Saturday, August 19, 2006


I've run out of things to tidy up - typically I block off my Friday afternoon for KZPS Bringing in the Weekend but since Magoo was so tragically let go yesterday morning with no notice, I boycotted the event. I've already heard from those that did attend that it was lame - pathetic - left so much to be desired. If you are interested in signing the Magoo petition to let KZPS know how bad they jacked this up and how much Magoo is appreciated for everything he's done to promote the motorcycling community in Dallas/Ft Worth, here is the link:

I have noticed that I am receiving traffic to this blog for people doing searches on Magoo. So what is the reality of what happened? I don't know -- could it be politics? Could it be a disgruntled person in station management that has never gotten over the fact that Magoo replaced him on the afternoon drive spot while in Detroit a few years ago? Could it be that this same person is in tight with someone who is on later in the schedule that has made it known that he wants afternoon drive back? And more importantly, all these lovely businesses that have paid handsomely to have Bike Night or Bringing in the Weekend with Magoo are now rather shafted it would seem.

Entertainment is a very transient world - you don't get into it for job security. It affords you a lot of freedom and interesting opportunities and some days are better than others. I really try to see both sides but I must say that the Magoo situation from a financial standpoint was not handled properly. You just don't let politics and egos get in the way of a functioning / working business model.

One of the guys from the station phoned me last night and was not pleased. He said that Magoo was the best DJ he has ever worked with in his almost 20 years in radio. He's always available for meetings with clients, works the crowd and is an all around great person.

Everything happens for a reason -- Magoo has been through plenty in recent months so something good should be on the horizon. He's already receiving job offers from places all over; however, he is really hoping to be able to stay in Dallas because he's grown so fond of it and the people he's met.

Magoo, Johnny B, Amy and myself went up to Coach Joe Avezzano's Hat Tricks in Lewisville for his car/bike show. It's a nice place and everyone had a good time. Coach Joe stopped by our table to say hello and thanks for helping him and his son/business partner Tony promote the event. They also own Suede on Lower Greenville and are good people.

I saw Orlando from DuSold DeSigns and was pleased to see the blue bike had made yet another appearance. That bike rocks so hard.

Tomorrow the extended entourage is off to Hico - the land of the last vestages of the KKK for an early lunch at the Koffee Kup Kafe (I kid you not -- that's the name of it!). They have fantastic pie and do a vicious meringue. It's our last outing with Teri before she has to load her bike up onto the moving truck next week as she leaves us due to Nokia transfering her to White Plains, NY.

After that we shall stop by Mr. Troll's house for his BBQ picnic with brisket, blueberry cobbler and libations. Anything blueberry and I'm there! I should imagine by the time we get in tomorrow evening we shall be well roasted ourselves!

Shopping Spree 2006

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