Monday, August 14, 2006

Crystal Meth

Sometimes I make a lousy biker girl.

In some small microcosims of the biking world, methamphetamine has become quite rampant. So when someone, like me, is all amped up (not a good thing) about "Crystal Meth this Saturday night!" people for some reason immediately think I'm referring to getting wasted.


In my shallow, vain world, "Crystal Meth" refers to the band "The Crystal Method" and they so totally rock. Up until Saturday evening I had never seen them live...the gig rocked, rocked rocked...did I say it rocked? It totally rocked.

I get really bored, really fast with the same old "biker music" you hear everywhere. How many times can someone hear Steppenwolf, Allman Brothers or Lynyrd Skynyrd?

It's a new world, a new generation and our voices must be heard. We may ride a Harley and not a crotch rocket but we still love the Eurotrash - house - industrial - goth music as much as the party scene non-bikers.

I've just got to get speakers on my bike so I can start subjecting people to my world instead of that lame ass tired music they play all the time on their cruisers!

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