Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's been a while since I posted on this blog. I handle the Dallas reviews for and I am also the Dallas editor for I also contribute to luxury and travel blogs -- yes, I actually get paid to do this. It doesn't cover my living expenses but it does cover some basics like the motorcycle insurance, cell phone, etc.

However, with those blogs I do censor myself and keep things light and fluffy. This blog however, is where I can come to tell you what I really think. So, without further ado, here goes:

What the everlasting F*** is the U.S. Government thinking? We are spending $2.6 MILLION to study why Chinese whores drink while working? The study is referring to the whores as FSW which stands for "Female Sex Workers". Also, the polite term of "Gatekeeper" is being used in the study instead of Pimp or Madame.

When we've got people in southern Mississippi still living in tents due to Katrina and hearing that Medicare is running out of money, what is that liberal congealed mess in Congress thinking?!

Further, who are the esteemed "scientitsts" that are going to be hanging out in these whorehouses "observing" why prostititues engage in "dangerous sex" when they are drunk?

My other vent is networking events.

When a person is organizing a networking event, they are dashing about making sure the handouts are ready to go, the beverages have had ample time to start icing down, the food is set up, the laptop & big screen monitor are set up, the furniture arranged, etc. And then, if the Gods are smiling, the organizer will have everything ready to go 60 minutes out but no later than 45 minutes out.

So yesterday, I was hosting an event and 45 minutes out everything was finalized and ready to go. It was my chance to spend a few blissful minutes to just chill as The Illustrious One took a power nap on the other end of the sofa. 5 minutes later, the door opens to the sounds of "Is this the place for....." Yes, 40 minutes early the first person arrived. No one else arrived for another 30 minutes.

Another quandary is when people arrive at 8:25p for an event that's ending at 8:30 and ask, "Are we late?" Seriously? You're seriously asking that?

Then, as we approach the 9p hour and people are still raiding the cookie tray and chit chatting, some of us are kind of hoping you all might be courteous enough to take your conversations over to one of the Deep Ellum restaurants or clubs. You see, we, the organizer(s), have been going non-stop for about 14 hours at this point and still have another 45-60 minutes to put the furniture back, find where all the used cups, napkins, and plates might have been stashed so they can be thrown away, clean up the area where the food & drinks were, get everything sealed up and in the fridge, run the dust mop over the floor and then around 10p, we are finally getting a chance to go home to just relax.


And so that the world knows I am not all doom & gloom, today I received a really fantastic gift! My mom is amazingly creative and she has segued off ceramics and is into scrapbooking. This morning FedEx delivered a scrapbook for Harley Amadeus von Doberman and it is just over the top cool -- everyone that has seen it just loves it and says my mother ought to do this for $$. The Illustrious One and I will be pulling together photos for it and I'll post shots of the completed book.