Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oh My Godard...

It's a beautiful Sunday in Dallas - temps are in the 70's. Do I go out and play on the bike? Normally I would -- but today, Michael Godard was in town.

Oh heavens, that boy is gorgeous!

So the scene takes place at the "Oh My Godard" signature gallery at Willow Bend, right next door to Neiman-Marcus. After schmoozing for a while and sipping on martinis, the music transitions from rock to the most fantastic gothic bells ringing loudly. And out window you see 2 female figures draped in black capes with their hoods pulled forward so you can't see their faces, Michael & Elly Godard are behind them and then the entourage.

The place goes wild - absolutely wild. The two girls in the cloaks walk in and take their places on the platforms behind the easel that's placed in front of the main windows. They shed their cloaks and begin gyrating to the now pumping rock music -- things like T. Rex's "20th Century Boy" and Motley Crue's "Primal Scream". The girls are clad in the shortest of shorts, fishnets, platform boots and bustiers pushing all goods up and out.

The normal traffic in and out of Neimans is stunned by the risque go-go visual in the gallery window - they were almost as fun to watch as Godard & crew.

Elly Godard looked stunning with her long black hair (think Morticia Addams), her gothic velvet coat and Michael was pure sex. The black hair, eyeliner, dripping in silver & diamond jewelry, tight black leather pants and a sexy white fitted tunic with a goth design on the front.

A couple of my friends have purchased no less than 10 of his works in the past month alone and there was a massive wait for him to sign his pieces.

He took time discuss his works and some of the hidden symbolism and real-life events that inspired the creations.

Elly and I chatted for a bit - she used to work for Clear Channel and somehow Dennis Hoff of the legendary whorehouse Bunny Ranch came up. Dennis keeps asking her to come visit and she's hesitant to go -- I don't blame her....the Ranch may be one of those places where a girl can check out but can never leave -- LOL!

I've not spoken to Dennis in ages - I knew him through Jade St. Clair when she was Miss Nude World -- Jade & Dennis were good friends but Jade vanished and I've not heard from her in quite a while.

I was graciously invited to Godard's big party in Las Vegas on July 1 -- it will be a who's who of music, movies & motorcycles -- it's already "inked" into my planner and I'm looking forward to it!

If you get an opportunity to see Godard in person -- definitely do so because it's a visual treat!

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