Monday, October 17, 2005

Across The U.S. -- A Biker & A Football Star

I've heard only snippets about the odyssey that was recently had by Nicky Bootz and Ian Wright. Since Nicky was so well received by the European audience when the Lone Star Biker Bash special was shown last January, Men & Motors decided to reintroduce him to their viewers before the ROBBO series begins.

So, they recruited Ian Wright who played for Arsenal and had Nicky and he ride from Melbourne, Florida to San Diego. They had an advance team a few days ahead of them that decided where they were going to visit. Well, as luck would have it, the weekend that Hurricane Rita came ashore, 2 million people from Houston decided Dallas would be a primo destination so all the hotels were booked here and the advanced team for the show couldn't get rooms.

The team ended up traveling further north and made the decision to go to Amarillo. Now, I was just in Amarillo a few weeks ago returning from Sturgis -- there's nothing there but truck stops, strip joints and the Big Texan Steak Ranch, a place that serves a big ass 72 oz. steak. And their only recent claim to fame is when the good ol' boys up there tried to sue Oprah for her comments about beef. This was also the case that, rightly or wrongly, introduced the world to Dr. Phil as he was Oprah's courtroom adviser when it came to the jury.

But I digress and back to the tale at hand -- Naturally, they went to the big ass steak place. Nicky told them point blank he was not going to eat a 4 pound piece of meat. But that's what was in store for our adventuresome boys.

So, he and Ian are at a table being served one hellatious thing after another - one of those items being a shrimp cocktail. Now a guy that lives on the Florida coast is going to know a thing or two about seafood -- evidentally the Amarillo version left ALOT to be desired. They consumed a lot -- but I won't tell you if they finished the steak or not -- that will have to wait until the show airs.

I've promised Nicky that I will not force fed him copious amounts of meat. He's hardly high maintenance -- as long as cold beer, a hot welding torch and a strip club are in close proximity, he's good to go.

I think the ROBBO series will be well received -- so far for participating builders we have:
As soon as the last 2 builders are secured we will issue the press releases.

Tonight is the full moon...bella luna...

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