Tuesday, November 29, 2005

South Park goes Bananas for Mercury

I just spent half an hour flipping between two channels -- South Park & David Letterman -- both shows were in classic form and I was laughing so hard. Regis Philbin was so funny on Letterman. The boys on South Park were being introduced to the Catholic church -- "Jesus is made of crackers?!" -- and Satan was tempted by his former lover Saddam.

So on to other things....

Protect your precious fruit!!
There is an interesting new gadget for those that love to slowly partake of a nice firm banana. As we all know, it's practically impossible to transport a banana around -- Banana Guard is here to take care of that challenge. It's available in 9 ravishing colours including Glow-in-theDark!! Yes, it's rather phallic -- but let's consider the fruit in question.

Think happy thoughts...
For those of you interested in positive thoughts on prosperity, this is a nice blog to read: http://theisleoflight.blogspot.com/

Want to speak to real human?
Have you grown weary of trying to guess which magic combinations on the telephone keypad will get you to a real person? This site will give you access to that special combo you need so you don't end up screaming into the phone "AGENT" only to have that sassy little recorded voice on the other side reply, "UhhhIiiiiiii don't understand you." Yes -- I speak from personal experience.

Mercury leaves retrograde
Thankfully, Mercury leaves it's retrograde cycle this Saturday (December 3). For those of you that don't know about "mercury being in retrograde", it happens about 3 times a year for about 3 weeks and it is a lousy time to try to negotiate, close deals, etc.

New Moon on December 1
For those of you into harnessing the power of the New Moon, that will take place on Thursday (December 1).

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Hi! Thanks for the compliments on my blog. I love this banana guard. I may need to purchase one! Keep up the good work.