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Borat - The Embarassment of Kazakhstan

Ok, so there's this crazy cat by the name of Borat who is a journalist from Kazakhstan. In reality, it's Sacha Baron Cohen who is a well known comic in Britain. The boy's got issues - he once dressed up as a terrorist to crash Prince William's birthday party.

Now he's moved on to crash America....God help us all.

The Kazakhstan government is less than amused by Borat

Borat - The Movie has a feel of a modern day "Moscow on the Hudson" and it looks like it has piotential. I do know that if I were in Washington, D.C. tonite, I would definitely be at the Hooters for the after film soiree.

Here are three sites for you to wet your appetite for Borat:

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Win A Free Used Tire

This is one of those things I don't understand, but OK, I'll pass it along.

Covington's Customs is auctioning this rear tire from the bike they built for Discovery Channel Great Biker Build Off
The tire is a 300 Avon that went on the ride from Cleveland Ohio to Gettysburg PA, stopping at Niagra Falls & Watkins Glen race track on the way.

As soon as Jerry pulled into the final stop he went straight to the burn out box & lit it up!

Along with the tire you will get a certificate of authenticity, autographed poster, copy of the Covington VS Vesley biker build off DVD and a T-shirt with the bike on it.

All of the proceeds from this auction will be donated to a very brave little girl who spends a lot of her time helping others.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Gardens at Versailles

So sometimes I do weird things when it comes to the Internet. I was looking at Google Maps and was just amused by the roads in southern France (I'm always trying to get ideas for where to ride no matter how far off the beaten path!) and I decided to start scrolling north.

When I got to Paris it dawned on me, "I wonder what the gardens of Versailles look like from the satellite images?"
WOW! Not only are they visually impressive, it's amazing that they were designed between 1661 and 1700 by Andre Le NĂ´tre who had no idea some girl in Dallas would be looking at them from satellite shots 300 years in the future!

Just very kewl.....


Monday, September 25, 2006

Billy Lane faces DUI manslaughter charges

COCOA — With four attorneys by his side, nationally renowned motorcycle designer Billy Lane quietly turned himself in to authorities today on charges his blood alcohol was twice more than the legal limit during a collision that left a 56-year-old man dead.

Lane was arrested on charges of driving under the influence manslaughter, driving with his license suspended and driving under the influence with serious bodily injuries stemming from the Sept. 4 accident on State Road A1A, south of Melbourne Beach.

Gerald Vernon Morelock, a Sebastian Inlet park ranger from Melbourne Beach, was killed in the head-on collision between his moped and Lane’s pickup.

“At the time of the crash (Lane’s) license had been suspended,” said Florida Highway Patrol Spokeswoman Kim Miller of Lane, whose case has drawn attention from motorcycling enthusiasts across the country.

“He should have never been behind the wheel,” Miller said.

Lane’s blood alcohol level tested at .192, more than twice the state’s legal limit of .08, Miller said. Lane’s attorney issued a statement.

“We are currently conducting our own investigation of every aspect of this accident, including the blood alcohol level,” said Melbourne attorney Kepler Funk.

Morelock’s brother, Byron Morelock of Indialantic, praised the efforts to bring in Lane on DUI manslaughter charges. He described his brother “Jerry” as a friendly, fun-loving man who moved to Brevard from Ohio in 1984. “I’m relieved, but I had faith in the arresting patrolman, and I have faith in our legal system,” Byron Morelock said.

“(The investigator) kept in touch with me and said the investigators were crossing their t’s and dotting their i’s. I’m relieved, but it’s such a shame this had to happen. There are no winners in this thing. Relieved is the wrong word, maybe just that some of the tension is gone.”

Monday, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper led a handcuffed Lane out of the highway patrol’s Cocoa headquarters about 1:30 p.m. to a waiting patrol car.

Lane, looking disheveled and staring ahead quietly, was placed in the front seat of the patrol car then escorted to the Brevard County Jail Complex where he was photographed and booked into the jail. He was released within 90 minutes on a $15,000 bond, officials said.

“That does seem low, but unfortunately for us, we don’t set the bond,” Miller said. “We would like to see a higher bond, but it’s a standard bond.”

Lane will have to turn over his passport and cannot get behind the wheel as part of the requirements of his bond, Miller said.

Investigators said the accident happened after Lane, the custom chopper builder featured on Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off and Monster Garage, crossed a double yellow line to pass several other vehicles before striking Morelock’s 1983 Yamaha moped.

Lane had been drinking throughout the day, according to investigators. He was at Coconuts on the Beach Restaurant and Bar in Cocoa Beach earlier and left the popular nightclub and headed to Cheaters, another popular nightspot, where he had several other drinks, officials said.

Lane got on his motorcycle with a passenger identified as Erin Levens Derrick and rode to his business, Choppers Inc., on the 1200 block of U.S. 1 in Melbourne.

It was there at the shop that Lane and his passenger got into a black, custom-painted 2006 Dodge Ram pickup and headed toward his beachside home.

Later on State Road A1A, a two-lane highway that parallels the beach and cuts through a heavily residential area, Lane was spotted passing the double white line to speed southbound past three vehicles on the darkened road, officials said. Several of the other motorists told Florida Highway Patrol investigators that they saw a headlight in the distance belonging to the northbound moped ridden by Morelock. Investigators said Lane saw the light, then attempted to veer east when the pickup slammed head-on into the moped, killing Morelock instantly. The moped was destroyed, its mangled wreckage tossed 64-feet away.

Lane’s pickup rolled off the road, knocking over three palm trees and overturned into a power pole, reports show.

Brevard County Fire-Rescue paramedics arrived minutes later and found Lane, injured but conscious, still in the driver’s seat. Paramedics said they also smelled alcohol. Both Lane and his passenger, Derrick, were taken to Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne for treatment.

But at the hospital, Lane, still able to speak, refused a request from investigators to draw blood. Troopers then had to hold Lane down while a nurse took the blood sample, officials said. He went home the next day.

Investigators did not immediately file charges in the case, something that raised the ire of family members and motorcycle bloggers on the Internet. But agents — who described the crash scene as one of the worst they had seen in recent years — turned over Lane’s blood to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement laboratory in Orlando and asked that the case be given a priority.

“They actually put a rush on it and his blood alcohol actually came back twice the legal limit of .08,” Miller said. The deadly crash was also not the only run-in with traffic enforcement for the celebrity biker. In June, North Carolina Highway Patrol officers arrested Lane on drunken driving charges.

Police in that case said Lane drove on the wrong side of a two-lane road without a helmet. Lane refused a breath test and is due in court Oct. 5 for those charges, according to the Rowan County Clerk of Courts. His refusal to take the test resulted in his license being suspended for a year.

Miller said having a revoked license should have kept Lane from behind the wheel but apparently wasn’t enough to keep Lane from driving again.

Lane faces another court date, this time for the fatal Brevard crash.

“The police did the right thing and took their time,” Byron Morelock said. “It just goes to show that you cannot go around drinking and driving.”

Contact Gallop at 242-3668 or

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Bin Laden Dead? One Can Only Hope So!

24 September 2006
Terror warlord is 'killed by typhoid'
By Vincent Moss, Political Editor

London Sunday Mirror

OSAMA bin Laden has been killed by typhoid, it was claimed last night. The al-Qaeda chief is said to have died last month after medics were unable to reach him in the remote mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Reports of his death emerged yesterday in a security report leaked to a newspaper in France. It said: "According to a reliable source, Saudi security services are now convinced that Osama bin Laden is dead.

"His isolated geographical position meant it was impossible to get medical assistance to him.
"On September 4, 2006 the Saudi secret service received the first information making clear that he had died."

The report - stamped "confidential" - was passed to President Jacques Chirac.
He confirmed yesterday that the document, dated September 21, did exist.

French Special Forces are operating in Afghanistan as part of NATO, and are a key part of the anti-al-Qaeda alliance.

Their role means they are high on the list of countries receiving vital intelligence about the war on terrorism.

But security sources in France, Britain and the US were last night unable to confirm if the report was true.

It claims the Saudis believe bin Laden was struck by typhoid on August 23 - and left partially paralysed.

Saudi Arabia first heard reports of his death 12 days later, but was waiting for more details before making an announcement.

But a senior British intelligence source warned: "There is no definite proof of his death."

And an official in Pakistan's interior ministry said: "We have no information about Osama's death."

A £13million bounty was put on bin Laden's head after he was blamed for the 9/11 outrages in America five years ago. Despite a massive manhunt, there has been no firm evidence of where he has been since December 2001.

He was based in Afghanistan until the Taliban government was overthrown by US-backed forces in 2001.

Since then, he has been believed to be hiding in a network of caves on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The last videotaped message released by him was in late 2004. But there have been several low-quality audio tapes released this year.

French authorities said last night they were investigating the source of the leaked intelligence report.

The French government yesterday made it clear that a body was always required before official confirmation of a death.

There have been reports of bin Laden's illness or death in recent years - but none has been proved true.


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Think about this: Physicians
  • The number of physicians in the U.S. is 700,000

  • Accidental deaths caused by Physicians per year are 120,000

  • Accidental deaths per physician is 0.171.
Statistics courtesy of U.S. Dept of Health Human Services.

Now think about this: Guns:

  • The number of gun owners in the U.S. is 80,000,000.(Yes, that's 80 million.)

  • The number of accidental gun deaths per year - all age groups - is: 1,500.

  • The number of accidental deaths per gun owner is .000188
Statistics courtesy of the FBI

So, statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners.

Remember, "Guns don't kill people, doctors do."

Please alert your friends to this alarming threat. We must ban doctors before this gets completely out of hand!!!!!

Out of concern for the public at large, we have withheld the statistics on lawyers for fear the shock would cause people to panic and seek medical attention!

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Christianity v. muslim -- Who is Right?

As I watch in amazement how the muslim terrorists proved Pope Benedict's point by vowing to fight Christianity and spill blood until islam conquers the world, I wonder at what point the Christian world says, "Enough!"

It's going to be hard -- Christianity after all preaches love for your fellow man while the muslim's retaliate by saying:

"You infidels and despots, we will continue our jihad and never stop until God avails us to chop your necks and raise the fluttering banner of monotheism when God's rule is established governing all people and nations."
A few weeks ago I was reading "Be My Guest" by Conrad Hilton who founded the Hilton Hotel empire. This book was written 50 years ago and I was amazed and how it perfectly encapsulated today's events.

I tried to find a copy of this speech online, but could not. I feel it is important enough to type it out so other's can come to their own conclusions:

The following is an exact exerpt from pages 268 - 269:

In addressing the National Conference of Christians and Jews at the Waldorf-Astoria in the fall of 1950, I took my stand as a verteran of World War I, as the father of two boys who fought in World War II, and as an American. That talk, "The Battle of Freedom," came from a heart filled with a deep and abiding love for and faith in our country and our way of life.

Since in it was contained the seed, the dream which fulfilled itself in the proudest moment of my life, I must recall here in sbstance what I said.

There was no sense in glossing over existing conditions. We were, if not technically at war, still a long way from peace in Korea. We were failing our sons for we had not secured the peace they had fought and died to win. This had to be admitted. Here is the stand I took:

"We are compelled to face the awful prospect of another war.

"We are losing the battle for peace, for we have neglected, abandoned and betrayed those great principles to which we dedicated ourselves for the establishment of peace.

"We have broken faith with those who fought and died for freedom. Why? Because when the boys had won their victories at arms we permitted the forces of hate, injustice and appeasement to take the victories from them.

"Freedom, my fellow Americans -- Protestant, Catholic and Jew -- is foremost in our minds and hearts this evening. It is in the minds and hearts of all the world who look to us as the last sanctuary, the last bastion of free men.

"But what is freedom? What right have we to it? This is why; because we possess an intrinsic human dignity, an inner majesty, which gives us an appetitie, a passion for freedom. Man possess human dignity because he is made in the image and likeness of God. This image is found personally in every man; each one possess it entirely and undividedly.

To many youngsters today this does not mean too much, but if they only knew, as we know, it is the basis of everything they fight and die for: the privilege to remain free men.

"Peace is more than the absence of war. It is a tranquility of order, it is security, liberty -- religious, political and economic freedom. It is life with honor, life with dignity of the children of God.
"It was for that freedom that peace we fought in 1917, and we did not get it. For that freedom and peace we fought in 1941, and we did not get it. For that freedom and peace we are fighting now.

"Are we at war with Russia? Are we at peace with Russia? Are we at war with China, with East Germany? Are we at peace with those nations? No. The old concept of 'War' and 'Peace' belongs to a world which the Communists have destroyed.
"The essence of Communism is the death of the individual and the burial of his remains in a collective mass. And the insidious thing, the frightening thing is this: It can win even with it is losing. They want us to live more and more on a constant war footing without being at war, without being at peace.

"This is a crucial time in the destiny of our nation, in the destiny of mankind. The remaining free peoples of the world must be strengthened and defended. Should there come a time when the Communist flood overwhelms those free nations we must be prepared to stand alone. There must be no more appeasement, no more sacrifice of principle for expediency, and never shall we abandon a free nation that stands with us against the common enemy.

"In this struggle for freedom, at home and abroad, our greatest weapon, both a sword and a shield, will be our lovve of, and faith in God. To opoen the hearts and minds of men to this truth will require a mighty river of faith and effort. Each one of us is a drop to swell that river and augment its force.
"The destiny of our people is to hold high the banner of freedom for all men everywhere.

As I read these pages, I was stuck at how easily one could substitute Communism for muslim. 50 years and what's really changed? America and it's allies are still the bastion of hope for so many.
Communism was not pure at heart and it cratered and fell. Is the muslim belief any different?


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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

This photo pretty much sums it all up.....


Land Of The Weird...

Willie Nelson and his entourage were cruising down a Loosyanna highway this morning when they were pulled over. The bus driver opened the door and a wave of ganga fumes wafted out. Needless to say, Willie and his friends were all issued citations for having lots of Grade A weed and some 'shrooms.

No mention was made of what happened to the contraband!


Have you ever turned on the TV and think to yourself, "How the hell did this crap show make it to air?" Well now you can be proactive and vote yourself which shows will be the first to be axed this new season at:

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Cheap Fun....Comments....Bob Marley

Every now and again it's fun to just chill out with a cheap fix. And it doesn't get much cheaper than Big Fish Games. Give it a shot - certain games like Mystery Case Files or Titanic Hidden Expedition are quite fun.


So the boys in my life are like "Fuck it -- it's your blog, post whatever you want and to hell with everyone else." Ok...fine. So here is my feedback:

It's my blog -- if you don't like it - don't read it. Start your blog and pontificate your own rants.

If you tell me you aren't visiting this blog or you think I don't know you are visiting -- you're wrong. I have mapping software and not only do I know how many visitors per day come to my blog, but I also know your location, time of visit and the search criteria you used to find it.

For that female that thinks she's oh so sly by Instant Messaging someone from my world -- take a good look in the mirror and maybe, if the Gods are smiling, you will see how ridiculous you look. You can't con us -- all we do is roll our eyes or giggle at your rididculous actions.


Teri finally got her bike delivered last week and she damn near caused wrecks everywhere she went. I guess those damn Yankees aren't accustomed to seeing a girl on a big ass Road King with Texas plates.


An acquaintance of mine is in ICU at a local hospital battling West Nile Virus -- it dosen't look good for his prognosis.


So the Muslims are pissed at the Pope. They are yelping about being a "peaceful" religion while they burn the Pope in effigy.

What the hell is the translation for "oxymoron" in some Farsi like language?


I found out a few days ago I am in a Bob Marley video.

Many years ago I was hanging out on the Kings Road in London with some punk friends of mine. Guys like Dave whose claim to fame is that Simon Le Bon's (Duran Duran) face was superimposed on his body for some big pictorial of Simon and his punk days and there was also Eric who was from Paris and had the most stunning cobalt blue hair I've ever seen.

We were hanging out watching punk friends chase down Japanese tourists. Seems the Japanese wanted to take photos of the punks but since it takes a pretty penny to maintain that image the punks felt they should be financially tipped. Needless to say the punks got their money every time.

So on this day, Eddy Grant - whose big single was Electric Avenue - showed up with Musical Youth and they started taping.

All of these years and I thought I was background eye candy for some Musical Youth video when in fact it was for Bob Marley's single One Love. This video also has Sir Paul McCartney, Tracey Ullman, Madness and Herbie Hancock.

Sometimes I'm mystified by my own life.....

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SuperSport Twins Class Presented by Buell as well as Contingency for all Classes

EAST TROY, Wis. (September 7, 2006) – Buell Motorcycle Company recently announced support for the new MOTO-ST endurance racing series, which will begin with the 8-Hours at Daytona on October 21, 2006. Buell will be the presenting sponsor of the MOTO-ST SuperSport Twins (SST) class and will offer $10,000 of contingency support to privateer Buell racers aboard XB and XBRR model motorcycles at the inaugural Daytona event. The Buell contingency bolsters the $100,000 total event purse recently announced by MOTO-ST.

“We’re really excited about the MOTO-ST endurance series and we’re proud to support the privateer Buell racers who will step up to the challenge,” said Erik Buell, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer of Buell Motorcycle Company. “Endurance racing is a true test of man and machine and the sights and sounds of all those V-Twins thundering around the high banks of Daytona for eight hours is going to be awesome.”

Buell will award Buell racers in the SuperSport Twins class with $2,000 to win; $1,000 for second; $750 for third; $500 for fourth; and $350 for fifth. Buell racers in the GrandSport Twins and Sport Twins class will receive $1,000 to win; $750 for second; $500 for third; $300 for fourth and $200 for fifth. Complete details of the $700,000-plus 2006 Buell contingency program, including the racer registration form, are available at in the Racing Support Section.

MOTO-ST is organized by Professional Motorsports Productions of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) of Pickerington , Ohio . The Grand American Road Racing Association, based in Daytona Beach , Fla. , provides the series with administrative and commercial support. The MOTO-ST advisory board features some of the most respected individuals in the world of motorsports, including AMA Hall of Fame members, respected motorcycle racing journalists and renowned officials from various forms of road racing. Learn more about MOTO-ST at

Buell Motorcycle Company, a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson, Inc., produces sport motorcycles, motorcycle parts, accessories and apparel. To learn more about Buell motorcycles, visit your local Buell dealer today and experience the pure streetfighter attitude, style and performance only found on board a Buell. Pull into for the Buell dealer nearest you.

# # #
Family mourns crash victim
Morelock, 56, killed by pickup, loved music, fishing


As a kid, Gerry Morelock vacationed with his family at Sebastian Inlet every Christmas.
The family traveled from their Dayton, Ohio, home to the inlet for swimming and fishing. Morelock always said he would move to the Sebastian area when he got older. Not only did his wish come true, but he also worked there as a park ranger for the past seven years.

Gerald V. Morelock's life was cut short Sunday night when he was struck head-on by a pickup that was passing cars illegally on State Road A1A, police said. He was 56.

"He loved the Sebastian Inlet," said his brother Byron, a 52-year-old financial adviser from Indialantic. "We fished there with our dad. Being able to live around there and work there was the perfect heaven for him."

The deadly crash happened about 9 p.m. Monday south of Melbourne Beach and near Ballyshannon Street. Investigators said the impact came after Billy Lane -- a custom motorcycle builder featured on Discovery Channel's "Biker Build-Off" and "Monster Garage" -- crossed a double yellow line to pass two other vehicles.

Lane's custom-painted black Dodge Ram pickup slammed head-on into Gerald Morelock as he rode a moped, officials said.

This was not Lane's first road incident this year.

In June, he was arrested by the North Carolina Highway Patrol and charged with drunken driving. Police said Lane was riding a motorcycle the wrong way on a two-lane road without a helmet. Lane refused a Breathalyzer test. The Rowan County clerk of courts confirmed that he is to appear in court on Oct. 5.

Under investigation

Morelock, who was wearing a helmet, was killed instantly in Monday's collision, which the Florida Highway Patrol is investigating. A blood-alcohol test was conducted on Lane and sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement state lab in Orlando for evaluation. Test results, part of the traffic homicide investigation, could take up to eight weeks to return, although agents are asking for the tests to be given priority.

No charges have been filed in the case.

"Just the fact that he crossed the double yellow line and hurt somebody, let alone killed him is enough. There is no doubt in my mind that if it was me or you we would be in jail," Byron Morelock said.

However, Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman Kim Miller said investigators are making sure they build a strong case before filing any charges.
"Let's say we write him a ticket for crossing the yellow line and he goes to court. He could pay a fine and that would be it. We couldn't go back and charge him with the most serious charge in this case," Miller said. "The goal is not to put him in jail as soon as possible. We have to prove criminal intent, that he knowingly passed the double line and that alcohol was involved."

'The coolest cat'

Byron Morelock described his brother as a sensitive, fun-loving man who had quit his job as a child psychologist because he hated to see children suffer.

"Gerry was just the coolest cat," said Morelock. "He could really make you laugh."

Byron Morelock said he was awakened when police rang his doorbell at 3 a.m. Tuesday morning.
"They told me he was brutally killed," Morelock said. "I was distraught, and the police stayed with me for an hour. They assured me the truth would come out. I just couldn't believe it. We were close."

'It was too late'

Marilyn Howe, a Melbourne Beach resident, said she witnessed the accident as she made her way home from a soccer function for her two children. Howe said she was in the lead car that investigators believe Lane was attempting to pass.

"It was pretty dark but still lit up. I just saw (Lane's) headlights coming up in my rearview mirror," Howe said. "I also noticed there was a little motorcycle coming up and then a horrific crash. It was just horrible."

Howe said she went back to see if she could provide CPR to Morelock, whose body was sprawled on the side of the road near his moped.

"It was too late," Howe said.

Morelock's mother, Dolores Morelock, still resides in Dayton, along with his sister, Dawn, and her family.
"Gerry has countless loved ones here that are grieving his loss," Dawn Morelock wrote in an e-mail. "We all are in total shock and disbelief over the tragic accident that took his life. We will never forget him."

Fishing and music

Morelock spent much of his free time taking his 16-year-old nephew Sean snook fishing at the inlet and playing his guitar.

"He was good at fishing, but what I'll miss most is just seeing him and hanging out with him," Sean Morelock said. "He knew my friends and he would talk to us and give us advice."

While he played classic rock tunes a few times at the Sebastian Beach Inn, Morelock loved playing for those he loved. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, Morelock would take his guitar over to his brother's home and strum all night for the family.
On Tuesday night, Byron Morelock began clearing his brother's home.

"He was a great musician, and, man, when I had to move about 10 guitars out of his house, it really made me sad."
Chopper builder involved in fatal crash

Half a dozen motorcycles, ranging from custom chrome to a well-worn Indian, stood outside local motorcycle legend Billy Lane's Melbourne store Tuesday afternoon, announcing that the shop was open.

But inside it was not business as usual.

The mood in the store was somber, and employees had been instructed not to speak to reporters.
"I'm sorry. We have no comment," said the greeter at the store.

Lane, who has appeared on the Discovery Channel's "Biker Build-Off" and "Monster Garage," was injured in a head-on traffic accident Monday night that killed a man riding a small moped.

The 9 p.m. accident involving the 36-year-old Lane, a resident of Melbourne Beach, occurred on State Road A1A south of Melbourne Beach near Ballyshannon Street. Florida Highway Patrol investigators said Lane was trying to pass two other vehicles on a double yellow-lined portion of A1A when his southbound 2006 Dodge Ram pickup collided with a northbound 1983 Yamaha moped.

The motorcyclist, identified as 56-year-old Melbourne Beach resident Gerald Morelock, was wearing a helmet. He suffered extensive injuries during the collision with the pickup and was pronounced dead at the scene. No further information was available about Morelock.

"Lane hit the motorcycle head on, and then the pickup hit a power pole," said Kim Miller, a spokeswoman for the Florida Highway Patrol.

Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Patrick O'Neill confirmed Morelock was riding the small motor bike, which was "street legal."

For almost 20 years, Lane has made a name for himself building custom choppers with innovative and artistic designs, admitting he has a flair for the extravagant. One of his creations, the Psycho Billy Cadillac -- featuring a hollow back wheel -- won several national awards, including one sponsored by Easy Rider magazine.

When he appeared on the hit television show "Monster Garage," Lane helped transform a Mustang into one of the world's fastest lawnmowers. Working with five other "gearheads," Lane designed the machine to break the 14-minute record held for trimming the grass on a football field.

Miller said a passenger in the custom-painted black pickup, identified as 22-year-old Erin Derrick of Rockledge, was also injured in the crash. Lane and Derrick were taken to Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne.

Lane, a tattooed, dreadlocked motorcycling enthusiast, was semi-conscious at the accident scene. Lane was treated and released while Derrick remained in stable condition, hospital officials said.
Lane's close friend Steven Casanova, a Melbourne attorney, was stunned to hear about the accident. Casanova said Lane is not your "typical biker."

"Billy is a very low-key guy, but he's incredibly intelligent, " Casanova said. Lane has an engineering degree.

Florida Highway Patrol traffic homicide investigators said no charges were filed, but they were waiting on the results of blood-alcohol tests, which were sent to a Florida Department of Law Enforcement state lab in Orlando for evaluation.

The results, part of the traffic investigation, could take up to eight weeks to return. The State Attorney's Office, however, said blood-alcohol results could be back much sooner.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Boss Hoss Gears Up For Their 7th Annual National Rally and
Mid-South Motorcycle Festival, September 20-23, 2006

DYERSBURG, TN (September 20-23, 2006)—Boss Hoss Cycles has had an extremely busy summer packed with Hoss PowerTours and motorcycle rallies. They’ve been everywhere from Daytona to Myrtle Beach, from Louisville to Toronto, and from Americade to Sturgis. Now, they’re headed back to their roots in Dyersburg, Tennessee for the Seventh Annual Boss Hoss National Rally.

Boss Hoss Cycles, manufacturer of America’s ultimate V8 powered cycles, invites motorcycle enthusiasts to celebrate the Seventh Annual Boss Hoss National Rally and Mid-South Motorcycle Festival, September 20-23, 2006 in Dyersburg, TN. Attendees will enjoy four days of fun events including cash and trophy prize poker runs, dice run, bike show, concerts, motorcycle parade, demo rides and factory tours.

“This is the second year that the National Rally and Mid-South Motorcycle Festival are teaming together in our hometown of Dyersburg,” says Rad Hunsley, chief operating officer, Boss Hoss. “This year’s line-up of activities and events is packed into three days riders won’t want to miss!”

Factory tours will be given each day so that Boss Hoss enthusiasts can see the production of the V8 bikes and trikes, from start to finish. Bikers can also experience the power of a Boss Hoss with free demo rides to licensed riders, thirty years of age or older. On Saturday, September 23rd, bikers can join dealers as they parade their bikes from the Boss Hoss factory through downtown Dyersburg. Owners should keep their bikes in top shape and register for the Pepsi® - Burk’s Beverage Bike Show Saturday afternoon, where participants will be given the chance to let their motorcycles truly shine. Bragging rights will be given and cash and trophy awards will be presented later that day in downtown Dyersburg.

The roaring of these V8 cycles won’t be the only sounds echoing throughout the streets of Dyersburg, as daily live music will feature sounds from Moriah, Dr. Zarr’s Amazing Funk Monster, and the West Tennessee Stars. There will be motorcycle stunt shows on Friday and Saturday afternoons performed by Team Extreme, sponsored by First Citizens National Bank.

Pepsi® and Comp Cams®, two major sponsors of the event, are giving riders the opportunity to participate in two runs to win cash prizes. The Pepsi® Dice Run will take place on Thursday, September 21st with a $1,000 cash prize, while the winner of Comp Cams® Poker Run on Saturday will receive a $1,500 cash prize. There will also be a $500 punch card drawing on Saturday, September 23rd preceding the drawing of the ultimate prize—a 2006 Boss Hoss trike.

Boss Hoss will give away a 2006 Boss Hoss ZZ4 ’57 trike to support Shriners Hospitals’ for Children. For a suggested $10 donation, available at, via mail (up to ten tickets can be purchased with one mail-in order) or at a Hoss Power Tour event, riders can purchase the winning ticket for the drawing at the event. Tickets can also be purchased at the event until the final drawing, which concludes the festival, taking place on Saturday night, September 23rd, 2006 (winner need not be present to win). All drawing proceeds will go to the Shriners.

Pre-register for the Boss Hoss National Rally before September 8, 2006 for a discounted fee at, or register at the door. Registration for the event includes admission to all events, dinners, and drink coupons. Members of the Boss Hoss Riders Association® will receive their special discounted fee. For additional information about the event including a complete schedule of events, room reservations and vendor space availability check out or

Every Boss Hoss is engineered for total performance, not just speed, and has 3-4 times the power of any other production bike in the world. The cycles are easy to handle and feature 2-speed automatic transmissions with a ‘real’ reverse. Boss Hoss has upgraded its acclaimed Brembo brake system to make their bikes and trikes more robust, as well as new five spoke wheels with matching rotors. Boss Hoss bikes and trikes are available in 355, 385 or 502 horsepower from the factory.

Since 1990, Boss Hoss has grown to be the only production made V-8 powered motorcycle in the world with over 4,000 motorcycles sold.

Come experience the thunder rolling and highway ripping that only Boss Hoss Cycles provide. Many think it’s a monster on two wheels…. Boss Hoss owners know it’s the ultimate cycling experience! For more information on Boss Hoss Cycles, visit or call 731/286-4915.


Hines Earns Second Career Bonus Event Win

CLERMONT, Ind. , (Sept. 4, 2006) – Andrew Hines was so close, yet not nearly as close as he would have liked to be. Hines earned a trip to the semifinals on his Screamin' Eagle/ Vance & Hines V-Rod Monday during the 52nd annual Mac Tools U.S. Nationals at O'Reilly Raceway Park at Indianapolis .

The semifinal round appearance surpassed last season's first round loss but that doesn't make up for the team's goals going into the event. Hines held the points lead going into the event and walked away with it too. Still, the Indianapolis resident was disappointed the day didn't last longer and end with a victory.

"I really did have the bike to beat," Hines said. "That V-Rod ran nine awesome passes between 7.02 seconds and 7.09 seconds. Hands down, the bike deserved to be in winner's circle. I just got amped up going into the semifinals and let the clutch out too early."

Hines won his first round matchup with a 7.028 pass at 189.18 mph to Chris Rivas' 7.091 at 184.90 on his Mohegan Sun Racing Buell. In Round Two, Hines posted a 7.098 at 186.10 to Paul Gast's 7.196 at 180.52 on his Fast By Gast Suzuki. Hines fouled at the starting line in the semifinal race against Angelle Sampey and the U.S. Army Suzuki team.

Teammate GT Tonglet also saw red on Monday. After his Screamin' Eagle entry broke at the starting line, the team re-fired the motorcycle, but Tonglet fouled out of his first round race against Matt Smith and the Torco Buell team. Smith went on to win the race.

"The reason Indy means so much to everyone is because it is such a tough race to win," Harley-Davidson Racing Manager Anne Paluso said. "It has more competitors, it's a longer event and it takes everything out of a team to be the last group standing on Labor Day. This Screamin' Eagle team did their best to put Andrew and GT in the position to win, but it just didn't work out this time."

Hines qualified in the No. 2 position with a 7.020 at 189.68 while Tonglet was 16th with a 7.117 at 186.38.

The team now must shake off the U.S. Nationals and move on to the next race – the Toyo Tires NHRA Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway in Reading , Penn. , on Sept. 14-17.

"The U.S. Nationals really does take it all out of you," Tonglet said. "It was a long weekend and we saw some really good things but it just didn't translate into a win. This is one of the races I want to win the most, so I guess the team has to wait another year to try again."

Hines was also nearing a possible double-up bonus. Hines beat Chip Ellis in the final round of the eight-bike Ringer's Gloves Pro Bike Battle bonus race on Saturday. Each NHRA POWERade Pro Stock Bike racer has one calendar year to qualify for the event and the top eight riders get to race for more than $50,000 in prize money. Hines collected a $25,000 paycheck for his win.

"All weekend we were nailing our 60-foot times and we found the consistency we have been looking for all season," Hines said. "It would have been amazing to win both events in one weekend and it's disappointing it had to end with a red light. The good thing is that we have the points lead and three more races to go after some more round wins."

Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts are inspired by and built in the spirit of the raw adrenaline and power of motorcycle racing. Screamin’ Eagle Pro parts are specifically designed for race-use applications, while Screamin’ Eagle parts offer street-use performance options for the Harley-Davidson motorcycle owner. Visit for more information.

The Screamin' Eagle/Vance & Hines Pro Stock Motorcycle team is sponsored by Ford Truck, Dunlop, Matco Tools and S100.


Bryan Smith Takes First Victory of the Season

SPRINGFIELD (Sept. 4, 2006) – Bryan Smith led the Screamin' Eagle Wrecking Crew Sunday with his first victory of the 2006 AMA Flat Track season. Smith rode his Pat Moroney's Harley-Davidson entry to the win at the historic Springfield Mile at the Illinois State Fairgrounds.

"This is a dream come true and it probably won't sink in for a few days," Smith said. "I first came to the Springfield Mile when I was about six years old. I watched Scott Parker running around and I knew right then that I wanted to win this event."

It was the third podium finish for Smith, who said the win was long overdue.

"The team has done some great things this season, we just have not had any breaks," Smith said. "The team has worked so well together and that's what makes the win so special. They worked all year for this."

Wrecking Crew teammate and Screamin' Eagle factory rider Kenny Coolbeth finished third. The podium finish for Coolbeth, however, did more than give him a chance to stand on the box. The third-place finish put him in first place of the championship standings with just one race left on the schedule.

"I went in there thinking I had to win this race to give myself a chance at going for the championship title at the season finale," Coolbeth said. "But Carr finished in 17th and that really made a difference in the points. Chris Carr is one of the best riders out there and he is one of the most competitive people out there, so I know he'll be tough in Columbus ( Ohio , last race of the season). I'm already anxious for that race."

As if that wasn't enough, the entire Screamin' Eagle Wrecking Crew finished in the top four positions. Veteran rider Rich King was second, followed by Coolbeth and Jared Mees in third and fourth, respectively.

"The Springfield Mile one of the most historic and prestigious events and for the Wrecking Crew to finish in the top four positions is incredible," Harley-Davidson Racing Manager Anne Paluso said. "This is the second consecutive race that the team has swept the podium, but to do that at Springfield is one for the record books. The fact that Bryan earned his first win of the season and Kenny took over the top spot in the standings is just going to make the season finale even more exciting."

Coolbeth sits in the No. 1 position of the point standings, bumping Chris Carr and the Quality Pre-Owned Ford Harley-Davidson out of the top spot. Coolbeth has 135 points while Mees and the Texter Harley-Davidson team are second with 126 points. Carr is third with 125 points. Smith and the Pat Moroney's Harley-Davidson team are fourth with 119 points while King is fifth with 110 points.

"The last race is going to be really exciting because there are three riders within 11 points of each other," Coolbeth said. "I just have to be mentally prepared for the last race because it's going to be a battle."

The Wrecking Crew also did some damage in the heat races at Sunday's event promoted by the Illinois Motorcycle Dealer Association. Smith and Coolbeth won their heat races while King and Mees finished second and fourth, respectively.

Springfield, Ill., Screamin' Eagle Wrecking Crew Race Summary
Main Event Finish Heat Finish Qualifying

  • Bryan Smith 1st 1st 2nd
  • Rich King 2nd 2nd 7th
  • Kenny Coolbeth 3rd 1st 3rd
  • Jared Mees 4th 4th 14th

AMA Top 10 Point standings: Flat Track
(Following nine of 10 events. Number of wins in parenthesis)
1. Kenny Coolbeth, Screamin' Eagle Harley-Davidson (2) 135
2. Jared Mees, Texter HD/ Screamin' Eagle Harley-Davidson (1) 126
3. Chris Carr, Quality Pre-Owned Ford Harley-Davidson (2) 125
4. Bryan Smith, Pat Moroney's/Screamin' Eagle Harley-Davidson 119
5. Rich King, Screamin' Eagle Harley-Davidson 110
6. Joe Kopp, Latus Harley-Davidson (1) 97
7. Glen Schnabel, Harley-Davidson 89
8. Jake Johnson, Suzuki 77
9. Mike Hacker, Doc's Harley-Davidson (1) 68
10. Johnny Murphree, Coziahr Harley-Davidson 65

There is just one race remaining this AMA Flat Track season. The finale will be held at Scioto Downs in Columbus , Ohio , on Sept. 23.

In addition to the direct team sponsorship, Harley-Davidson will also provide support through professional flat track contingency and the Rider Support Verification Program (RSVP). Under the Screamin’ Eagle banner the support will total more than $140,000 throughout the 2006 season. This includes a contingency program for qualified Harley-Davidson XR750 riders on the AMA Flat Track series.

Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts are inspired by and built in the spirit of the raw adrenaline and power of motorcycle racing. Screamin’ Eagle Pro parts are specifically designed for race-use applications, while Screamin’ Eagle parts offer street-use performance options for the Harley-Davidson motorcycle owner. Visit for more information.

The Screamin' Eagle Flat Track team is sponsored by Matco Tools.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Chopper builder hurt in fatal crash
Billy Lane's truck, motorcycle collide on A1A near Melbourne Beach, Florida

Local motorcycle shop owner Billy Lane, who has appeared on the Discovery Channel's “Biker Build-Off” and “Monster Garage,” was injured in a head-on traffic accident Monday that left a man riding a small moped dead.

The 9 p.m. accident involving the 36-year-old Lane, the owner of the Melbourne-based Choppers Inc. and a resident of Melbourne Beach, occurred on State Road A1A south of Melbourne Beach near the intersection of Ballyshannon Street. Florida Highway Patrol investigators said Lane was trying to pass two other vehicles on a double yellow-lined portion of A1A when his southbound 2006 Dodge Ram pickup collided with a northbound 1983 Yamaha moped.

The motorcyclist, identified as 56-year-old Melbourne Beach resident Gerald Morelock, was wearing a helmet. He suffered extensive injuries during the collision with the pickup and was pronounced dead at the scene. “Lane hit the motorcycle head on, and then the pickup hit a power pole,” said Kim Miller, spokeswoman for the Florida Highway Patrol.

Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Patrick O'Neill confirmed that Morelick was riding the small motor bike. “But it was street legal,” O'Neill said this morning. Miller said a passenger in the custom-painted black pickup, identified as 22-year-old Erin Derrick of Rockledge, was also injured in the crash. Lane and Derrick were transported to Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne.

Lane was treated and released while Derrick remained in stable condition this afternoon, hospital officials said. Lane, a tattoo-adorned, dreadlocked chopper-building legend was semi-conscious at the accident scene. He is known nationally for his work building custom-made motorcycles.

Florida Highway Patrol traffic homicide investigators said no charges were filed, but added they were waiting on the results of blood-alcohol tests, which were sent to a Florida Department of Law Enforcement state lab for evaluation.

Employees contacted at Lane's Choppers Inc. this morning would not comment about the accident.
Helmet Recall

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is recalling18,419 motorcycle helmets manufactured by Chinex Apparel, Inc. and sold in the U.S. by Hot Leather / Good Sports as model numbers NH30, NH31, NH32,NH53, NH54, NH55 and NH56.

The agency is warning owners of these helmets that they could be seriously injured or killed because reduced head protection.

The helmets do not comply with safety standards related to shell penetration and impact attenuation, according to NHTSA. Helmet owners can contact NHTSA at 1-888-327-4236.

The recall is scheduled to begin in October.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Rally in the Rockies Arrest -- Harley Road Candy Tour

Rally promoter arrested
Bradshaw jailed for embezzlement in warrant out of New Mexico
September 2, 2006
By Chuck Slothower Herald Staff Writer

Dan Bradshaw had hoped to spend this weekend presiding over Rally in the Rockies. Instead, he will spend it in Montezuma County Jail after being arrested Friday on a warrant out of New Mexico.

Bradshaw was taken in on a $10,000 bond for embezzlement after the Colorado Bureau of Investigation discovered the active warrant, said Montezuma County Sheriff Gerald Wallace. The bureau notified local law-enforcement, and sheriff's deputies arrested him.

Wallace said he did not know the details behind the warrant. Bradshaw was arrested at 5:20 p.m. near the intersection of U.S.Highway 160 and County Road 44, just east of Mancos, Wallace said."He was very cooperative," Wallace said.

Bradshaw will remain in jail until he appears before a judge, which probably will happen Tuesday, Wallace said. The arrest is only the latest of Bradshaw's troubles. He canceled Rally in the Rockies after Montezuma County obtained a court injunction banning him from holding events. The last-minute cancellation affected the plans of thousands of bikers expected to attend the rally.

Bradshaw is embroiled in several lawsuits. The Southern Ute IndianTribe sued him in tribal court, alleging breach of contract for pulling the rally out of Ignacio. In state court, the tribe is suing Bradshaw for defamation. Bradshaw, represented by Durango attorney William Zimsky, countersued in the tribal case.

Bradshaw also has sued Montezuma County, alleging commissioners violated his constitutional rights by denying a permit to hold therally at Echo Basin Ranch near Mancos. And in 2004, Bradshaw sued the Colorado State Patrol over a cost dispute related to patrol of the rally.


Harley Owners Group Rides Sweet Roads Sept. 5-8

HERSHEY, Pa. (August 30, 2006) – Hundreds of Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) members will spend their Labor Day week on the sweet roads between Hershey, Pa., and Huntington, W. Va., while on the H.O.G. Road Candy Tour Sept. 5 through 8.

H.O.G. members will start the week off with sightseeing in decadent Hershey. On Tuesday, Sept. 5, Susquehanna Valley Harley-Davidson will host a dealership party from 12:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

Riders will continue to York , Pa. , taking in a tour of Harley-Davidson’s York Vehicle Operations facility on Wednesday, Sept. 6, from 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. This facility is the home to where the Custom Vehicle Operations, Ultra and Softail models are assembled.

In nearby Gettysburg , Pa. , H.O.G. members can go back in time and visit some of the monumental sites during the Civil War followed by a dealer party at Battlefield Harley-Davidson from 3:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.

Riders will depart for Huntington , W.Va. , on Thursday, Sept. 7, to finish off the week with 225 miles of magnificent riding. H.O.G. members will ride the beautiful Skyline Drive from Front Royal until it turns into the Blue Ridge Parkway near Lexington , Va. Friday, Sept. 8, the final host party will be held at Benjy’s Harley-Davidson in Huntington from 4:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

Founded in 1983, the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) is the official riding club of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. H.O.G. currently has more than one million members and more than 1,400 chapters worldwide, making it the largest factory-sponsored motorcycle organization in the world. H.O.G. rallies are held around the globe to celebrate Harley-Davidson motorcycle riding.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company, the only major U.S.-based motorcycle manufacturer, produces heavyweight motorcycles and a complete line of motorcycle parts, accessories and general merchandise. For more information, visit Harley-Davidson's Web site at


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Motorcycles Only....

It has been brought to my attention that I am unable to post my own thoughts and spin on things in my own online journal. A journal is something that provides an outlet to voice ones amusing adventures, let downs and to sometimes provide a bit of insight into a situtation.

I have met some truly amazing people from around the world due to my little online adventure and I appreciate your thoughts and your amusing comments and feedback.

For the forseeable future, motorcycle related things only will be posted here.

I hope you have enjoyed the peek into my world the past year and perhaps someday down the road we shall meet again.



Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hindsight is 20/20

I come from a world that in no way, shape, or form promoted education. As long as I didn't flunk something, that was all that seemed to matter. There was no emphasis on preparing myself for, or getting into, a good college - nada. The parents were gone alot during the high school years so that might have contributed some - probably not a whole lot though because they both seemed to be pretty well entreanched in their own dramas during those years.

I was put into some tutorial classes to try to get a decent SAT score - but it didn't help. As it was so helpfully pointed out to me one Sunday morning after reviewing an article on SAT scores, I, the white kid going to the private school, managed to score lower than the black kids in South Dallas.

In a logical world, I should have been the one with all the breaks - so how did things get so educationally backasswards? There are some factors that must be taken into consideration:

Changing schools rather frequently which affected what I learned. I was literally in the same school district for 7th and 8th grades but attended 2 different schools - Liberty & Forest Meadow. At Liberty, the curriculum was to teach diagraming sentences in 8th. At Forest Meadow, you were supposed to have learned diagraming sentences in 7th. Needless to say, to this day I don't know jack about how a sentence is supposed to be diagramed. The positive side is that I did read Lord of the Flies in 3 different schools so to this day I know more about Super Ego, Ego, Id and Simon the Christ figure than anyone else I know.

In November of 9th grade the only stability in my life died with my grandfather. For the rest of the year, I just didn't care. I merely went through the paces and I must say, to this day, I am still shocked that I passed my math & science classes. I think the instructors just conveniently gave me 70's to move me on along. I think that was the year I was supposed to learn algebra.

Then I went to the private school - I never considered dropping out. I merely took classes at the community college so I could get the hell out of there quicker. I didn't really gell at that school - it was a "religous" place and since I didn't smoke pot or do nitrous I didn't fit in very well with the Bible thumpers.

I had weird grades there -- 108 in literature and 62 in maths. I believe this illustrates which subjects I was better at.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have probably tried like hell to get into the University of Southern California. Why? Because 2 authors whose work I have liked for years are professors there in the creative writing program - T.C. Boyle & Noel Riley Fitch.

I've always found it interesting how both of them can delve so deeply into their subject matter and spin out these great books. Fitch has done fantastic books on Anais Nin & Sylvia Beach. Boyle is renowned for The Road to Wellville and Drop City.

The Illustrious One has always put a high emphasis on education and I respect him for that. He's the only person I've ever known that can keep up with how I think and appreciate my warped sense of humor. He seems to think we are both borderline obsessive/compulsive which accounts for how the mind works.

I can honestly say that I only recall one time where he didn't know how I got from topic A to topic F. He made the comment that a pair of shoes had pinched his feet and I replied with "Peter Murphy has a new album coming out." He kind of looked at me and then asked, "How did you get from pinched feet to Peter Murphy?" I said, "Pinched feet, feet hurt, your feet hurt at the Peter Murphy concert 2 years ago, he has a new album coming out." He replies with, "Gotcha".

With most people, topic A will be discussed and I'll say something about topic F, and the response I get is, "How did F come up?" My usual reply is along the lines of, "Oh my minds' already moved on."

Whereas with The Illustrious One, he can discuss A, I reply with F, he segues to N, and I counter with S and he wraps with Z. It's not recommended thinking for everyone, but it works for us.

So now that I've taken you on the strange winding way my mind thinks (and I'm sure this explains volumes for the roundabout way my posts sometimes take), I do wonder what life would be like if you could take what you know now and apply it to what you didn't know years ago...