Saturday, November 26, 2005

'tis Saturday...

Thankfully today was much more enjoyable than yesterday. Michael and I went to Champp's on Belt Line for lunch. I had a greek salad which was just what I needed - he had his standard patty melt. We watched the Texas / Texas A&M game through the 3rd quarter. Neither one of is is a big sports fan, but this was a particularly good game.

Then after a couple errands, we went to see The Ice Harvest which stars John Cussack and Billy Bob Thornton. Interesting fim though not sure if it's a comedy or drama or crime thriller.

The bike ran like a charm today so I am happy about that.

I forgot to mention the other day -- Oprah, had a recipe involving Pom -- for the record, I first printed an outstanding POM recipe back in June.

The cocktail is called "Superstition" and is is made up of:

3 parts Ginger Ale
1 part POM
1 part Vodka
Garnish with lime -- pour with a heavy hand

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