Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Anna Nicole Smith -- Cosmetic Surgery?

I think it's safe to say that most of us were stunned by the "new" look of Anna Nicole Smith during her recent appearance at the Supreme Court.

I saw an interview with a plastic surgeon saying that weight loss and exquisite genetics could indeed be behind her new look......hmmmmmmm - maybe.

I was curious so I took the initiative to review some photos of her throughout the years and what is obvious to me is that she has definitely had a nose job. Her current now flips up more at the tip.

It seems like her chin has been sculpted as it isn't as pointed as it was.

Her cheekbones are far more pronounced now than they have ever been and I wonder if she hasn't had some sort of resculpting work done along her jaw line.

Her hair looks much better in a more natural look.

Anyway, I'm sure she had her reasons if she did indeed have cosmetic surgery - but I think you will agree that something other than weight loss was involved.


jane said...

Sure she has her reasons, she needs to find 1 more 89 year old sucker with 1 foot on a banana peel! (oh, and who is a multimillionaire)

KT Did said...

You think with all that work she's kicked the habit?!

Grey Biker said...

She had the whole engine overhauled.

Crazy Horse said...

All I want to know is the name of her plastic surgeon. Wow she looks great. Very different.