Saturday, August 12, 2006

Let Me Entertain You

One of my compadres from the days with the bands calls me to say, "Check your email, I sent you a link." I reply, "I'm not watching any of your Banged Up or Consumption Junction crap." He replies, "No, no this - it's like watching a train wreck but to a Robbie Williams song and I know how much you love Robbie's music."

Seriously...I may be hardcore into Sisters of Mercy, Concrete Blonde and Stevie Ray Vaughn, but I think that 2003's Escapeology album by Robbie Williams is one of the best all around releases to come out in years.

So as he's on the phone, I watch this video. It's wrong. On just so many levels it's wrong. My initial reaction was, "Is he whacking off?!" We don't think so. The other option is that he is a sissy boy with an online Dom that was ordered to do something humiliating. It's the only possible thing that makes sense!

So here is the bastardized version and beneath is the authentic, genuine version from Robbie himself.

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