Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Amazing news in from Exile Cycles -- they will be participating in the ROBBO series. The powers that be are quite pleased about this.

I am SO tired of 90 degree temperature -- it's late October for fudge sake! Yet again, on a Thursday, we have a cold front coming in. I wonder what the deal is with cold fronts on Thursdays -- 4th week in a row it's happened. Just wish it would stay cool.

I'm searching for a home for the love birds. I'll be on the road so much next spring that I have no way to take care of them. I spoke to a pet store today and the guy asked if I had any neighbors or friends that could take care of them -- well, the boyfriend will be on the road also, my neighbor is working for Jerry Covington so he's commuting between Dallas and bumfrick Oklanowhere, one friend works for Nokia and has to go to Finland a lot and the other friend is possibly going to Montana for 2 months to renovate a home -- so no, I don't know any "normal" stay at home type people. Hence the need to find a nice home for the love birds.

Michael and I checked out some spaces today for possible offices. Ended up at Aw Shucks on Lower Greenville -- bloody love their shrimp cocktails with medium spice. Michael whipped up his special blend of sauce for his fried shrimp -- way too much horseradish -- but he loves it. Checked out some pawn shops because he's looking for a bass amp for his son, then came home.

I am hoping I can find someone willing to run down to the State Fair with me tomorrow -- the fair closes this weekend and tomorrow is dollar day -- it's the only time of the year I eat a corny dog and I don't want to pay $13 to get in just to pay to have a corny dog.

I got a heads up today on a possible interesting film coming out next February. The World's Fastest Indian starring Anthony Hopkins. Hopefully an advanced screening will be held locally so I can check it out -- the trailer on the site looks great. The URL is: http://www.worldsfastestindian.com/

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