Saturday, March 25, 2006

Pluck Your Twanger In The Artsy Springtime

I have this mapping program on my blog that allows me to see where people are visiting from and in some cases the search criteria they put into a search engine that prompted my blog to come up.

Recently, one of the most popular posts has been the one from February 25. It has the video link to the Rainbow episode that is just beyond naughty! A children's programme that is making references to "blowing all night", "Jane's lovely set of maracas", "bouncing your balls" and the all time favorite which is how people are finding this blog -- "pluck your twanger."

If you haven't visited the Feb 25 entry - this might be a time to do so to understand the popularity of this link.


The Illustrious One and I attended the Easyriders show today at Fair Park. I was quite surprised -- crowds were light early afternoon and there was a noticable decrease in attendees. But some of my favs were on hand - Denny Garley of TC Customs, Jimmie Lee & John Coen of Three Two Choppers, Scott Arndt of Scott's Hardcore Kustoms and Mike DuSold of DuSold DeSigns.

Denny had his blue chopper there -- I don't know what it is about that bike but if I had the money I would buy it in a heartbeat. The use of colours is great -- a funky peacock blue, black and silver. I just love it -- great curves -- low and long. MmmmmmMmmm!

Most impressive accolades to Three Two -- they built a bad ass creation in 2 weeks. They decided on February 15th that they needed a new entry for this year's show circuit. In the immortal words of Paris HIlton -- "it's hot".

Scott Arndt was informed by his wife Lori a few weeks ago that he would be building an Evo for the show. Scott doesn't build Evo's. Lori is persuasive. He built one. It looks great and I love the sound of it -- deep, raw, throaty and sexy -- like all good bikes should sound!

Mike DuSold gave a sneak preview of his Metric Revolution bike. He had a primo location at the end of aisle 1 so everyone that rounded that corner paused, jaws dropped and tried to figure out just what the hell they were looking it. That big ass new Triumph motor inside the frame of a real DuSold original frame design.

I never even got to see that Triumph in it's original form. Mike picked it up, rode it a couple miles and promptly cut the frame in half. By the time I had arrived at his shop, there's dead bits of Triumph frame about on the floor and this massive motor on the worktable.

So now that spring is upon us, it's a non-stop dialogue of what shows are you going to, what trips are you taking, what work is going to be done to trick out the bike, etc. etc.

But for me - spring means something different -- the art shows. I LOVE them. Cottonwood, Wildflower! and ArtFest. I try to hoard money before the spring art shows because I simply MUST attend them and I find the most fantastic items. My passions are contemporary art and unique decorative accessories. I love great use of colours - bright & bold, textures and whimsy and thought provoking.

I also am enthralled with great photography.... the perfect landscape in Ireland with it's rich green land and haunting grey mists....the forlorn, scarred, old big brown bear sitting by the stream for all the world with his "just having one of those days" look on his face.

A couple people in the past have actually chastised me for not living and breathing motorcycles; I also have condemnations in regards to the Corvette because I don't attend every single club event. I am very fortunate to have the 2 great American toys, but I also love having a life filled with diversity in activities.

Diversity in an intregral part of living one's life. It's like art -- you don't see with your eyes -- you see with your brain. The eyes are a camera lense capturing the moment but the brain processes the image. And depending upon the diversity you've been exposed to in your life and how "open" or "closed" you are in thinking, helps to determine whether a Michelangelo's David or a Robert Mapplethrope is art or smut.

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