Thursday, October 20, 2005

Feng Shui -- Declutter -- and yet more biker stuff

Teri was off a few days last week - the joys of working for a European company -- they are very liberal with time off -- and she went on a cleaning kick. Tossed, tossed, tossed and bagged stuff for donation. She is just floored that she has held onto so much stuff for so long. She still has a ways to go but is feeling very "lightened" by the whole experience. The project she had been working on and disliked like a fiend was canceled today. Normally she would be in a funk but this time she is looking at it as a positive opening and an opportunity to transfer to somewhere else in the company.

We've talked a lot about the need to declutter. I used to contribute articles often to the Alternative Healing section on AOL -- but they changed the format and are pulling in generic content from other places. Regardless, I am still a big proponent on the principals of Feng Shui and believe that there is a lot of validity to it. Honestly, you can't live in visual chaos and be productive; and you can't live like a pack rat. The reality is the nature abhors a vaccuum and whether it's a thought or a material need, the need will be filled. You may not get what you want -- but you always get what you need.

As I write this I am stunned by the chaos my own office space is in. As a principal I wouldn't pick up after Michael because I am not his wife nor his mother nor his maid. Regrettably, not only did he clutter his own life, he cluttered mine. In retrospect, I would have been better off personally by just picking up after him. This room has been like this since May!!! That's FIVE month's I've wasted trying to work in this chaos. That's just not right!! So needless to say, I will definitely be picking up tomorrow.

Also tomorrow I told Joyce I would go with her to court. Small claims case for a print job she did and got stiffed on. I was hired by the event that did this so I am the one person that knows most of the details. Plus, more than likely I will be before the same judge soon as I have to file claim against the illustrious CFO also. Beaucoup bucks are owed to me on that project.

I found out today that the North Texas Rock Rally will be at a new location in 2006 - somewhere near McKinney. Gary Littlefield asked me today if the tv project I was working on was the same one Nicky Bootz was involved with -- I told him it is.

I received the final agreement today so all the builders are locked in and ready to go. The series should be quite dynamic with this lineup. Biketoberfest is going on -- hopefully Nicky will make it up from Melbourne and meet some of the guys. I know he and Johnny Chop have already hooked up and DuSold is out there as he has been invited to participate in yet another show -- this one is supposed to be on Fox.

I just returned from Janet's where she was having a birthday / decision to divorce celebration for Gayla. I never get past the point of being a bit taken aback by people happy to break up. I could understand it if abuse was involved, but in situations where it's someone's pet peeves, etc., that still baffles me. I read so much about people who bitch about their mates' snoring and Michael does that often but it's never bothered me. I'd much rather hear it and know he's with me than have him gone. He still apologizes for doing that and I keep telling him it doesn't bother me -- you would think after 10 years he would understand it REALLY does NOT bother me.

Dad phoned tonight -- still in Hattiesburg. He doesn't know when or if FEMA will send him somewhere else anytime soon. Mother phoned yesterday -- her cardiologist told her "thanks for being a client; however, you need to find another doctor." I don't know what it means when ones' doctor dumps them.

The meeting on the magazine is Saturday -- hopefully all will go well and we will have a green light again soon. It's nice to see Michael getting enthused again about projects.

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