of Brice - massive head of hair, ripped jeans, ripped physique -- during his days when he danced at La Bare. I would have bought the poster back in the day - he looked gorgeous.

As everyone worked their way around the room, there were various photoboards of Brice throughout his life. On the board next to the coffin had a copy of the March edition of Thunder Roads Texas magazine that Brice's bike was on the cover with his shops name, Outlaw Custom Cycles, in the background.

I forgot to breathe - I was totally unprepared for the emotions that hit me. My eyes filled with tears (but there were tons of biker boys in the room equally choked up) and I had to focus instead on Brice in his coffin.

He is dressed in a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket on. People had left various trinkets in his pockets. He had that 2 day stubble going on and a VIP pass around his neck.

Some people that had walked by before me asked if I was ok. I said I was. They said the people in the room that knew who I was were watching to see my reaction to the magazine. I said then, and now almost 4 hours later I say the same thing, I don't know how to verbalize how that made me feel.

One person said, "Raine, it just goes to show how much he valued what you did by putting him on the cover."

How do you put into words the emotions of knowing that something you did that was just part of one of your days in February 2005, became a lasting part of someone's legacy?

Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

It is officially my birthday!

Yea me!!

To all that have called and emailed me virtual birthday cards -- THANK YOU!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Brice Judy of Outlaw Custom Cycles - Arrangements Pending

Brice Judy of Outlaw Custom Cycles passed away this morning at 1:00 a.m. due to complications with brain cancer.

At this time a viewing is pending for Sunday evening. There are plans for a ride honoring him on Monday and memorial service on Wednesday.

As details are confirmed the info will be passed on.
Preparations for Day of Decadence

January 2006 has that most decadent of days -- Friday the 13th with a Full Moon....and it's my birthday -- I love gifts. Like the Victoria's Secret ad campaign states -- "everything she wants and nothing she needs".

What a gift is -- someone that has taken the time to consider who you are as a person and tried their damndest to find the perfect gift. If they aren't willing to do that - just toss me a gift card but at least make sure it's to a store that I will actually visit - like Z Gallerie or Whole Foods.

So what is a completely impractical gift that would be so fantastic? A sterling silver noisemaker from Tiffany's.

I have requested the exact same thing everytime I have been asked by a certain person in my life what I wanted for birthday, Christmas, anniversary since 1999. For some insane reason he refuses to buy it -- and I've never understood why.

And like my friend RT says, "At some point you'd think he'd just buy the damn thing because obviously you want it since you've requested it since the last century."

To me it makes perfect sense as a gift request -- I am nutty about decorative accessories, I adore sterling silver / white gold / platinum, I like unique & different items - I could just go on and on.

Oh and if this isn't just classic of how much I do NOT go to shopping malls - I finally saw an Ipod in person last week at the Mac store. I have no idea how long those things have been out but if you have Karl Lagerfeld designing Ipod "jukeboxes" for those that have more than 10 Ipods and Levi debuting a jean with an Ipod pocket - they seem to be as common as watches these days.

Hmmmmm...speaking of which I don't have a watch either. But I do have a portable DVD player which has come in quite handy.

So hopefully the birthday cocktail hour will go well tomorrow -- seems to be a diverse group joining in on the celebration. In fact, since Friday the 13th only happens twice a year, I'm thinking that should become my "thing" -- hosting a cocktail party on that night.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Prayers Needed for Brice Judy of Outlaw Custom Cycles

The past couple weeks, Brice has really been on my mind. Today I phoned his shop and all the numbers were disconnected - not a good sign. I called my neighbour, Jimbo, who also works with Jerry Covington, to ask if he has spoken with Brice recently. No.

Then I call Jimmie Lee at Three Two Choppers and he gives me some info that I just didn't believe for some reason. Finally, I go in touch with Victor who owns Interceramic Tile and he gave me correct info --

Brice is not doing well at all. He is now in ICU at Presbyterian of Plano and they believe he only has a few days left to live. He is allowed visitors so I am going up there tomorrow and taking print outs of emails I have received from others -- Iron Horse, Hellanbach, River City Bike Fest, etc. - offering their prayers.

Why is it always the good ones that go soonest? Brice is SO nice to everyone and has built some outstanding bikes. A couple years ago a cancerous tumor was removed - it was growing on the exterior of the brain. About a year later, another tumor in the same location.

This past May, Brice was hosting a big crawfish boil at his shop and feeling great. In June he totaled his car in a wreck -- a seizure due to another tumor growing but this time it was inside his brain.

Now - I'm being told his life is being measured in mere days if not hours.

"How can anyone who even looks at a horse not see their soul? I think the people who abuse horses lost their souls long ago. They're dead inside.".......Maggie, Age 7

I apologize for the serious nature of this post; however, this is a serious situation. What is Texas without horses?

The sad but true fact is that out of 3 horse slaughter plants in the United States, 2 of them are in Texas.

The facts include:

  • Horses that are slaughtered are NOT done so in a humane way
  • The slaughterhouses are owned by FOREIGN companies which means these are not financially viable companies to the state
  • They mostly employ illegal laborers so that money isn't benefiting the state either
  • The Horses are NOT old and decripit - they are usually in very good shape because horsemeat is a delicacy in some parts of Europe & Japan

The Texas Attorney General has ruled that these plants are breaking Texas law, yet this issue has been in court & before Congress for 2 years. Finally, there was light at the end of the tunnel - now suddenly, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is trying to suck up to the slaughterhouse owners.

Please review the Wednesday, 11 January 2006, Dallas Morning News story on this recent action.

PLEASE get involved by contacting the Department of Agriculture and your local Congress persons & Senators to let them know you OPPOSE this recent action by the DoA.

Other sites of interest:

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Bachelor - Gastric Bypass - Nikki Sixx...

Tonite I inadvertantly saw that The Bachelor has hit the airwaves again -- UGH!! I hate that show - despise, deplore, patooey patooey, yech. I know, I know -- I should tell you how I really feel. Just goes to show how "dummied" down the American viewing audience is that that damn show keeps resurfacing like a bad virus.


Another quasi vent / observation is this mad fixation with gastric bypass in its many forms. I have come to the conclusion that people want their will power to be taken away from them. By having gastric bypass done, the person has no option but to not eat but a few teaspoons. And from what I've been hearing, only certain foods can be consumed.

A person does not get to be obese in a few weeks so its not going to be possible for them to drop all that weight in a few weeks. But we live in a "get it now" society so that is the norm these days. To hell with working out at the gym -- to hell with pilates in your own home - to hell with juicing and eating a "portion" (which should only be about the size of a deck of cards).

Don't these people consider the long term effects? By just shutting off a huge portion of the stomach and not exercising means that big loosy bits of flesh will be hanging off of their bodies -- their underarms, abdomen, thighs, etc. And isn't that just a boon for the plastic surgeons that then have to swoop in and magically cut all the excess flesh off to make the person look "good" in their summer outfits.

I think bypass is a solution for some people but not for this mass that has run to it because they are just too lazy to eat properly and exercise.

No one is addressing the reasons why a person gained weight to begin with -- thyroid out of whack? Emotional eating? Etc? They are just masking the problems.

So then a person looses all this weight but do they really feel good about themselves afterwards? Don't they have the same issues they did before they got heavy? And if they do -- and most of them will -- how will those issue remanifest themselves -- because they always do.


And now I change gears again -- Nikki Sixx. I adore him. He's not the best bassist in the world and he acknowledges that but his driving force and visualization for what Motley Crue could be should be an example to us all. If you have not read The Dirt, which is the Crue's quasi-autobiography, I highly recommend it.

Nikki has his site which he keeps updated quite regularly with his photography -- you should definitely check it out.
2 Wheel Passport.com

Check out www.2WheelPassport.com for the latest news on:

  • Harley-Davidson Shipping Expands Riding Opportunities for Motorcycle Owners
  • Viper Motorcycle Company Announces Acquisition of Manufacturing Facility and 2006 Product Line with Proprietary Viper Engines
  • Indian Motorcycle Company Looking for Dealers, Closer to Locating Production Facility
  • Schwarzenegger, son hurt in motorcycle wreck
  • (Re)born to Be Wild - Inc. Magazine Feature Article on Mike Schwarz of Mike's Famous in Delaware

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Jan 8 -- Happy Birthday to Elvis & Bowie

Last nite I attended an impromptu get together. Once everyone arrived the directions were to grab something out of one of the 2 horribly overstuffed freezers and prepare for dinner. The people who own the house will be back tomorrow -- they needed their freezers cleaned out!

The DVD for the evening was Under the Tuscan Sun - I've not seen that since it was in the theaters.

Today I attended bi-monthly get together that Patrick Stephens hosts at Hot Rods & Hoggs in Arlington. Amazing how well some of those guys can balance on their bikes. I think the most impressive stunt was when Patrick has his bike balancing straight up in the air on its rear tire and he did a headstand using only the seat and back of the bike as leverage.

Patrick recenty returned from shows in China and has been invited to return in May for the Moto GP in Shanghai -- big kudos to him!

Jason Martin of Martin Bros Bikes., was also there trying out his new Panasonic mini-DV camera and he was definitely enjoying himself with that toy. On the business side they are working on a new bike for comedian Carlos Mencia - who you must see in person as his show is very funny!


Saturday, January 07, 2006

Indians & Lizards...

I saw the advanced screening of The World's Fastest Indian starring Anthony Hopkins and it is a very good film. The racing scenes are good -- I got chills watching them. The film is based on the true story of Burt Munro wanting to prove he had modified his bike to be one of the fastest motorcycles in the world and took it to the Bonneville Salt Flats to prove he was right.

I was invited to the Lizard Lounge last night -- interesting. It was a Girls Gone Wild night! LOL! Let's say that I prefered it better when The Church held court on Sunday nights.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Primal Screams....

So it's 2006 -- how the hell did that happen?! I would have updated this sooner, but I tried juggling a glass of water over the keyboard and fried half of it and then procrastinated for 2 days to get a new keyboard because, after all, it was a holiday.

Long conversation with Exile Cycles today about the Real Original Biker Build-Off series. You can get the details at www.2WheelPassport.com. I'm trying to make an effort to segue to 2WP for all the biker stuff since I've been bestowed with the title of "Managing Editor" for that biker e-zine. I'm trying to get pumped back up and in the groove. After so many months of thankless work with the print publication, I guess I needed a few weeks to get back into the swing of things.


So the other day I was thinking about pretty men -- I don't know what it is about me but I've always been visually drawn towards "pretty" men. And though I have ridiculously few female acquaintances, they are almost always aghast at my choices in pretty men. But the guys they are ga-ga over I don't even remember. One girl in particular pointed out her ex to me no less than 4 times over the course of a few weeks, yet every single time I could look straight at him and it wouldn't even incite the slightest wave of recognition in my mind. I think it's safe to say that he ceased to intrigue me therefore was unmemorable.

And then for me there are the boys I remember looooong after the fact down to the most minute detail. About 2 years ago, in the place I lived before, the room I worked in was on the corner of the house, which was on a corner lot. Almost every day I would notice this guy, ageless - he could have been early 20's or late 30's - and his hair was always tied back into a pony tail and he would be carrying a single bag of groceries.

The one day, when I was on the phone no less, I glanced up and saw him and I swear I caught my breath. For the first time ever he had his shirt off and his hair loose and there was only one word to sum that visual up -- stunning. His body was perfect -- just enough muscles to be defined, slight 6-pack abdomen but not too muscular. And the hair -- oh my God the hair. Down to his mid-back and just flowing like a wild horses' chestnut mane.

And the part that drives the females I know nuts is that I have no interest in meeting or pursuing these guys -- I just love the visual beauty of them.

So then I started thinking about other pretty men - my attraction is pretty standard fare every time - something about the hair, something about the body, something about the eyes. Most of the guys I am visually intrigued with have dark hair and intriguing eyes. And most of them understand the importance of eye liner. Oh yes -- if cosmetics can help a girl look better, trust me, just a hint of liner can add a unique something to a guy.

It's a good thing that I work in the industry that I do -- no room for a straight-laced banker type. And the weird thing - is that guys like that make me incredibly nervous. I've always felt like they were hiding something. My experience has been the rock star biker types have their persona out in the open but once you scratch the surface you find someone incredibly nice beneath.