Sunday, April 30, 2006

Guest Worker or Amnesty?

An acquaintance, who has the Jane Loves Tarzan blog, made a post yesterday regarding her feelings about tomorrow's proposed boycott. Something about my last post irked her - even though she wasn't mad at me, I think it was the situation to which I was posting -- A Day Without A Mexican.

Not ALL Mexicans or those of Mexican descent support the current chaotic state of things in the U.S. By and large, most I know are quite offended by what is transpiring. This isn't about Mexicans -- it's about Illegal Immigrants -- regardless of what country they are from, nothing more, nothing less.

Jane makes an excellent point about this "Guest Worker" nonsense -- call it what it is, which is "amnesty". A free ticket for brazenly breaking the law.

I really think the media and politicians have it collossally wrong on this issue -- the camera face time is going towards the protestors but there is a seriously strong undercurrent of those that are livid over this situation.

A guy I was riding with today invited me to dinner. Over fantastic steaks he asks his wife how many of the employees at her company are skipping work tomorrow -- they expect the number to be half. He told her he wanted a list of those employees because he is going to blacklist them from receiving any future comped tickets to sporting events that he has graciously provided in the past from his own company which is a major auto parts supplier.

What is the reality of what this situation means to those of us in Texas, Arizona and California? An influx of even more immigrants that we have to support. YES -- you read that correctly. Aside from their basic living expenses, they are sending their money back to their homeland and relying upon our tax dollars to educate their kids and provide them medical care and subsidize other needs.

Texas already took in more than 500,000 evacuees from Katrina -- that is 1/4 the population of Dallas or the ENTIRE population of Montana. 1 state -- Texas. And on top of this we are paying out the ying yang on taxes (thank God we don't have a state income tax) to support illegal immigrants.

This really hit home a few years ago when I had to go to Parkland Hospital to pick up a friend who was being treated for cancer. Glenda was a homeowner for many years, paid her taxes, never was a burden on the system and didn't have health insurance. Then she got cancer and had to go to Parkland - the county hospital that her property taxes help support. On many ocassions she was in a sea of humanity speaking Spanish, filling out Spanish forms -- illegal immigrants that worked the system to the hilt.

Meanwhile, she's in tears waiting 9 hours for a basic check up because she had never burdened the system and didn't know how to play the game.

I truly believe that property taxpayers in Dallas County should receive preferential treatment to illegal immigrants.

And that is just an example of why the illegal immigrant amnesty situation is such a ridiculous concept.


mrshellonheels said...

Great Post as usual Raine : )

Helen said...

An excellent point Raine! Your's is the first blog I've seen who's brought that to our attention. Nice job!

Gidget Bones said...

Great Post, I agree

jane said...

This is an excellent post & I can say things in California are identical to Texas. I think we should all permanently boycott any business that was closed today in order to support this attempt to overlook the ILLEGAL part of this.

Gidget Bones said...

I agree... Get me a list in Florida