Friday, April 14, 2006

Johnny Chop Memorial and Is Nissan Responsible

Roland Sands will be having an open house memorial service for Johnny Chop tomorrow -- you can check out the details at Johnny's family has scheduled an official memorial service; however, I'm not at liberty to disclose the details yet. Once the family makes the official announcement, I will make a posting as well as I know a lot of people are visiting this blog for Johnny Chop info.

In regards to the Johnny Chop Invitational -- it IS still a go and will be held in Long Beach in June.


On a different note, I'm just going to vent about a situation that kind of has me miffed for some reason. The Illustrious One and I have known a guy (we'll call him DC) for a number of years. DC is one of these guys that kind of has a dark cloud hanging over him - granted he's been battling the booze for quite some time, but it's more than that.

When I co-owned the tech company, DC would show up every now and again wanting to do sales -- he never sold anything but The Illustrious One kept giving him a chance. I freely admit to having a low tolerance for stupidity and DC just seemed to keep pushing that button.

He roughhoused with Harley Amadeus (my doberman) which somehow made a toe nail rip out of his paw. I had just gotten him out of splint from when he slid into the gate and then the nail happens. I carried Harley Amadeus to my car with her pale gray interior and the poor baby bled all over her. He had to be in a splint yet again.

DC opts to drive us to a meeting and as he's flying down the road at 70 mph the car starts beeping. He had to blow into a breathalyzer in the car to keep the car running! I was so stressed after that trip.

The cherry on the icing of the cake was when DC brought some female he met at a recovery house to our offices and started boning her -- IN A PLACE OF BUSINESS.

That was just it for me.

So fast forward a couple years and I'm flipping through the paper and see an article about some guy that was backing out of his driveway and ran over his 3 year old daughter killing her. You got it -- it was DC.

We attended the funeral and DC's breath reeked of alcohol from 10' away.

Now -- DC and his wife are SUING Nissan. Why, pray tell? It seems that somehow it's Nissan's fault that they didn't have cameras in the back of the SUV's showing people what they are about to back into.

So let me get this straight -- we've been driving cars for about 100 years with no cameras behind us and TAKING RESPONSIBILTY FOR OUR OWN ACTIONS and this yahoo has his "tragedy" as he refers to it and it's Nissan's fault?!

Supposedly Nissan has offered $20 million to settle the case -- supposedly the wife turned it down. Supposedly they are going to court in a couple weeks to go after $60-80 million. Talk about blood money. It just disgusts me.

I guess what is really bothering me about all of this is that I KNOW how DC drives -- I've seen him fly into reverse to take off, I know he has bamboozled his neighbors into lending him their cars so he won't have to deal with the breathalyzer -- and I guess I can just too easily visualize him flying out of the house, jumping in the car and slamming it into reverse.

And I just don't see how this is Nissan's fault nor financial responsibility.

DC talked to The Illustrious One to bemoan all the bs his attorneyw as putting him through. Seems the attorney is prepring DC for what Nissan's attorneys will do -- like bring up all his DWI's. DC thinks it's unfair.

Our society has become too "law suit happy". I know we are too far down that slippery slope but it sure would be nice if people took responsibility for their actions again. Because honestly, if someone can't look in their rear view or side mirrors, why would they look at a monitor in the dash board? Next they will be suing Nissan because a personal assistant wasn't made available to guide them out of their parking spaces.

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