Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Homophobic Pope Wears Prada...

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it's just an odd news day? I'm not Catholic but Pope John Paul II totally rocked. The man had an amazing life and while the Catholic church certainly went through its trials and tribulations, I always had the feeling that PJP was pure at heart.

So now we have this new Pope Benedict -- he says gay priests won't be tolerated by the Church yet he himself sports red leather Prada shoes and wears $800 Gucci sunglasses. So much for the vow of poverty.

In other strange news, this time from Florida, Debra Lafave was "tired" of the drama of a potential trial and her attorney successfully argued that she was "too pretty" to go to prison. She is under house arrest. So dear friends, if we learn anything from this -- looks do matter -- obviously, far more than we ever realized if it can keep us out of prison for having sex with an underaged child.

Other sex crime news, this time from Viet Nam, former disgraced British rocker Gary Glitter is under arrest for paying several young girls as much as $10 for sex. What an absolute buffoon this guy has got to be -- with all the hype the past few years about the sex tourism trade in south east Asia, here comes a classic poster boy to send a resounding message to the world. Viet Nam has a firing squad for people who engage in underage sex. Who is going to speak on Glitter's behalf? The UK government? They've already successfully prosecuted him for the same crime; hence why he no longer lives in England.

It's all so odd to me because I'm one of those types that would be hauled in for taking one step outside the lines for a crosswalk.

So in the midst of today's insanity, I leave you with one of my all time favorite photos. This is by J. Scott Schrader and is entitled "At the Old Fishin' Hole". I love this photo because it truly captures the human emotions of having "just one of those days...."

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