Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Come Out of the Closet, Mr. Hayes

Ok - let me get this straight -- Issac Hayes quits South Park due to their religious intolerance.

The guy has no problem with making fun of Christians, Jesus, Santa Claus, Muslems, Jews, Blacks, etc., but one very well written spoof on Scientology (of which he is a follower) sends him off the deep edge?

How on Earth did he tolerate the inclusion of Token (the "token" black kid of the bunch)?

How did he tolerate "Operation Follow the Darkie" when the US invaded Canada in the film?!

He subjected the world to his "Chocolate Salty Balls" song yet we took it all in stride.

Please Mr. Hayes -- you've profited very handsomely from South Park. Before that series the only thing you were known for well was singing the theme song to Shaft and that ain't exactly Pavarotti in terms of talent!


Helen said...

I know! I was so disappointed in him. I mean, it's okay to make fun of everyone else, just not me!!! WTF!

Javier Marti said...

This guy reminds me of a blog friend I used to have. I posted something in which I showed a different opinion to hers. She got really upset with me, invited others to complain to me on my "sick way of thinking" and then I never saw her again...
It is a pity, though, 'cause she seemed interesting...
Life is so I guess...:)
Regards Raine! from