Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Try Out For Jeopardy!

Have you ever wanted to try out for Jeopardy? Wanted to see if you are as smart under the gun as you are slacking around on your sofa? Crave to earn more money than Ken Jennings?

Well, here is your chance -- go to this URL and pre-register as the online tests take place next week.

Details of the online test:

On the night of your test, be at your computer and online 15 minutes before the test begins. Don't wait until the last minute!

Click on the "Log In / Launch Test" button. If you attempt to launch the test too early, you will be prompted to wait until the proper time, then re-launch.

Enter your User Name (your registered email address) and Password. When you are successfully logged in the countdown clock will appear. When the clock reaches :00 the test will begin. There will be no other prompts.

The test will begin at precisely three minutes after the hour and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. For more details about the test, see below.

Taking the test:

The online test is a 50-question, 50-category test and will take approximately ten minutes to complete. Clues will appear one at a time and will run sequentially from one to fifty. You cannot pause, stop, or go back on the test. The test will not be repeated, and there will be no opportunity to review at the end of the test, nor to change any of your responses.


You will have fifteen seconds to respond to each clue - or to change your answer - before the test automatically captures whatever you have typed and advances automatically to the next question. You will have the option to submit your response before the clock times out for a particular clue if you are ready to proceed, or you can wait for the full 15 seconds for your response to be automatically submitted.

Important Tips:

DO NOT PHRASE YOUR RESPONSE IN THE FORM OF A QUESTION! Only the relevant piece of information is necessary

A partial response may be enough to count as a correct answer so take a guess and put something down!

Remember to keep the categories in mind as you consider your response. Correct responses must fit within the parameters of the category as well as the clue.

This is not a spelling test, but try to be as accurate as possible in your responses.
In the case of proper names, last names are sufficient for the purposes of this test.

After the Test

The tests will be graded. Whether you pass or not, JEOPARDY! never reveals actual test scores. Depending on the number of people who achieve a passing score, a random selection process may need to be implemented. Those selected will be invited to come to their preferred audition city that was selected during registration to participate in the full audition process consisting of:

  • Being tested with a new different 50-question test.
  • Playing a "mock version" of JEOPARDY! to assess your game-playing skills
  • A short personality interview
  • If you pass all the requirements to become a contestant you will be entered into the contestant pool for one year.
  • Passing these tests does not guarantee you an appearance on JEOPARDY! or make you automatically eligible to appear on the show.

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