Tuesday, August 01, 2006

2 Wheel Passport

Finally, after 18 months of visualizing and planning, 2 Wheel Passport is on the front burning and taking off. What, you ask, is a 2 Wheel Passport? Here is the press release:

Motorcycle travel television series, 2 Wheel Passport, begins production first quarter 2007.

Dallas, 31 July 2006: Dynamic motorcycle travel television series, 2 Wheel Passport, begins principal taping first quarter 2007. The series will cater to the vast majority of motorcycle owners who want to experience travel to new locales by showing them the “must see - must do” in each selected destination.

Each 1-hour episode is designed to give the viewer tips such as:

  • Looking for Adventure – Episode introduction; showcasing the reasons riders visit this destination.
  • Weapon of Choice – Which bike is most suited to the terrain
  • Not From Around These Parts – Special motorcycling protocol observed in the area
  • Touring Tip of the Week – Touring advice answering frequently asked questions

Each show will feature “guides” as they take the viewer on an adventure as they travel the mountains of Estes Park or the legendary “318 curves in 11 miles” Tail of the Dragon or the majestic west coast along the Pacific Coast Highway. The series has 13 initial destinations including such mandatory locations as Texas Big Bend, Blue Ridge Parkway and the Pacific Coast Highway.

About 2 Wheel Passport
The series, 2 Wheel Passport, was initially broadcast in Europe in 2003 and is now beginning U.S. production for broadcast to a global market. The new incarnation will take advantage of today’s rapidly changing technology by utilizing the web to provide downloadable GPS maps, restaurant and lodging reviews and making the series available for download to Ipods and computers.

Up to date series details are available at Banned Breed Productions (http://www.bannedbreed.com/).

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Jose said...

It's nice to find a blog that talks about the biker lifestyle, I ride a 1994 Fatboy and I just can't get enough riding. I will definitley come back and visit your site.