Wednesday, April 26, 2006


So many projects are really beginning to pick up speed. I was so thankful the weather was so brisk today! It's was 50 degrees cooler than this time last week! I wish all summer could be mild temperatures (80's) all day long.

BTW -- the image on the right is just for amusement sake -- good ad for a law firm!

I stopped American Cycle Company where Ryan was supposed to be working on (This content has been edited by Raine due to annoyances incurred by some desperate female that has been reading my posts.) _____________ bike. So far nothing has been done due to trying to figure out how to make an '06 flywheel work on an '01 __________. _______________________ has put about 90,000 miles on his bike in 5 years so is having a ton of stuff done to the bike. The flywheel is a big issue because Harley cut corners and used a plastic component which should be replaced every 30k miles. ______has never been replaced. So Ryan & Clip are talking to lots of fellow wrenchers to see if this piece can work -- it was purchased for a steal on eBay -- hopefully it can work. Time will tell.

Stopped by KZPS and Hooters corporate and then headed over to Scott Arndt's new shop to pick up a couple things. His daughter is so funny -- she's running around showing everyone a "before and after" photograph that's in a plastic surgery magazine of a woman with fried hair (before) and extensions (after) -- this woman is someone from Scott's not too distant professional past.

All I can say is that if you plan on making enemies -- don't have your bad side displayed for the world to see!

Tomorrow is KZPS Bike Night at the Addison Hooters and then Friday will be KZPS' "Bringing in the Weekend" at the Arlington Hooters -- which, God willing, will have their full bar license on Friday! That's will be very good because a certain VP of Marketing owes me a hefty cocktail!!!

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