Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today has been lively. I've been working on 48 Hour Film Project details and trying to figure out a well rounded group of judges. I believe that both of the judges I contacted today will confirm. I'm toying between 2 possibilities for the 3rd slot and will probably make that decision tomorrow. Upon approval by the powers that be at 48HFP, I will then be able to issue a press release announcing their names.

I'm very grateful to so many for helping me to promote and distribute info about the Dallas edition of 48HFP. This city had 22 teams the past couple years but when you learn that cities like Des Moines are pulling in 45, it just really lights a fire under you to get the Dallas numbers up this year. Boston had 90 teams; Washington DC had 110 so we have some serious ground to make up.

Tonite was the monthly mixer for the Dallas group of InterNations.org. We held it at Bengal Coast and everyone had a fantastic time. BC has a fantastic cocktail, Lychee Basil Mojito and it was wildly popular with all who had it. About half the group stayed for the prix fixe Chef's tasting but unfortunately I had another commitment at 9p so I couldn't stay.

A handful of people I know from the "Gayborhood" and the film community showed up and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Then it was off to a DEEP meeting at Chi. Much discussion with the Police as it was the Crime Watch meeting - the Dallas Police Department are really fantastic to us in Deep Ellum.


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