Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Nicky -- Sir Anthony Hopkins -- Hpnotiq -- GPS

Finally saw Wright Across America starring Nicky Bootz and Ian Wright and it is GOOOOOD!! At least episode one is. Nicky saw episode 2 last night and is sending a copy to me...he likes that one also.

It is so nice to finally see a bike related program that is authentic -- "...after riding a staggering 27.3 miles, Nicky stops for a beer..."

I haven't a clue what made it to air because according to the title, we received the non-bleeped version. It was very good -- not too profanity ridden but just enough for spice. Poor Ian at the alligator farm -- LOL!

I don't know if it'll make it to the air in the U.S. -- but it really ought to!


Received my passes to the advance screening of World's Fastest Indian starring Sir Anthony Hopkins. That will be next Wednesday at the Magnolia Theater in the West Village.

If you happen to be there also, be sure to say hello -- I have really long auburn hair and (drum roll please) a black Harley. She's a Low Rider.


While I am not a hard core drinker, I am quite fond of Corona, a properly made Pimm's Cup and select vodkas. I have to admit I was bowled over by Hpnotiq -- it absolutely ROCKS! Want to buy me a gift for the upcoming birthday (January Friday the 13th -- hint hint) -- just get me a big-ass bottle of this. It is so damn good! Mmmmm!!

This can be purchased online and shipped to me via


I had a thought last night about the GPS phenomenon. I'm sure others have considered this but it only hit me last night. Men will no longer be chided over their inability to ask for directions. The little wench in the GPS box tells them where to go and since there's no visual, they can fantasize all they want about what she looks like and what kind of directions she might give them in other situations!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It's Short & Sweet Tonite....

For those in the Texas biking community, poker runs have long been an avenue utilized to get riders out on their bikes while raising money for worthwhile causes. Recently, the Texas Attorney General has begun looking into this issue to determine if this falls under gambling. The determination is that it is gambling and falls under the Texas Penal Code and is illegal.

The Texas Motorcycle Rights Association has announced that they will be confering with attorneys and legislators to discuss what, if any, options there are short of introducing new legislation.

Additional biker news is online at


Nicky Bootz sent me a copy of the first installment of "Wright Across America" staring Nicky & Ian Wright -- hopefully it will work in my DVD player. Nicky told me that sometimes the older DVD players are having emotional issues playing the newly burned DVD's.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Useless Each Without The Other...

The past couple days have been a bit odd. I was invited to a Christmas Eve soiree' for all of us that are flying solo for the holiday. An interesting assortment of people and all went well. To my surprise I was asked to stay the evening with a friend (completely platonic thank you). The bedroom I stayed in was, how shall we say, different. A big painting of breasts and a huge eye hook in the ceiling -- things to make you say "Hmmmmm." Long story short, I inadvertantly ended up house/dog sitting as my friend ended up getting sick.

Anyway, so the sick friend called tonite and said she's had 3 guys call her from the party to find out if I was available. Another guy that I know from the Corvette club called her to find out if I really had a boyfriend because he's heard me mention him before but he's never seen him. He was assured that the boyfriend really does exist but he doesn't go to any of the same things as I.

That was so odd for me because it seems like the boyfriend and I have so much in common but evidentally there are third parties who perceive us as not having things in common since he's rarely seen with me.

This got me to wondering about a lot of things realtionship-wise this evening. Are all "couples" joined at the hip - do they attend everything together? That seems like it would be a bit stiffling but in retrospect, the Vette guy that was asking about me has seen me dozens of times over the years but has never seen "the boyfriend." Even if we aren't running around together everywhere, it would seem like people would at least have had a visual of him in 10 years.

I want people to know the boyfriend is in my life - and an important part of it. It makes me feel weird to think there are people out there that think he's a "phantom".

I sometimes wonder if I'm chasing a dream but then I think about what things are like when it's just he and I. I feel happy - calm - and most importantly loved. I know we both have good and bad days but for the vast majority of the time things are ideal when it's just he and I. It's like when we first met in New York City - for the first time in years I was "content" to just be calm and at peace and he was the reason for that. I know he doesn't want to believe it - but it's true. He has that affect on me. I'm a bit gun-shy of relationships but he managed to change all of that because he really wanted to get to know me and no one has ever done that before.

He said that we are going to go somewhere tropical for next Christmas. So one of my immediate goals is to get more toned and take some swimming classes - it's been years since I seriously swam. And then, to get Scuba certified. He loves diving and I want to experience that.

I love seeing life through his eyes because he is so insanely observant. I feel like I am always looking at the distant goal and I forget to see what's right in front of me -- he reminds me to do that and I'm glad for that because I would otherwise overlook so much.

True love is eternal - it transcends everything. One of the most beautiful things he's ever said to me was a Longfellow quote --

"though she bends him, she obeys him;
though she draws him, yet she follows;
useless each without the other...."

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Tracking Santa While Fading Into You...

Lots of interesting updates regarding the Real Original Biker Build-Off; however, I have decided to wait to post those.

For those of you interested in the fat man's path around the world -- here is the official Santa Claus flight Tracker -- I watch it every year.

As it's Christmas Eve day, I am yet realizing again why I am the epitome of "goth"....I find beauty in the pain and sorrow -- as long as I maintain my discreet distance and don't allow myself to get caught in the vaccuum -- which some days I am better at than others.

So on that note, as I am about to depart of my lovely Superstition on this crisp blue, 60 degree Dallas day, I leave you with 3 songs that have just been played on my Launch station that have in their own strange warped way put me in a fantastically upbeat mood:
  • Johnny Cash's remake of Nine Inch Nails: "Hurt" (If you've not seen this video, you must -- it's haunting and beautiful)
  • Mazzy Star: "Fade Into You"
  • Garbage: "I'm Only Happy When It Rains"
I hurt myself today
to see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
the only thing that's real
the needle tears a hole
the old familiar sting
try to kill it all away
but I remember everything

what have I become?
my sweetest friend
everyone I know
goes away in the end
and you could have it all
my empire of dirt
I will let you down

I will make you hurt

I wear this crown of thorns
upon my liar's chair
full of broken thoughts
I cannot repair
beneath the stains of time
the feelings disappear
you are someone else
I am still right here

what have I become?
my sweetest friend
everyone I know
goes away in the end
and you could have it all
my empire of dirt

I will let you down
I will make you hurt

if I could start again
a million miles away
I would keep myself
I would find a way

Fade Into You
I want to hold the hand inside you
I want to take a breath that’s true
I look to you and I see nothing
I look to you to see the truth

You live your life
You go in shadows
You’ll come apart and you’ll go black
Some kind of night into your darkness
Colors your eyes with what’s not there.

Fade into you
Strange you never knew
Fade into you
I think it’s strange you never knew

A stranger’s light comes on slowly
A stranger’s heart without a home
You put your hands into your head
And then smiles cover your heart

Fade into you
Strange you never knew
Fade into you
I think it’s strange you never knew
Fade into you

Strange you never knew
Fade into you
I think it’s strange you never knew
I think it’s strange you never knew

I'm Only Happy When it Rains
I’m only happy when it rains
I’m only happy when it’s complicated
And though I know you can’t appreciate it
I’m only happy when it rains
You know I love it when the news is bad
Why it feels so good to feel so sad
I’m only happy when it rains

Pour your misery down
Pour your misery down on me
Pour your misery down
Pour your misery down on me

I’m only happy when it rains
I feel good when things are going wrong
I only listen to the sad, sad songs
I’m only happy when it rains
I only smile in the dark

My only comfort is the night gone black

I didn’t accidentally tell you that
I’m only happy when it rains
You’ll get the message by the time I’m through
When I complain about me and you
I’m only happy when it rains

Pour your misery down...pour your misery down
Pour your misery down on me...pour your misery down
Pour your misery down...pour your misery down
Pour your misery down on me...pour your misery down
Pour your misery down...pour your misery down
Pour your misery down on me...pour your misery down
Pour your misery down...pour
You can keep me company
As long as you don’t care
I’m only happy when it rains

You want to hear about my new obsession
I’m riding high upon a deep depression
I’m only happy when it rains...pour some misery down on me
I’m only happy when it rains....pour some misery down on me
I’m only happy when it rains...pour some misery down on me
I’m only happy when it rains...pour some misery down on me
I’m only happy when it rains...pour some misery down on me...pour some misery down on me...pour some misery down on me...pour some misery down on me

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Biker Boyz Moving Around the Scene

Today was good for the most part as I got to speak to all my lovely boys -- Nicky Bootz, Denny Garley, Jimmie Lee Coen, Johnny Chop and Trevelen Rabanal.

Trevelen cracks me up -- I asked him about space for his rig for the finale and he responds, "I don't need a space. We're just going to ride them and keep them dirrrrrrrty!" That's a true biker for you!


I'm toying with the idea that I've had enough of north friggin Dallas. I moved to this area because it seemed like I was having more meetings here -- and at the time I was. But now I'm jonesing for the downtown area again. Though this time it may be Uptown -- which is still downtown. There are so many kewl places being built near the Crescent and everything between Highland Park & the city are just rocking.

I'm lonely here. It would be nice to just be able to walk out your door and be in ridiculously close proximity to McKinney Avenue. I like Lifetime Fitness but they seem to only be in suburbia so I'd have to go back to 24 Hour Fitness. But there is one right in the area where I would want to be.


Now on to other things -- I found a lovely description of the types of people that are on the Dallas "scene" -- it makes for interesting reading:::::::

Dallas was treated to a number of high-profile, searchlight-lit openings, shrugged and went back to Primo’s. Tough crowd this.

Best parties: D Scene soirees at Candleroom, Obar and Medici made Mr. Dallas feel like a lecherous old troll. Good work. The Stephan Pyles opening was an old-school Dallas bacchanal. So was the christening of the new suites at Hotel ZaZa. Bring back the ’80s!

Amiable drinking companion: Kato Kaelin held forth at Absinthe.

Steady state: The VIP clubs Medici, Candleroom and Sense nursed their niches and motored along.

Proof of life: “Saturday Night in the City” parties at the Nasher Sculpture Center augured well for the Arts District.

Steady state: The VIP clubs Medici, Candleroom and Sense nursed their niches and motored along.

Proof of life: “Saturday Night in the City” parties at the Nasher Sculpture Center augured well for the Arts District.

Looking ahead: The W will change everything. Really. Mean it this time.

FASHION DIDS AND DIDN’TS: Sick of empire-waist nightie blouses and tailbone tattoos. (Is everybody a stripper now?) Digging designer half-boots and pinstriped jackets worn casually.

The Dallas nightlife scene is an ecosystem – as precariously balanced, awe-inspiringly complex, abundantly diverse as any old rain forest. Bars aren't called watering holes for nothing: The human animal beats a path to them for respite, restoration, to prey or be preyed upon, to mate, to consider the consequences of mating, to bemoan the impossibility of mating.

To the abstemious, a bar may seem just a confused, cacophonous lair of spirits, smoke, shallow posturing, loose talk, clumsy advances and rampant unwise life choices. That's about right; the abstemious have it nailed.

To the careful observer, who has patience, time and a gold card that hasn't maxed, an even fuller picture emerges. He begins to discriminate among the denizens of the watering hole, to know them by their movements, patterns and plumage. He learns to appreciate the vibrant panorama of the scene. He may even get lucky.

Through perseverance, the observer will develop a Jane Goodall-like empathy, even a kinship, with these inhabitants (all photos below are of genuine, authentic Dallasites):

Vintage Restorations

They've "had some work done." The sands of time slip inexorably away. As they do, some people, given sufficient resources and desperation, slam on the brakes with a bob here, a tuck there, a little addition, a little subtraction. The results can be scary – the Dallas equivalent of the witches in MacBeth stuffed into size-too-small peach Escada. As columnist Maureen Dowd says: We are Frankenstein and the monster is us. Keep in mind, though, that the hands never lie when it comes to age.

Common habitat: Nick & Sam's, Mansion Bar
Diet: Merlot, martini

The Fried Blonde

The last of the big-hair brigades that once roamed the veldt in the thousands, she is most susceptible to the Shirt Guy. Her hair has been exposed to more toxins than Chernobyl, turning a sickly yellow with a straw-like, fly-away look. An amiable demeanor and pleasing form, though, go a long way toward suspending judgment about the follicle disaster.

Common habitat: Sambuca Addison

Diet: Sea Breeze

The Shirt Guy

This common predator travels in packs. If his number grows too large he can desolate a watering hole, making it impossible for other creatures to subsist. The shirt is the be-all and end-all of his wardrobe – striped in either broad vertical (starched, collared variety) or horizontal (polo pull-over type) slashes of color. The shirt screams: The Shirt Guy works out. Those bold colors and sturdy patterns draw the eye to the torso, which has been pumped, buffed and ripped by many months at Bally's. The vertically challenged shirt guy may unduly compensate, creating a wide-as-he-is-tall effect.

Common habitat: The Ginger Man

Diet: Beer on tap. Knows about all those tedious stouts, ales and wheats.

Mate: Wants: The Scissor Girl. Gets: Medium Gals

Medium Gals

These tend to herd. They know they look better in clumps. It's an amplification effect – four, five, six at a table, sensible hair, fanny-packs, not long of limb, dressed to match (What are you wearing? Khaki skirt, white silk blouse and strappies. Really? So am I!).

Common habitat: Addison, Lower Greenville

Diet: Margaritas, Mudslides

Mate: The Shirt Guy

The Investment Biker

The weekend Harley rider makes of Lower Greenville a noisy performance-art piece involving middle-aged fantasy and feelings of entitlement. The more he tries to make it real, the more you know he missed it.

Common habitat: Blue Goose

Diet: Beer in bottles.

Mate: The Scissor Girl, if he's lucky

The Scissor Girl

The distaff inverse of the Shirt Guy, she is vacuum-packed into her jeans. She is exceptionally long-shanked, a lean tower from heel to tailbone with barely a swell of hip. The Scissor Girl spends as much time in step class as the shirt guy does with free weights. Show no fear in making your approach — she despises weakness.

Common habitat: Cool River, Palomino, Terilli's

Diet: Cosmopolitan

Mate: Variable

The Old Spice Guy

The inveterately clueless businessman, he figures if he can sell X million dollars of Y to Z, he can pitch himself to a 22-year-old. The sale begins when the customer says no, right? Well, maybe. More likely the hotty gives him the same sideways glance and pained smile she reserves for panhandlers before returning to deep contemplation of the mirror behind the bar.

Common habitat: Sipango, Palomino

Diet: Scotch and water, bourbon and Coke

Mate: Wants: animate female beings.

Gets: Zip

Prada People

The uppermost percentile of the nightlife class – or so they'd like to think. Thou shalt know them by their labels, which are discreet but recognizable. Sleek lines, lots of black, big watches and pretty darn substantial shoes – a combination of artsy and moneyed is the look. The male version will hunt among a younger demographic, but with more success than the Old Spice Guy. When gathered in large numbers, Prada People create a black hole of attitude from which not even light can escape.

Common habitat: Samba Room, art gallery receptions

Diet: Martini, bellini

Mate: Balloon Smuggler, Scissor Girl, Torso Boy

Rip Van Winkles

Individuals, whether age 30 or 60, who obviously haven't been out for a long time. They're coming up for air after a broken marriage. Or maybe the kids are headed off to college. Or they've been circumnavigating the globe in a skiff. In any case, just like ol' Rip of lore, they have awakened with a puzzled, poleaxed expression that says: "Five dollars for a beer?"

Common habitat: Capital Grille

Diet: White wine, rum and Coke

Mate: Old Spice Guy or equivalent

No Nothings

Pinched-faced individuals who really would be better off staying home. While the Rip Van Winkles have been out of circulation because of circumstances, the No Nothings wave the flag of abstention proudly. Through tireless negation, they have whittled themselves down to a collection of things they don't do anymore: smoke, drink, eat meat, go to bars, meet people at bars – though, as they'll reminisce at length, they used to. They just, you know, GREW UP, got TIRED OF IT or MOVED ON.

Common habitat: Uncle Calvin's Coffee House

Diet: Blu Botol

Mate: That neither

Balloon Smugglers

S.J. Perelman's immortal descriptive speaks for itself; in fact, it never shuts up around here. We're talking the balcony-you-could- play-Shakespeare-off-of, in-case-of-water-landing use-as-flotation-device anatomy. It's said that while California leads the nation in augmentation numbers, Texas is tops in cup-size change. Add to that the fact that Dallas vies with Houston as the gentleman's club capital of the world, and the result is a very forward-thinking environment.

Common habitat: Seven, Knox-Henderson area

Diet: Anything red

Mate: Torso Boy, Prada People

Torso Boy

Think of him as the ├╝ber Shirt Guy or the male Balloon Smuggler. He's in the appearance business, whether as a personal trainer, Toni & Guy hair stylist or gentleman's club bouncer. His ratio of library time to gym time heavily favors the gym. The scent of watermelon mousse lingers in the air as he plows forward toward the object of his affection, whether it's in a bottle or a bodice.

Common habitat: Lower Greenville, Deep Ellum

Diet: Beer, shots

Mate: Scissor Girl, Balloon Smuggler

Idle Wanderings...

It's 2:23 a.m. and when I finally do go to sleep I imagine it will be another brief nite of only a couple hours than I shall arise and pop a Lipo 6 to get the day on the fast track. I suppose I could take up drinking coffee but by the time I'm done "enhancing" it with cream & sugar it might as well be jamocha ice cream.


I received a lovely email from an attractive man in Spain - a nice, yet unexpected, perk to having this blog.

I highly recommend checking out Javier Marti's blog as he has some very interesting art work.

Here is a link to Javier and his bike.


So while pursuing The Isle of Light blog, I saw a link to a site called Reality Shifters. I was unfamiliar with that term and after reviewing the site I was actually quite pleased to know that I finally know how to categorize some odd experiences I have had in my life.


Another interesting thing today is Frappr - it has all sorts of groups that may share common interests. If one of them appeals to you, you join up and your on the map also -- I've always like knowing where in the geographic world people are -- I don't care about ages, but I like locations.

Here is one of the groups I am a member of - -- I really like all things French -- except their politics. Personally, I think they were better off before the storming of the Bastille!!


Ahhh and this was toooo kewl -- you can have your stamps printed up at -- definitely check this one out!!

I told my boyfriend, "You can lick me all you want with these!!"

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Jesus was a Capricorn?

I'm going to go ahead and get this out of my system before Sunday and I apologize for having two posts in a row dealing with astrology.

My step-great-grandmother was wealthy and spent most of her days in one of her living rooms that was draped in purple velvet and had a big-ass picture of Jesus above the television. I know it sounds like something out of a Jeff Foxworthy skit, but it was actually all quite upper scale of gaudy.

One day in that room it hit me -- there was no possible way Jesus was a Capricorn and I started one of my typical quests for finding out the answer to something, because honestly, we Goats aren't exactly renowned for our vast depths of empathy. And for people that know astrology, the general belief is the same as mine -- no way could he have been born on December 25.....and here is why:

Back in the days when the ancient (4th century AD) Church Fathers were looking around for an official date to celebrate the birth of Jesus, they were also busily engaged in the very serious endeavor of "christianizing" ancient Rome.

Ancient Romans conveniently happened to have a popular pagan holiday (holy day) season called "Saturnalia." Saturnalia, originally celebrated by the Romans each year on December the 17th, was a special day set apart for honoring the Roman god Saturn. This was a day for nostalgically remembering the "Golden Age" of Saturn's beneficent rule. Gifts were exchanged in remembrance of the bounty Saturn had once upon a time bestowed upon the Roman people. For the ancient Romans, Saturnalia was joyous celebration of "the good old days" when everything had "once-upon-a-time" been right in the world.

At some point in time, the holy day of Saturnalia had also been tied into being a celebration of the rebirth of the Sun - and, as such, Saturnalia was held each year about the time of the "winter solstice." Each year, the winter solstice marks the beginning of winter. The winter solstice is the day each year having the longest night and the shortest amount of sunlight hours. After the winter solstice, the daylight hours slowly begin lasting longer and longer with each passing day, with this trend of increasing sunlight continuing on until the "summer solstice" in June. The summer solstice is marked as being the day with longest amount of daylight hours and is the official beginning of summer.

Anyway, the winter solstice takes place each year around December the 21st to mark the rebirth of the Sun. In 4th Century AD, the Roman emperor at the time "officially" reset Saturnalia to be celebrated on December the 25th (there appear to be varying and sometimes contradictory resources regarding exactly how and why all this happened).

Shortly thereafter, the Church Fathers likewise set the official date for celebrating the birth of Jesus as being December the 25th. What more appropriate day could the Church Fathers have "borrowed" for commemorating the birth of the Son, than the already extremely popular pagan holiday (Saturnalia) set apart for celebrating the rebirth of the true Sun?

It's interesting to note that when looked at on a purely symbolic level, the esoteric Church placed John the Baptist's birth on the Summer Solstice (decreasing sunlight) and Christ's birth on the Winter Solstice (increasing sunlight). This was meant to esoterically represent the New Testament scriptural passage where John the Baptist told his disciples that he (John) must decrease, while Jesus must increase.

So when was Jesus born and what did his birth symbolize?

Astrologers have been speculating about the birth of Christ for almost 2000 years now. However, there was at least one small group of ancient Babylonian astrologers who may have gotten it right.

The "wise men" or "magi" that were following a star -- It's highly unlikely that there was any sort of supernova explosion in the sky that these "wise men" were following. According to the Gospel of Matthew, only the wise men were aware of the "star's" presence. Everyone else, knowing something special was going on, had been clued into the fact by angels (or by another source of divine revelation). Only the most closed minded person could possibly argue that these "wise men" from the East (following a star) were anything other than ancient Babylonian astrologers.

Based on biblical accounts and independent historical sources, the birth of Jesus most likely took place between the years of 8 BC and 4 BC. Beyond that we're forced back into the darker, murky waters of speculation… Many astrologers (dating back at least as far as Medieval times) have typically placed the year of Jesus' birth at 7 BC. 7 BC was a landmark year when the planets, Jupiter and Saturn, were "triple conjuncting" in the sign of Pisces.

This triple conjunction meant that Jupiter and Saturn repeatedly met up with each other in the sky three different times such a triple conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is extremely rare, and it has not occurred again during the past 2000 years.

While this theory seems to be strong there are others including an astrological chart that shows Jesus' sign would be in Virgo - symbolic of being "born of the Virgin."

Things to make you go Hmmmmm....

Merry Christmas -- Joyeux Noel

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Capricorns on a Dark Night confront Racism....

I've been in a really "black" spell the past few days - one of the least desirable traits of being a Capricorn.

Linda Goodman once wrote in one of her books, and I'm quoting as best I can by memory, "...all people go through black spells. But the goat, is unlike the other signs and their black spells can be worse that any other sign and can last days, weeks and sometimes months."

I mean think about it -- Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Howard Hughes, Ava Gardner -- all goats and not exactly poster children for sane, happy mental health. Elvis is legendary for his spells; Bowie spent a full three years in a funk (case in point the Berlin trilogy - for those of you unsavvy that would be the Low, Heroes & Lodger albums), Hughes spent the last years of his life in a funk and Ava was notorious for running away and starting life anew in Spain and then to London - once she refused to make a public appearance for months because she took a fall from a horse and was convinced her face was permanently disfigured.

Personally, I have one person in the world that is capable of pulling me out of these funks very quickly -- the problem is, he isn't even aware of the most basic things though I've told him time and again what would help. It's literally a hug and some kind words, maybe go to a film, just something to get me snapped out of it. The sad things is that every now and again when I have tried to turn to him in the past, I ended up getting emotionally kicked when I was already now I have a tendency to just try to keep it all to myself but that makes me spend a longer time being in the funk. (big sigh)

So yesterday in the midst of one of these black moods (I only started coming back out of it today) I made the mistake of telling my boyfriend I was thinking of possible ways of suicide. NOT that I'm suicidal -- but I tend to think deep and dark thoughts during those spells. I think it's just a game I play - sick and morbid perhaps to some - but nonetheless it allows me to work through all the possible scenarios and then move on to getting into a better, more positive state of mind.

Pills don't work because it would seem your body would either get sick and try to get rid of them or you stand the chance of putting yourself into a vegetative state. Guns don't work because that is just flat out rude for whoever has to find you -- honestly, the mess that is left behind.

So I tend to have 2 theories -- but I won't share those here because I could just see someone following through on one of MY ideas and then their realitives would try to hold me liable....kind of like those yahoos that sue bands because of lyrics in a song. Honestly, songs don't kill people.

But speaking of songs with a suicidal theme, a good one is by yet another goat, Marianne Faithfull's "The Ballad of Lucy Jordan". Even Absolutely Fabulous had her on episode 4.4 (Marianne played God and Anita Pallenberg was the Devil -- LOL!!) once to do a rendetion to one of the scenes.

"The evening sun touched gently on the eyes of lucy jordan
On the roof top where she climbed when all the laughter grew too loud
And she bowed and curtsied to the man who reached and offered her his hand,
And he led her down to the long white car that waited past the crowd.

At the age of thirty-seven she knew she’d found forever
As she rode along through Paris with the warm wind in her hair ..."


Great interview on 60 Minutes tonite with Morgan Freeman. He was talking about the ridiculousness of having a "Black History Month" and that it should be done away with. Mike Wallace asked him what was the best way to deal with racisim and Freeman replied, "Stop discussing it."

I agree with him. I think once people stop playing that racisim card at the drop of a hat, only then will society as a whole be willing to move forward.

He also went on to mention the fact that he would prefer that his home state of Mississippi adopt a new flag design - one that does away with the design incorporating the Confederate flag. He feels that symbol is negative towards, and this is his quote, "jews, niggers & gays."

I have heard many discussions pro and con regarding the Confederate flag - I know it still stirs up passionate beliefs for many in the southern U.S. Unfortunately, the Confederate flag has spiraled downward towards a negative conotation much as the Swastika has.

The Swastika is a design that has been used in many religions around the world from Hindus, to the Jewish faith to Native Americans since 5,000 B.C. It wasn't until it was incorporated into the design for National Socialist German Workers Party, founded by Adolph Hitler, that it's religious implications were subverted.

Variations of the swastika design are still used to this day in many religious and cultural ways around the world -- it's only in Western society that it shunned.

Much like the swastika, the origins of the Confederate flag have been shoved back into the shadows of history. The original confederate flag was called the "Stars & Bars" and at that time it's design was very similar to the flag used by the Union troops. The design that is known today as the "Confederate Flag" was in fact the "battle flag" which is the popular X-shaped design. Much like the swastika, this original design has a religious foundation.

The X-shape is in fact the cross of St. Andrew - the apostle who was martyred on an X-shaped cross. At the time of the flag's origin, a large segment of the Southern population was of Scottish & Scotch-Irish ancestry and thus familiar with St. Andrew who was the patron saint of Scotland. The stars represented the eleven states actually in the Confederacy.

At the end of the day there ideally would be an understanding on both sides for both of these emblems as they were not designed to promote hate but instead had their origins firmly within the religious world and conveyed a sense of pride.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Nicky and a little Kinky

I spoke with my compadres in London and the word is that the Wright Across America series with Nicky Bootz & Ian Wright has turned out very well. Copies of the show are finally on their way over here -- yea!!

Nicky is still receiving fan e-mails -- he better get used to it since this series has another 2+ months to air! I think he's pleased about it -- it's always nice for someone to feel like they are appreciated or people have a good time watching on tv.


This will only pertain to Texans -- a perfect gift for that person with a warped sense of humour would be the Kinky Friedman political action figure.
For you non-Texans -- NO, this is not a joke. We really do have a Jewish Cowboy cum Literati figure who has the the campaign slogans "He's not Kinky - He's my Governor" and "Kinky for Governor - How Hard Could It Be?".
The action figure has verbalizes fantastic quotes such as:
  • "How hard could it be?"
  • "I don't know how many supporters I have. But I know they all carry guns."
  • When asked if he could unite Republicans & Democrats, it replies, "I'm running for Governor -- not God."
  • "A fool and his money are soon elected."
  • "The career politicians are keeping the elevator at the penthouse floor and not sending it down for the rest of us."
  • "If you elect me, I'll be the first Governor in Texas history with a listed phone number."
  • "I'm a Jew, I'll hire good people."
I really like this idea and hope it happens in more cities next Christmas -- rent a tree. There is a company in San Francisco that will bring a nice, tree that is potted for rental. After the holidays they pick the tree back up and plant it in areas of the city that need more greenery. The program is run by the San Francisco Department of Environment with help from the nonprofit group Friends of the Urban Forest.


Though they aren't pines, if you are jonesing for that piney scent, you can always get your own going with a simmering potpourri -- or just a big pot of water with a few drops of scent added and have it simmering on the stove. You can mix & match from San Francisco Herb Company.


Here's another cool idea from Ben & Jerry's!! Rather than gorging on ice cream - though it is easy to do -- you can grow dynamic sunflowers from their compost. Kind of fun -- you can check it out at Gardener's Supply Company.


On the topic of plants another fun thing is the Message Plant -- As it sprouts, it has a message. An interesting gift for that person that has everything.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Good Help on 2 Wheels Is Hard To Find...

Around 6'ish tonite the phone rings -- it's Nicky Bootz. Why the hell would he be receiving fan emails from the UK?

"Uhmmmmmmm.....Is this a trick question," I reply?

As I am walking to my computer to see an email he has forwarded me he's going on about "what the fuck?!" I quickly scan the email as he is saying ..."is the show already on?"

I've no idea.

So a quick check of the Men & Motors web site and voi-friggin-la, the 10 show series "Wright Across America" that Nicky filmed with former Arsenal player Ian Wright indeed premiered tonite. The only problem was no one bothered to tell Nicky is was scheduled for broadcast!

For those of you that read this blog often, you may recall a post I made a few weeks ago about Nicky & Ian and the 4 pound steaks in Amarillo.....yes, dear ones, this would be THAT show.

So emails have been sent to the production company, who shall remain unnamed at this point, to send the damn tapes to Nicky so he can see the series also!! My God, good help is so hard to find.

************************************ is coming along nicely. If you are into bikes, definitely stop in and check it out and feel free to send in your comments!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wednesday is:

According to the little moon chart (scroll down and you will see it on the right) it is officially now a 100% full moon. That's a little reminder to any of you out there that are into big moons.


The new site is about to launch. As some of you may know, up until October I was editor for what is supposedly the largest motorcycle magazine in Texas. The publisher and I had differing opinions on the route the magazine should take -- he felt it should be 98% ads -- literally -- so given the fact that he owns the thing, I saw it pointless to try to disuade him. It was easier for me to leave -- and the odd thing is that with the exception of 1 person, all the other contributors left as well.

Anyway, so given the fact that everyone has a following, we decided to do our own magazine but rather than messing with deadlines, ad revenues, printing, distribution, etc., we decided to go virtual -- instant global market and can be update in real-time. If you are into biking - definitely check it out -- Michael put the whole site together and it's really dynamic.


Do you get into a funk about the doom and gloom of the news world? Check out -- it's pretty cool and upbeat!

Enjoy the bella luna!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Today Just Hurts...

A month from today I'll have a birthday -- and I really hope that day is much better than today was. Doesn't it suck when you have a day that nothing seems to go right?

At the beginning of August I was assured something was a mere "3 weeks from being signed off on" and now 4 months later I find out that's not happening.

The boyfriend has his own issues and sometimes I just don't know how or if things will work out. All these vague references to "issues" but nothing actually said. I'm this type that believes action speaks louder than words so if you tell me you aren't calling someone but the Sprint bill says you are, that's not good. And you say you want to be with me but you aren't, that just reinforces it. If you try to push it the canned reply is "You need to make your own decisions" but how the hell are you supposed to do that when you can't even get any answers so you can make an educated decision. I hate the "what if" factor.

I was screamed at by my mother -- whom I've not seen in 3 years. Yet again I was reminded as to why I don't say anything to her other than "hello", "goodbye", "right", "yes", "no" because anything other than that and I'm screwed. I've been informed I will wind up alone since I've chosen to not get married, how I couldn't even take care of my dog so it's a damn good thing I've never had a kid, and on and on and on.

The boyfriend asks why I even answer her calls -- I tell him it's because I am a masochist in that area and I want it so horrifically awful that when I snap there will be no "what ifs". Speaks volumes doesn't it -- the stereotypical Capricorn that so much wants and craves some element of stability is royally screwed in that sector of life.

I hate the holidays -- all this "family" rhetoric -- it just hurts so much sometimes. I sometimes think I should just call it a day and find a way to get a job in Europe somewhere. Anywhere. Just get away from here.

There's really no reason why I shouldn't because there isn't anyone or anything holding me here.
All Things Purple...

Today I was at Sports Authority trying to find some new workout gloves. The pair I love, which are gray with purple trim have vanished. The only ones I can find are gray with light blue. I bought them because they were the only ones that had the materials I like -- the suede isn't too thick and the mesh material breathes nicely.

So I turn to go towards the check out -- now remember I don't like to shop -- and I am confronted with a wall filled with a cavalcade of colour -- ultraviolet & black. The PERFECT ultraviolet at that!!! The kind that you ONLY hand wash in the gentlest of soaps to preserve the colour.

So tonite I am searching online -- both the Adidas site, Ebay, Google, etc., trying to find this collection. The best I can do is one jacket and a sports bra -- but there were lots of things in this collection and nothing else is showing up on web searches!

So I am on Google searching with "Adidas Ultraviolet" and one of the results is for The Purple Store -- an entire online store dedicated to all things purple. Now based upon by background when I showed horses, I am well acquainted that the leg wraps match the harness which match the blankets, etc. But I was NOT prepared to see a purple hoof pick! Purple & rich emerald green look best on black horses -- I have a thing for black horses.

I wonder if there is an online store dedicated to just green?!

So I've got this weird fixation with purple -- not only does it signify royalty but it's also proven to be excellent in times of stress. Also, I said for years that I would someday own a purple & chrome Las Vegas tacky Harley Davidson. Well, my boyfriend bought his bike a month before I got mine -- he asked if I liked the purple or dark green better -- naturally I didn't think and said purple. So when it came time to get my bike, I got black. But I am about to get her tricked out in a whole theme which will be revealed once it's completed

Forgive me for babbling -- I've been up for 17 hours, had only 4 hours sleep last night and took 1 too many Lipo 6's today.

If anyone has suggestions on where to find that Adidas Ultraviolet/Black collection online -- I would greatly appreciate a heads up. Christmas & Birthday are coming up and I would like to add a link to my online Wishlist!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Shopping with the French Military

So why do people looooove to shop? I know it's a rampant situation -- people will shop even when they don't have anything specific they need. It's become a bit of social therapy for them.

Me - forget it....I would be like the gay guys from In Living Color who were the critics -- "Hated It!!" and two snaps down.

I once looked at the same $40 velvet pillow in a Bloomingdales by Mail catalog for 4 months before I finally ordered it. That was probably 10 years ago, I still have it, I still like it. I think that's a major difference between me and say -- the boyfriend who is a friggin shopping junkie. Based upon my brief decade of experience with him, it seems like it's the thrill of the chase, feeling in control, etc. etc. He gets absolutely giddy when he shops whereas I hyperventilate because I have a death grip on my cash.

So I read this article about people getting a rush due to a chemical called "dopamine" -- I am on a quest now to see if I can find a homeopathy version and that way when the boyfriend has an urge to go shopping, get him to take a happy, healthy version of dopamine so that by the time he hits whatever store he was going to, hopefully the rush he gets when shopping would be gone....or at least more under control and therefore not as expensive. I love him but damn he's worse than a billionaire's kept woman at shopping.

The other sucky thing is that sometimes I just want to go out and look. Decorative accessories, much like men, I often just want to look at -- I sure as hell don't want to buy them and take them home. But I can't do that with the boyfriend because he'll be like, "I can't spend any cash," and my response is, "Why do we have to spend money? I just want to look." But, no can do.

Isn't that just Murphy's Law -- a guy that loves to shop with a girl that doesn't. How many women would love to have a guy like that and how many guys would love to have a girl like me? But the good thing is that the boy is one helluva good dresser when he feels like showing off. He gives a whole new level to the term "metrosexual" and I do love him for that.


You have got to try this out: Go to and type in "French military victories" and click on "I'm Feeling Lucky" -- you will get the following result:


Quote of the Day: "I bought a self learning record to learn Spanish. I turned it on and went to sleep; the record got stuck. The next day I could only stutter in Spanish."........Steven Wright

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Doberman World Domination - Laconia - George Michael

Well it's officially winter now. A record high on Saturday of 89 and right now it's 18 and covered in ice. A lot of people make fun of how we handle weather since we close everything down but we don't get snow -- something about where we are located means we get ice -- lots of it. I think it will get above freezing on Friday.


There is the cuuuuuutest damn sticker I saw that I should order -- or someone can buy it for me. I love this sticker because Harley Amadeus has the natural, floppy ears. You can see all the kewl stuff available at -- it totally rocks!


I spent most of the day dealing with lodging issues for Laconia, New Hampshire for Motorcycle Week next June. Not easy trying to arrange bedding for 11 days for almost 30 people and keep the prices down. With approximately 300,000 people attending that week, it's not like there's a ton of hotel rooms available. But there are some things working in our favour -- like the fact that high profile bike builders are coming in from Dallas & LA -- those guys usually make it to Sturgis or Laughlin or Daytona but not Laconia. So a lot of people up there seemed quite pleased. I am being offered trains and boats and all sorts of stuff.

I have to admit, I've really missed working in the entertainment business. With no royal family, celebrities of any kind are rather like the American version of royalty. As such, people usually go out of their way to work with you which makes things nicer. I don't want to take advantage of anyone because that's just bad kharma - but I certainly appreciate and remember when people have gone out of their way to help.


I was pleased that George Michael and Kenny Goss are going to get hitched. I find it odd that people in the US are having such a fit about gay unions -- like gays could do any worse than straights?!

Quote of the day: Performing enhancing drugs are banned in the Olympics. Ok, we can swing with that. But performance debilitating drugs should not be banned. Smoke a joint and win the hundred meters, fair play to you. That's pretty damn good. Unless someone's dangling a Mars bar off in the distance. .........Eddie Izzard
Archie & the American Dream

I have a confession -- I've not given a damn about Christmas since 2001 -- Christmas just evolved into such crass commercialism I found it pointless.

Yet, in typical Raine fashion, I find myself embracing the concept of christmas if for no other reason than to piss off those anti-American types. I'm not one of these hard core, beef eating, apple pie embracing Americans a la Archie Bunker. I'm more the type that believes, "American by birth; Texan by the grace of God." But the whole Texan thing I can delve into at another time.

If you haven't noticed, the undercurrent is happening -- quietly but strongly the pro-Americans are making their presence known.

  • You want to rename our Christmas trees "holiday" trees so they don't offend some minorities? Fuck you.
  • You want to wear a towel around your head for your drivers license photo and yelp about your civil liberties being taken away if you're told to take the thing off? Fuck you.
  • You want to sneak across the border like a thief in the night and kill a Dallas cop and then have your consulate start yelping about your civil liberties because Texas makes use of the death penalty? Fuck you.
See the whole "holiday" tree thing won't work because the judges are getting around the ACLU by saying it's ok to refer to it as a Christmas tree because it reflects American culture and not necessarily religion.

I was pleased to hear today that a 40-year old cartoon, "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown" had so many advertisers wanting to buy airtime that ABC was having to turn them away left and right. A 30-second spot went for $200,000 -- Desperate Housewives isn't even commanding anywhere close that price.

And the great thing about that show -- it explains the TRUE meaning of Christmas -- which is Christian related. Linus explains the true meaning as told in the book of Luke. And the cherry on the icing of the cake is that the show ends with a carol praising God.

Daniel Ash has a song he wrote for his band Love & Rockets. Daniel is a British boy now living in L.A. and when he performs An American Dream he says something along the lines of "Fuck yeah -- America has been great to me!"

And I was dreaming in my sleep
Saw through you all
And I was dreaming still on my feet
Saw through you all

And I saw what you could be
And you just don't feel free

And I saw what you could be
But you just won't be real to me

So let's blame this excess
On an American dream
So let's blame the success
Of an American dream

Are you confused by the chaos
In everyones wandering eyes
Do you dream of running naked
In warm rain
Are you confused by the chaos
It's no, it's no surprise
We all stand next to Jesus
Close to Satan we're both the same

These birds can't fly away away
These birds can't fly away

So let's blame this excess
On an American dream
So let's blame the success
Of an American dream
Of an American dream
Of an American dream
Of an American dream

Feeling so high and low
It's the American dream
It's the American dream
It's the American dream
It's the American dream