Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Harley Amadeus! ~and~ Biker News ~and~ Treo 700

Today is the 5th birthday of my beloved Harley Amadeus. He is the inspiration for my "Banned Breed" theme.

Since he's a Doberman, even though he is as sweet as can be, he is considered a banned breed by a lot of places.

Harley Amadeus has his natural ears -- floppy like a Beagle. A lot of people have told me how humane that was of me to not crop them. I would like to take credit, but alas, I cannot. His ears aren't cropped because I didn't want to mess with the bandages and related drama that goes into cropping.

He also has an extensive selection of toys from the Harley-Davidson squeaky dog toy collection. He is the first Doberman I have ever had that could use squeaky toys -- the others took one chomp and it was toast.

The Illustrious One's kid has gotten Harley Amadeus a vanilla cake -- good kid.

Now on to other topics --


Sunday I am attending the Harley Drag Races in Ennis. I'll be chilling in the NAPA suite with my partners in crime.

Next Thursday, KZPS is having a Bike Night at the Addison Hooters. I am sitting here with $160,000 worth of North Texas Rock Rally tickets -- some of which will be used as swag for those attending the Bike Nights.

Yes - I will be attending the ROT Rally (Republic of Texas) in Austin the first weekend of June. The base camp will be Coyote Ugly on 6th Street on Friday & Saturday nights and joining me for the ride will The Illustrious One, Mike DuSold, Denny Garley, Jimmie Lee & John Coen and Scott Arndt.


In closing, I have found out that Sprint will soon be offering the Treo 700 -- if anyone knows where I can get a decadently good and cheap price on one I would greatly appreciate it!

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Helen said...

Handsome doggie you got there!