Sunday, October 16, 2005

Fast Cars - Fast Bikes - Fast Life

Hello and welcome to my little part of the world. Since blogging seems to be the thing to do, I am going to give it a try and see how long it holds my attention.

Here are some details about me: My name is Raine and I live in Dallas, Texas. My interests are varied but the big ones are my 1995 teal Corvette and my 2001 Harley-Davidson Low Rider. By some strange twist of fate, my bike has evolved from my hobby to my career.

I have spent the past year as editor of Thunder Roads Texas Magazine but I gave that up due to my silly belief that contributors should be paid. I have been asked to be involveed with a new publication so hopefully that will proceed quickly.

I am also a co-producer of "Real Original Biker Build-Off" that has been commissioned by London-based Men & Motors Television. The concept of ROBBO is that 6 US builders will build a motorcycle in "real" time before the cameras. Nicky Bootz is hosting and the finale will be held at Laconia Motorcycle Week 2006.

So I guess if you have a passing interest in motorcycles, keep checking back for more info on that and my life in general.

a bientot...

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