Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year’s Day 2014 begins with a sense of happiness…

For the first time in several years, a New Year's Day dawns with an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness.  The energy feels good and there is a delightful vibe of excitement as though some really good things are in store...and I'm grateful for that!

One of the things I did was a Google search for my name and this blog came up. I was a bit surprised to realize I'd not updated it in more than four years yet it was still hanging strong on my rankings.  Perhaps it's time for some TLC to it!

The year has already begun by me making more use of Outlook and the types of activities I had jotted down on my planner in the past, are now daily objectives so that I am reminded to spend some time on them.  They are actually quite simple -- fitness, financial, and writing. 

Fitness:  Before the heat of summer begins, I have a goal weight that I have established to aim for.  With a diet of water, juicing, and raw / vegetarian, I have faith that I will achieve my goal by my date of 31 May 2014.

Financial:  Set goals with where I am now and how much to achieve my goal listed.  I am focused on achieving these goals by the 31 December 2014.

Writing:  Every single day I will post a minimum of two articles.  I wish to heighten my presence again and condition myself.  Writing, much like physical exercise, must be maintained to keep the skills sharp and efficient. 

Other 2014 goals include:
  • Launch my Embrace Life web channel
  • Writing a book
  • Improve my French linguistic skills back to conversational level
  • Spend a week in Paris, France
  • Buy a beautiful, perfectly running Mercedes-Benz SLK
And there they I'm ready to embrace 2014 and have a wonderful year!