Monday, August 21, 2006

Cravings - Hico - Robbie - Depeche

If I could have been born independently wealthy without the need to work a day in my life, I wonder how things would have turned out. There are so many things I crave to do, see and experience. I can honestly say that there has only been one definite moment in my life when I was content to be who I was, who I was with and where I was...and it was sitting in an outdoor cafe in New York City in September 1995.

Since then, life has gotten into the way. Best laid plans and assurances were forgotten or ignored.

So then one day you find yourself almost back to where you began with your wanderlust and desire to just go, go, go. Never slow down - never look back.

Is the glass half-empty or half-full? I prefer to view it as half-full and soon brimming over. It's time for new adventures and new people to enhance the group being kept on board for the ride.


Yesterday we ventured out for Teri's going away ride. We were en route to Hico on route 51 which lots of twists & turns and as we slowed down for the sign that warned us of a curve ahead to be taken at 20mph, we came upon this girl sitting in the sandy, rocky drainage ditch next to the road.

It was quite evident that the bike did not make that 20mph curve. The entire time we were there, she never said a word. We don't know if she took it too fast or overestimated her abilities or was just trying to keep up with the boys. She had been riding a small, lightweight crotch rocket and upon impact managed to break off both brakes.

One thing that was evident to me was that upon impact, that bike stopped on a dime. There were no indentations of it rolling across the sandy/rocky area and with soil like that, it's like throwing a toy into a sandbox.

We finally got to the Koffee Kup and a number of other bikers had the same idea in mind. I had the blackened fish - no offense but the KK has yet to master the concept.

We tried to make our way back along route 927 that looked even more twisty/curvy than 51 but for some reason after stopping for waters we ended up taking another route. At one point we had to rest for a few minutes underneath an overpass on Highway 67 -- it was becoming just miserably hot. And as we were there, we watched in shocked amazement as 2 different cars tried on 2 different ocassions to drive in the left lane of a 2-lane highway.

Some people really need to go back to driving school to master the concept that a yellow line signifies 2-way traffic whereas a white line means 1-way.

We finally made it to Teri's house where we had to stop in to cool off. I actually packed ice down my sports bra - a lot of it. When we finally headed home, I was surprised to see that the front of my shirt showed no moisture at all -- that's how hot and dry the air was. My bra is filled with cold, melting water yet the shirt doesn't even have a chance to show a wet spot! I got home and submerged myself in a cold bath.

I am so ready for autumn!


Robbie Williams new album, Rudebox will be out on October 23 -- yeah!!


Depeche Mode have finally compiled a greatest hits album – The Best Of Volume 1. Out on November 13, it covers their career from 1981 to the present day and includes Personal Jesus, Just Can’t Get Enough and Everything Counts -- hell yeah!!!

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