Monday, October 31, 2005

All Hallow's Eve

Bloody hell, I am already slacking. When I first began "blogging" I was going to do my damndest to make this a daily thing -- I've not updated in 4 days -- I ought to be sent to the naughty chair for that.

On with the show -- so far, and granted it's not dark yet, no little ragamuffins demanding sugar have darkened my doorstep. I did purchase one bag of Hershey's assorted miniatures -- I poured the bag out, seperated all the Special Dark's - because those are the ones I dislike -- and placed them on top of the candy bowl so those would be the ones to go first.

Hey -- no one has ever accused me of being compassionate or being good at sharing. I attribute it to the "only child syndrome" -- never had to be compassionate; never had to share. It's me baby -- It's all about me. Which by the way is the theme for my birthday January, Friday the 13th, which is only 2.5 months away.

Danny Davidson of Williamson County Customs called last night. Secret, super classified inside stuff about a new bike he will be working on with Alan Lee of Gangsta Choppers. To date, the bike is scheduled to be featured on the new Art of the Motorcycle book. Ooooo -- I know dirty -- I know stuff about this bike that any aspiring builder wanting to crack into the big boy's club would looooove to know -- but, as I stated earlier, it's all about me, so if you want the scoop, let me know what's in it for me and I might let you know. Not likely because then people wouldn't spill their secrets to me -- but you never know -- you might be the first.

Received an odd text message last night on my cell -- an acquaintance - no love interest -- sent me a message saying, "wanna fuck" -- I can only assume he was stoned and/or sent it to the wrong person. I didn't reply -- it was all far too odd.

So I have been focusing on getting my place tip top organized. I've been focusing on my prosperity bagua's due to wanting to make sure a certain production budget is funded ASAP. It must be working because today I receive a check for $200 that was TOTALLY unexpected and was initially sent to the wrong apartment # -- luckily it was my upstairs neighbour so he gave it to kewl!!! I like this feng shui stuff -- plus I had also written two checks during the night of the full moon to myself -- one is in my day planner and the other in my wallet -- so I guess with all my focus on pulling in financial windfalls, things are working if I can just score that MegaMillions!

Have you ever considered what you would do with a substaintial lottery win? Maybe because I'm a Capricorn, I have. Less the taxes and the lessened amount due to the Cash Value Option (I'd much rather invest my own money than have the lottery commission making profits from it), I have give it decent thought. After paying off those taxes, I will pay off my motorcycle and have my car totally tricked out. I will also invest in 2 additional cars -- a new Corvette and something that can carry more than 2 people. I mean honestly, with 2 Corvettes and 1 Harley -- that's more than $100k in transporation that can only carry 1 passenger. I don't want an SUV -- something stylish. And I would like a Ford Harley-Davidson 250 that's totally tricked out for hauling a trailer with the bikes. Also, there will be a tricked out coach. I would like a gorgeous home and I think it will need to be custom built because of all the bells and whistles I would like plus my desire to be as reliant as possible on solar energy. I would love to have a huge estate with lots of land, trees and ideally a creek or a built in water feature near the home's front with Koi. The pool will be a lagoon type with waterfall. An indoor atrium, library, game room, media room, dining, etc. Select individuals will receive $10k -- hopefully, upon winning the lottery I can have things set up in such a way, like a trust, that the public won't know I won. The lionshare of the money will go towards investments - I am quite fond of the book Your Money or Your Life so I will be looking into US Treasury Bonds.

To keep up the facade of needing to work for a living, I will continue to be involved with media whether that is television productions and/or a magazine.

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