Thursday, September 03, 2009

Fashion Police & Fried Foods...

Ahhh Dallas. The buildings are covered in mirrored glass so we can gaze in wide wonder at our own beauty. We pay homage to the temple that is Neiman-Marcus. We always dress properly even if we are dashing down to the 7-11.

At this time of the year, we start to get a mischievous glint in our eyes as we think about the people watching that will begin in 21 days at the great State Fair of Texas. The Fair is sublime for people watching because we see souls that we never see at any other time of the year. We wonder where they stay hidden the rest of the year. It's the type of forum in which the saying, "Spandex is a privilege, not a right," really comes into play.

So it was with much disdain that I read the list of foods up for consideration as this year's best "fried food" at the Fair. As I read the first item on the list, I honestly felt queasy:

Deep Fried Butter could push the grease-o-meter to a new high. “100 percent pure butter is whipped ’til light and fluffy, then specially sweetened with a choice of several flavors.” It is then surrounded by a “special dough” and quick-fried.

I know thousands of people attend the Fair for the sole reason of indulging in bad food. My one indulgence was a Fletcher's Corny Dog. Last year, after being on a kick of eating healthy, The Illustrious One and I looked on in glee as we got our obligatory corny dog. (We like to attend on the first day because it's not terribly crowded, the park is clean, and the grease if fresh.) We both bit into our respective wienies but there was no wide eyed "Mmmmm" this year. We mirrored one another's face with a look of, "This isn't so good."

If I recall correctly, neither one of us finished our single corny dog. It was rather sad as we stood there in Big Tex's shadow and watched people younger than us, that visually appeared healthy and could use a good walk, dash about on Rascals.

Of course this now leads us into our final rant which is on fashion. Tonite, I am scheduled to go to an advanced screening of The September Issue. I felt it was only appropos to whet my visual appetite by reviewing the site People of Walmart. This site has provided me with fresh reasons for my boycott WalMart list!